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All about the Intestinal Parasites


Intestinal parasites are living species living within a living organism (host), feeding on their nutrients. One in three people is infected with intestinal parasites at some point in their life, and most of the time the immune system eliminates them before causing any symptoms.

Although they can be found anywhere in the human body, the intestine is the ideal environment for the development and multiplication of parasites.


There are two types of intestinal parasites:

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Symptoms of parasite infection

People infected with intestinal parasites are also at increased risk for other health problems because parasites affect the immune system of the body.


Worms and intestinal parasites are the results of the following factors:

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How parasites are transmitted

Some parasites can easily be transmitted from a sick person to a healthy person. These parasites reach inside the body via the air, water, food, hands by contact with the soil or other environment infected, either because of poor hygiene or because of contact with animals.

How do we prevent them from occurring?

Water is a source for many parasites, do not drink tap water from an insecure source when traveling, wash your hands before touching the food, treat all types of meat appropriately. It is important to have the right hygiene, to wash the dishes, the cutlery, wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

How we get rid of parasites?

Antiparasitic treatments can be very aggressive and may have unpleasant side effects, primarily damaging the liver

I recommend that you choose natural deworming treatments with increased efficiency and without undesirable side effects.

The main plants with antiparasitic effect are: 

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