These 3-Tricep Moves Can Help You Tone Your Arms Without a Gym

These are the best 3 triceps moves that you can do at home with just your body weight, without going to the gym, exercises that can help you build big, strong, and toned arms

Many people think of the triceps as a secondary muscle, which trains with the chest and shoulders. This is also the reason why they ignore this muscle group and prefers to work the biceps much more.

The problem is that to have big arms, you must train the triceps because this group represents 70% of the arm muscles.

Until we see the 3 triceps moves that you can do at home and that can help you tone your arms, I will give you a presentation of the anatomy of this muscle.

Triceps Anatomy:

 Photo Source: The Muscle Monster

The triceps is the muscle in the back of the arm, whose main function is to extend the elbow – in other words, to straighten the arm.

The triceps consists of 3 heads:

• Side head – is positioned in the outside of the arm and is the one that gives that horseshoe look.

• Medial head – is located in the middle below the other two ends and even if it is not directly visible contributes significantly to the total size of this muscle group

• Long head – is located closer to the body and is the longest of the three, because it starts from the shoulder blade, not from the upper arm bone like the other two.

All 3 heads work together to straighten the elbow, and the long end helps adduct the arm (brings it closer to the body as in the pull-over exercise).

Knowing this information about the anatomy of the triceps, let’s see which are the best 3 triceps moves for home performed only with bodyweight and which can help you tone your arms without having to go to the gym.

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These are the 3 triceps moves for toned arms:

1)    Triceps Extension

2)    Skull Crushers

3)    Triceps Dips 

3 sets x 10 reps, 15 seconds rest between each exercise, 1-minute between sets.

1. Triceps Extension – 10 reps

Photo Source: Daily Bodyweight Exercises

A “forgotten” exercise, so to speak, but effective if you are at home and working your triceps without the equipment at the gym. They look like cable extensions, but you can do them anywhere, anytime. This exercise is a good isolation exercise.

How to do it:

•      Get on the floor into a push-up position, your elbow should be below your shoulder, keep your palms facing down on the floor (this is the forearm plank position).

•      From this position extend your elbow as high as you can, fully extend it, return into the starting position, and repeat.

•      This is 1 rep.

2. Skull Crushers – 10 reps

Photo Source: Men’s Health 

This exercise is targeting all the 3 triceps heads.

How to do it:

•      We’re gonna get on an elevated surface (furniture, the edge of a table/ bed).

•      From here, we’re gonna go straight down with the elbows keeping your elbows tight, your whole body should be tight, and you’re gonna come back up to a full extension while keeping your body in a perfect position.

3. Triceps Dips

The triceps are made up of three heads, hence their name, and if you want to increase the strength and size of your upper arms you need to work all three. 

Fortunately, you can do just that with one exercise – the triceps dip.

How to do it

•      To begin the exercise, you need to place your hands on a chair, on a bench at least shoulder-width apart. Now you have to slide your butt off the bench and extend your legs out.

•      Now you have to straighten your arms while keeping your elbows a bit bent to keep tension on your triceps and not on your elbow joints.

•      Now start bending your elbows to bring your body towards the floor and bend it until they’re at 90 degrees with the bench. Make sure you keep your back close to the bench.

•      Now when you reach the bottom, start pressing down into the bench while straightening your elbows to get back into your original position.

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Last Thoughts:

These were the best 3 triceps moves that you can do at home with just your body weight, without going to the gym, exercises that can help you build big, strong, and toned arms. I hope you will introduce them into your routine and that you will perform them correctly. to avoid any injury.

Don’t forget to warm-up before the start of the workout to prevent injuries, and to stretch after the end of the workout.

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