Plums: Autumn Star Fruits – Overview, Nutrition Facts, 9 Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects

In today's article I will discuss the star autumn fruits with a special flavor, Plums, I will start with an overview, I will continue with nutritional values, 9 health benefits, use, and finally about the side effects of plums.
Plums: Autumn Star Fruits - Overview, Nutrition Facts, 9 Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects 6

Plums are among the most popular fruits of autumn, bringing many health benefits, they are among the most important natural sources of vitamins and minerals, which help the body in treating various diseases and preventing serious diseases such as diabetes.

Plums have a low caloric intake and are also extremely rich in valuable nutrients. Moreover, plums do not increase your blood glucose level, which means that they are an ideal snack, especially if you are on a diet.

Plums facilitate digestion, prevent diabetes, and are useful against obesity. It also helps maintain heart health by lowering cholesterol levels.

Plums can be eaten fresh or dried. Regardless of their condition, they retain their properties

What nutrients do plums contain?

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Plums help keep your body and mind healthy, experts say. They contain significant amounts of vitamins, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, and are rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and fiber.

Plums are the ideal fruit for people who have weight problems. A plum ends up containing 30 calories, so if you feel the need to satisfy your craving for sweets with something healthy, these fruits are the ideal choice.

Plums have a low-fat content, less than 0.2 grams per fruit. These fats are not saturated, so they help you keep your cholesterol within normal limits.

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9 Health Benefits of Plums

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The unsuspected qualities of these small fruits have been known since ancient times, since they were brought to Europe, from Syria.

Even dried fruits keep them for a long time. And doctors do not shy away from saying that if everyone ate two or three plums a day, many diseases would be prevented.

Plums are already present in the markets and are among our favorite fruits. But do you know exactly what health benefits they have? Here are the top 9 reasons why you should eat as many fresh plums as possible!

1. Stimulates immunity.

A plum should never be refused because you would be doing the body a disservice. It energizes you quickly, banishes fatigue, and regulates the activity of the nervous system.

2. Regulates blood pressure, thanks to the potassium in the composition.

This element, which is found in abundance in plums (330 mg per 100 g of fruit) also ensures the proper functioning of the heart.

3. Cleanses the body of toxins by stimulating intestinal transit

Plums are known for their anti-constipation properties) and by normalizing liver function. As a result, you will feel better, your skin will look perfect, without imperfections or acne.

4. Prevent cancer

Laboratory tests show that plum extracts have a very intense antitumor action, which makes them one of the best remedies for “disease of the century”.

5. Protects the eyes

The high content of anthocyanin pigments, zeaxanthin, and vitamins, especially vitamin C, recommends plums as an excellent means of preventing macular degeneration.

6. Fight rheumatoid arthritis

Combat rheumatoid arthritis due to the impressive amount of vitamin C. A study done on 20,000 subjects reveals that a supplement of vitamin C in the diet leads to a reduction of over 40% in the frequency of rheumatoid arthritis.

7. Keeps away and cures flu infections

Laboratory studies in Japan have shown that the active ingredients in plums inhibit and destroy influenza and viruses.

8. It blocks the evolution of asthma

Thanks to the resveratrol in the peel, which has an antihistamine effect, it acts as a sedative for allergic reactions, which triggers asthma attacks.

9. Protects you from osteoporosis

Plums are very rich in organic boron, this substance plays a very important role in assimilating calcium and strengthening the bone system. Then, fresh plums, consumed daily, have a hormonal regulating effect, especially in women, helping to prevent the deficiency of female hormones, which is linked to osteoporosis.

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How to select, store and consume plums

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Plums: Autumn Star Fruits - Overview, Nutrition Facts, 9 Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects 9

A well-ripened plum has a firm texture, but it feels slightly soft to the touch of the navel of the finger. You can choose firmer plums because in a few days they will ripen. Never buy very soft plums as they will spoil extremely quickly.

Plums can be stored in the refrigerator if you want to stop the baking process or in the fruit bowl, at room temperature, if you want to cook a little longer.

It is ideal to eat plum when it is fully cooked because then it reaches the maximum concentration of antioxidants.

In terms of consumption, plums can be eaten as such, as a snack, but also in the form of compote, jam, or in various dishes and tasty desserts such as this delicious crumble.

Side effects of plums:

Plums are rich in oxalate content, which can accumulate and crystallize – this means that it is recommended to be avoided by people who have kidney or gallbladder problems. Kidney stones are favored by eating plums.

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Last Thoughts:

Plums are the star fruits of autumn with a high content of vitamins and minerals that bring multiple health benefits. Consumed fresh or in various healthy recipes, plums are recommended for people suffering from liver and biliary diseases, but also to regulate intestinal transit.

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