Fabulous Super Moist Mirror Glaze Sugar-Free Truffle Dark Chocolate and Sour Cherry Cake

Chocolate cake with sour cherries - a cake dedicated to all those who love chocolate. Sweet and sour, super moist, sugar-free, with an intense dark chocolate truffle taste, and a fabulous 3 colors mirror glaze, this cake is easy and quick to make, and is perfect for any holiday, but also for when you feel like such a dessert.

Cakes are my passion and I often make them without having a special occasion. I made this cake because I missed a good cake, but very good. And I combined some of the ingredients that I like, namely dark chocolate and sour cherries. Of course, the cake that came out could only be delicious and eaten to the last crumb.

This sour cherry and chocolate cake consist of a fluffy and fragrant cocoa and orange zest sponge, sweet-sour dark chocolate and sour cherry ganache, and fabulous 3 colors mirror glazing. It is a very fine combination.

Chocolate cake with sour cherries – a cake dedicated to all those who love chocolate. Sweet and sour, super moist, sugar-free, with an intense dark chocolate truffle taste, and a fabulous 3 colors mirror glaze, this cake is easy and quick to make, and is perfect for any holiday, but also for when you feel like such a dessert.

Isn’t that when you see a slice of dark chocolate cake with sour cherries, you want to put your fork in it and leave nothing on the plate?

Starting from the idea that the most beloved desserts are the ones with chocolate, I think I can’t go wrong when I suggest you try this cake.


Sponge ingredients:

•      2 cups all-purpose flour 

•      ½ cup cocoa powder 

•      2 tsp baking powder 

•      1 tsp baking soda 

•      1 tsp coffee

•      1 pinch of salt

•      1 cup milk 

•      1 tbsp vinegar 

•      1 cup Stevia

•      ½ cup oil 

•      250 g Greek yogurt

•      1 tsp rum/ almond essence 

•      The zest from ½ orange

Ingredients for the coffee syrup:

•      100 ml warm water

•      1 tsp coffee

•      1 tsp Stevia.

Or you can use the juice from the sour cherries as I did in this case.

Chocolate Ganache Ingredients:

•      200 g unsalted butter (at room temperature)

•      100 g Stevia sweetener (ground)

•      ½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder 

•      240 g melted dark chocolate (min 80% cacao, melted)

•      1 cup warm unsweetened heavy cream

•      300 g cherries (frozen)

Mirror Glaze ingredients:

•      14 g gelatin (10 g for the dark glaze, and 4 g for the white/red glaze)

•      90 ml water (for the gelatin) – (60 ml for the dark glaze, and 30 ml for the white/red glaze)

•      180 g dark chocolate, and 60 g white chocolate

•      50 g Stevia (40 g for the dark glaze, and 10 g for the white/red glaze)

•      120 ml water (100 ml for the dark glaze, and 20 ml for the white/red glaze)

•      180 g condensed milk (find here my homemade vegan, dairy-free, sugar-free recipe) – (150 g for the dark glaze, and 30 g for the white/red glaze)

•      Bio black food coloring 

•      Bio red food coloring

•      Bio white food coloring

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Make the sponge:

1.    Preheat the oven to 180C. Grease with butter a 26 cm springform cake pan and line with baking paper. 

2.    In a bowl combine the milk with the vinegar, stir, then set aside for a few minutes. 

3.    In a large bowl sift all the dry ingredients: flour, cocoa, coffee, baking soda, baking powder, and salt.

4.    In a separate bowl, we will start working on our wet ingredients: pour the stevia and the oil and mix with a whisk very well so that a lot of air is incorporated into the sponge.

5.    Now, pour the Greek yogurt, orange zest, and the rum essence and mix them all.

6.    It’s time to mix all the ingredients, so pour the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients and incorporate them with a spatula, then, at the end add the milk/ vinegar mix into the mixture and mix them well without overmixing the batter.

7.    Our batter is ready to start pouring it into the springform pan and up it goes into the oven to bake for 1h: 5 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean.

8.    Remove sides from the cake pan and transfer to a cooling rack to cool. 

Make the chocolate ganache:

Let’s start making our chocolate ganache 😊

9.     In a large bowl put the butter and mix it well until it becomes light and fluffy, then sift over the stevia (ground) and the cocoa powder and mix until fluffy.

