What Changes in Your Body and Brain When You Lose Weight – 8 Reasons to Start Today!

Let's see the changes that happen in our body and mind when we lose weight and the 8 reasons why we should start today!

When we lose weight, our bodies and mind are affected in various ways. Many people want to lose extra pounds because they do not feel comfortable with the way they look.

It is not for nothing that it is said that the greatest enemy of weight loss is our brain. He dictates when to eat when we are tired if we liked a certain food, and, why not, motivates us to go further on the road to the much-dreamed silhouette.

If you struggle for years to get rid of excess weight, you know for sure that there are no shortcuts to success.

The weight loss process involves discipline, work, restrictions, and, of course, motivation. And there is a lot to be said about motivation because all kinds of factors act on it.

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Where does the fat go?

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According to the law of conservation of matter, nothing is lost, everything is transformed. If you are wondering where the excess adipose tissue disappears, find out that the process is also valid for weight loss!

Well, fats are conserved energy. Metabolic activity generates a series of complex burns, through which the body converts fat into useful energy for muscles and tissues.

The result is not evaporation, but a reduction in the size of fat cells.

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7 Disadvantages of weight loss:

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• Irritation

• Frustration

• Fatigue

• Feeling weak

Sleep disorders

• Rapid decrease in glucose levels in the body

• Decreased levels of vitamins, and minerals

Changes take place during the weight loss process that not only changes your body but also your mind. It can often happen that after weight loss other unexpected changes occur.

Let’s see the changes that happen in our body and mind when we lose weight and the 8 reasons why we should start today!

1. You will have less pain.

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Back and joint pain, especially in the knees, is certainly not foreign to you, especially if you have a few extra pounds.

Such symptoms are specific to overweight people, because the extra weight puts maximum pressure on all joints and, on top of that, promotes the appearance of inflammation in the body, which is also responsible for low back or shoulder pain.

An important role in preventing these manifestations is played by diet, but also by sports.

2. Increasing the energy level.

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The first thing you will experience after losing weight is increasing your energy level. The reason is simple – the less weight you carry, the more energy you will save to be able to do the important things.

Also, losing weight helps you breathe much easier. So, you will not run out of air when you climb the stairs or run to catch the bus.

3. The risk of cancer and other diseases decreases significantly.

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Many people are aware that smoking and unprotected sun exposure increase the risk of cancer, but there are far fewer who believe that weight can also play a role.

Experts say that inflammation caused by extra pounds can cause mutations in DNA and promote the appearance and development of cancer cells.

The good news is that these inflammations can be removed with a proper diet and a normal weight, according to research published in Cancer Research.

4. Improving memory.

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Your brain is another organ that enjoys the benefits of weight loss. Some studies show that removing excess fat can improve your cognitive skills related to planning, ambition, and organization.

After losing weight, your brain becomes much more active in storing new memories.

5. The skin becomes brighter.

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Your weight loss process comes with another bonus – not only will you feel much healthier, but you will also look healthier. Some people who have decided to change their lifestyle to a healthy one have found another important change in their appearance.

Their skin has become much brighter, without acne or dark circles. Also, the hair becomes stronger and the nails do not break so easily.

6. Decreases the risk of a heart attack.

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Cardiovascular diseases are closely related to exceeding the body mass index. By losing weight, you reduce your risk of heart attack by 82%. And hypertension is also reduced by 92% due to lower cholesterol levels.

7. Decreases the incidence of urinary incontinence.

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Urinary incontinence is reduced by 50%. Excess weight puts pressure on the bladder and neighboring muscles and that is why muscle tone decreases and you lose urine during exercise.

8. You stop sweating profusely.

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It is not uncommon for a plump person to sweat even when temperatures are normal. This is because excess body fat raises body temperature and, as a result, promotes heavy sweating.

On the other hand, a person with a normal weight is not subjected to this process and therefore will not sweat profusely, because the body temperature is within normal limits.

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Last thoughts:

Remember, no matter which method you choose to lose weight, if you lose too much weight, this is not sustainable. 

If you want to lose weight, choose to do it in the long run and lose weight gradually.

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Good luck!

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