the best 9 bodyweight squat variations to

The Best 9 Bodyweight Squat Variations to Maximize Your Legs and Butt Workout

Below you will find the best 9 bodyweight variations of the squat, put in a random order, to help you maximize your leg and butt training.

the complete properly done squat guide 12 benefits muscles worked proper form 10 tips 6 mistakes 9 variations

The Complete Properly Done Squat Guide – 12 Benefits, Muscles Worked, Proper Form, 10 Tips, 6 Mistakes, 9 Variations

Below is the complete guide that contains all the things you should know about the squat so that you get the most benefits from the best exercise in the world for the whole body: 12 benefits, muscles worked, proper form, 10 tips, 6 mistakes, 9 variations.