10.    Over this add the melted dark chocolate and mix it, then also add the heavy cream (slightly warmed) and mix.

My chocolate ganache is ready, and it looks so yummy! 😊 Now, either you can add the cherries and incorporate them with a spatula, or you can spread them over each layer of the chocolate ganache (your choice) when you assemble the cake. Put it in the fridge for 15 minutes until it becomes firm, then we can start assembling the cake.

Assembling the cake:

11.    Now we are going to cut the cake into 2 slices with the use of a bread/ cake knife. Place your hand on top of the sponge, put the knife in, and just carefully go around, in, and out. 

12.    It’s time to syrup the 2 sponge layers. In a bowl put ½ cup of warm water, 1 tsp coffee, and 1 tsp Stevia. Take the sweet coffee syrup/ sour cherry juice, deep a silicon brush and soak your sponge (do this uniformly on all the surface of the layer) Do this with each of the 2 layers.

13.    We are ready for the best part: the spreading of chocolate ganache over the sponge layers😊. With the help of a spatula spread over the first layer of sponge chocolate ganache, then spread all over the layer the sour cherries. If you want, you can also grate some dark or white chocolate over.

14.    Put the next sponge layer and repeat the operation. On the second layer spread chocolate ganache also over the sides of the cake

15.    Deep a knife in hot water so you can spread and level better the ganache. Now after we finish covering the cake, place it in the freezer for an hour so it can set beautifully.

Make the chocolate mirror glaze:

16.    The gelatin (10 g for the dark chocolate glaze) is left to hydrate in 60 ml of water for 10 minutes, and (4 g for the white and red chocolate glaze) is left to hydrate in 30 ml of water for 5 minutes.

17.    Put in a saucepan over a bain-marie, water, Stevia, and the vegan condensed milk, stirring constantly until it starts to boil. Remove from the heat, add the bloomed gelatin, stir for a few more seconds, take it out of the fire and pour over the chocolate broken into pieces and stir until well incorporated.

18.    Pass the obtained composition through a sieve so that no impurities remain, thus obtaining a fine cream, after which it is left to cool, of course, white and black glaze separately.

19.    Divide the glaze into 3 parts as follows: In the 1st bowl (90% of the glaze) add black food coloring, in the 2nd bowl add red food coloring and mix the composition of each bowl until completely incorporated, and in the 3rd bowl add white food coloring

20.    Pour the dark chocolate glaze into a larger container.

21.    Cover the glaze with a cling film to avoid creating condensation. Let it cool to 32-35 degrees after which we can pour it over the cheesecake. If you do not have a thermometer, you can take it with a spoon from the composition, and when it no longer flows like water, but as heavy cream, it is a sign that it has already reached the optimum temperature.

22.    Remove the chocolate/ cherry cake from the freezer, place it on a container/bowl narrower than the cake and start pouring the black glaze in a circular motion from the center to the edges.

23.    Drizzle vertical lines with a spoon of red and white glaze.

24. Allow the excess to drain for 10- 15 minutes and refrigerate for 2 hours.


You can decorate with sour cherries, pieces of coarsely chopped dark chocolate, grated white chocolate, dark chocolate whipped cream, and red-colored whipped cream.

Here is a section through this decadent mirror glaze, moist, no-bake, sugar-free dark chocolate, and sour cherry cake.

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Last Thoughts:

With the holidays approaching, sweets are back in the spotlight. The best ones are the cakes in my opinion because they are usually nicely decorated, they are well accepted by everyone, they are made as a holiday gift, and they become even more appreciated if they are made at home.

This cake is easy to make and extremely delicious. It can be made with fresh, frozen, or from compote sour cherries. 

Dark chocolate and sour cherries go well together, which makes this cake great. The combination is extremely tasty, the cake is cool, and it is not overly sweet. 

This dark chocolate cake with sour cherries is a refined, elegant (because of its fabulous mirror glaze coating), sugar-free, super moist, and very delicious cake.

The only downside of this recipe is that you would like to eat another slice after you taste it 😊)))).

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