8 Best Home Bicep Exercises to Blast Your Biceps – No Equipment

I thought I would show you a complete training program, consisting of the 8 best home bicep exercises that will blast your biceps, which you can do at home, without expensive and bulky equipment.

If you are as focused on your appearance as you are on building muscle mass and strength, there is no better way than to start by working your biceps.

The biceps muscles are made up of a long head and a short head, which join to cope with movements such as flexions that make your arms bigger.

We must admit that the biceps have a kind of the main role when it comes to fitness and status because it is the first area that attracts attention. Whether you choose a stylish t-shirt or a shirt, a huge biceps will attract all the eyes and admiration of those around you.

Any man with strong biceps will certainly not go unnoticed. So this muscle group is everyone’s favorite when it comes to appearance.

Although training the biceps at home without gym equipment requires some creativity, these 8 exercises will work very effectively.

What are the 8 best home bicep exercises that will blast your biceps (no equipment needed). and how do you combine them to get an effective workout program? Find out below.

Before seeing them, let’s learn some basic notions about the anatomy of the biceps to be able to understand more easily which exercises can develop them more effectively:

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Biceps Anatomy:

The biceps is the muscle in the front of the arm, whose main function is to flex the elbow – in other words, it brings the forearm closer to the arm.

The biceps consists of 2 heads:

• The short head – is on the inside, close to the chest.

• The long head – is positioned on the outside of the arm and is mainly responsible for the upward rotation of the palm (supination).

Both ends start from different points on the shoulder blade and reach one of the forearm bones. For this reason, in addition to flexion and supination, the biceps also contribute to lifting the entire arm forward.

Also, for this reason, the angle of the arms to the body will make a difference in the length of the biceps and therefore we can use this to stimulate the biceps differently.

Brachialis – is a muscle positioned under the biceps, in the lower part of the arm, which contributes to the flexion of the elbow and can bring significant increases in the volume of the arms if trained correctly.

This muscle cannot be completely isolated from the biceps, but it works more significantly in inflections where the palms are parallel.

I thought I would show you a complete training program, consisting of the 8 best home bicep exercises that will blast your biceps, which you can do at home, without expensive and bulky equipment.

All you need is a sheet or towel, a backpack, and books.

These are the 8 best home bicep exercises that will blast your biceps:

1)    Leg Towel Curls

2)    Standing Towel Curl

3)    Chair Leg Curl

4)    Alternative Biceps Curl

5)    Single-Arm Doorway Rows

6)    Loaded Backpack Bicep Curl

7)    Water Gallon Jugs Hammer Curls

8)    Table Inverted Row

3 Sets x 10 reps, 20 seconds rest, 1-minute rest between sets.

1.  Leg Towel Curls -10 reps/ each leg

Photo Source: Luke Health Fitness

How to do it:

•      Get down on the floor, and put the towel underneath your feet (make sure it’s equal on both sides, at the same length).

•      Suck in your stomach because you need to stabilize your body, make sure you keep your chest upright, fully extend your elbow, and just curl up your leg without moving your elbow too much (because when you are moving your elbow too much, you will lose the isolation), so by doing this you’re working your biceps. 

•      The tighter your hamstrings, the more resistance, the more you will train your biceps.

•      You want to supinate your arms, when you supinate it, you train your biceps.

•      That is 1 rep.

•      After you have finished with the designated number of reps, just change sides.

2.  Standing Towel Curl – 10 reps. Each leg

GIF Source: Visualbest

It’s much the same thing as the leg curl, however, this is a little bit harder because this would challenge your stability.

How to do it:

•      Stand straight, place your feet on a towel, here you’re using only a single stance. This is a challenge for your core stability.

•      Maintain a straight form, fully extend and curl, without rounding your back too much.

•      Back, straight, curl, and once you feel you’re hitting a limit of the range of motion, it’s good.

•      That is 1 rep.

•      After you have finished with the designated number of reps, just change sides.

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3.  Chair Leg Curl – 10 reps/ each leg

Photo Source: HealthifyMe

This exercise happens in an awkward position.

How to do it:

•      Starting position: Imagine you’re sitting cross-legged, lean with one hand on a chair for stability, keep your leg straight (the one on the floor), grab the ankle of the other foot with your arm, and curl.

•      This is it, is this simple.

•      After you have finished with the designated number of reps, just change sides.

4.  Alternative Biceps Curl – 10 reps/ each side

A simple exercise, but at the same time, effective.

How to do it:

•      Stand tall, and just place the opposite arm against your other palm and curl.

•      When you curl you want to put force from the opposite arm, the harder you push, the more resistance for your biceps.

•      After you have finished with the designated number of reps, just change sides.

5. Single-Arm Doorway Rows

GIF Source: Dasantosh

This exercise is the equivalent of the TRX rows.

How to do it:

•      Stand in front of the doorway with the door open and the feet close to the frame of the door.

•      Then, with one hand grab the frame and slowly lean back until your elbow is fully extended. You want to keep your hips and head in a straight line with your feet

•      Once you are in position, you are going to pull up your body towards the frame with one arm, then slowly lower back down and repeat.

•      The further you walk your feet forward around the frame, the more you’ll be leaning back and the more challenging this exercise will become.

6.  Loaded Backpack Bicep Curl

Photo Source: YouTube

For this exercise, you’ll need a handbag or a backpack. As you know, it’s pretty difficult to target the biceps without weights. So a backpack filled with books can hit your biceps and can be almost as effective just like regular biceps curls in the gym.

How to do it:

•      Load your backpack with books or some heavy objects that will weigh it down, then grab your hand strap at the top of the backpack and stand straight up with your elbow extended and the weight hanging straight down.

•      You wanna lean slightly forward so that your legs don’t get in the way of the backpack.

•      While keeping your elbows tight to your ribs, curl the backpack up toward your shoulder. As you come up you wanna try to turn your pinky up towards the ceiling to increase the bicep activation, then slowly lower back down the backpack and repeat.

7.  Water Gallon Jugs Hammer Curls

Photo Source: Don’t Change Much

For this exercise, you’ll need some heavy objects, preferably with handles (laundry detergent jugs, gallon jugs filled with water). You will also need something to pass through the handles, like a towel or a belt. This exercise can be very effective if executed correctly.

How to do it:

•      If you are using gallons you’ll want to pass your towel/ belt through the handles and then grab both ends in one hand, then stand straight back up and let your arm and the gallon jugs hang straight down.

•      From there, lean slightly forward to allow for a full range of motion and curl the belt, or towel up toward your shoulder with your hand in a neutral position, so your thumb is facing up.

•      Then, slowly back down and repeat.

•      Keep in mind that you will need more gallon jugs if you want to fatigue your biceps. If you have enough gallon jugs, you can use both arms at the same time and alternate sides.

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8.  Table Inverted Row

Photo Source: Just Skating

For this exercise, you’ll need a sturdy table

How to do it:

•      Get down under the table with the hands holding on the edge, your arms extended, and your body in a relatively straight line from your feet on the ground up to your upper back.

•      Then, you’ll gonna simply pull your chest up to the table by retracting your shoulders and driving your elbows back as you flex your biceps

•      Once you raise yourself to the table, slowly lower back down and repeat.

Last Thoughts:

These are the 8 exercises that I recommend today, they bring substantial benefits in training and enlarging the biceps. Thus, your success in obtaining the desired appearance is guaranteed.

Don’t forget the heating to avoid accidents and the fact that a correct execution makes the difference.

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