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Why I Prefer to Train at Home: 5 Advantages

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How many of you aim to lose weight, get rid of Cellulite, and tone yourself?

How many of you have decided to go to the gym for this reason, and all you do is run on the treadmill /pedal or use the stepper?

Ok, this all burns calories, so it helps. But you only use half your body and not that efficient one. It is not necessary. There is another option. There is no point in giving the money to the gym subscription and you can work the body as a whole.

I met the notion that home-based training would not be as effective as gym training. Fake. As much as possible false!

The only thing that makes the difference is the ambition and determination. That’s it. The rest are pretexts.

I went to the gym, only when I was a teenager, for about one and a half year, that happened 20 years ago,

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So here are 5 advantages that made me train at home:                 

1) The Time Excuse Isn’t Valid

I have a hellish work schedule and, more than 7 years ago, when I started to move, it was even more crowded.

I could hardly wait to get home, where I was staying very little. I was just terrified at the thought that I should get dressed and go somewhere else. Especially since the gyms work according to a schedule. You can’t go in the middle of the night.

Besides, I’m not a morning person. If I had to wake up at night to go to the gym, I would never have raised my bottom from the couch.

You don’t train at home unless you don’t want to find at least a few minutes a day to do some exercises. There is no such thing!

You can train while watching TV, for example. Like this FULL-BODY Workout.

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2) Save Money

No more money on the gym, coach and you don’t need any special equipment. You can use a blanket instead of the mattress if you do not want to lay directly on the carpet, and you can use 0.5 l plastic bottles filled with water or sand as weights.

Plus, you can find workout mattresses or weights in any supermarket, and they’re not that expensive.

3. Nobody Sees You

So you don’t have to worry about what you wear, I train in my home clothes, in my pajamas.

Not to mention that if you are a beginner, you will not be embarrassed to see the world that you have no physical condition or that you barely move after 3 push-ups or 5 squats :))

4. It’s Much More Hygienic

Stop using the mattresses and weights with which thousands of other people work or shower together.

I have horrors of all kinds of dermatological diseases that you can get in such situations.

5. You Are Not Limited By Certain Types of Workouts

You can do absolutely any kind of exercise: yoga, CARDIO (HERE, HERE and HERE), HIIT, ISOMETRIC, or with WEIGHTS (Kettlebell). The Internet is full of apps and videos with exercises of all kinds.

You don’t have to pile up with dozens of other people, just work an hour or how long certain courses last.

You can experience anything until you find what you like, train whenever and whatever you like.

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Whether you’re going to the gym or moving home, the most important aspect of your sports life is dedication.

If you are 100% focused on what you do, take care of THE DIET respect a workout schedule, it doesn’t matter where and how you choose to train.

Doing the exercises at home, with a small investment in a set of fitness weights and a lot of work, the results will not be delayed.


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