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Detoxification Recipe – Garlic with Lemon

detoxification recipe e28093 garlic with lemon

A strong combination of garlic, lemon, and water, a recipe for health and easy preparation that lowers your cholesterol and keeps your heart healthy.

This cheap and healthy treatment, based on lemon and garlic, should be followed once a year. It has a detoxifying and cleansing effect, rejuvenating the body from inside.

Both ingredients have detoxifying and digestive properties that stimulate waste disposal and improve liver and colon functions.

Unlike other products, it is 100% natural and can be successfully included in a balanced diet.

The garlic

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Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties and is a good diuretic, thus stimulating the removal of excess liquids from inflamed tissues.

The high content of garlic antioxidants prevents cell damage and other problems related to premature aging.

Vitamin A increases the density and elasticity of the skin, protects the lymph and prevents excessive sweating,

Garlic, which is rich in vitamin A, also contains silicon, and it plays an important role in bone marrow renewal.

The Lemon:

Lemon consumption complements these benefits. Lemon is a citrus fruit with detoxifying and digestive properties, used since ancient times to cleanse the blood and reduce cholesterol.


Method of preparation:

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How to use it

Do not forget that this is a detox treatment, and in the first few days you may experience symptoms that may worsen (mucositis, headache, etc.). These are normal reactions because the body starts to remove toxins.


If you do not bear the bitter and unpleasant taste of this mixture, you can add some honey.

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