BIRDYS HEALTH DOSE Anniversary – The Health and Fitness Blog You Want to Follow

BIRDY’S HEALTH DOSE Anniversary – The Health and Fitness Blog You Want to Follow

BIRDY’S HEALTH DOSE 3rd anniversary – Inspiring people to make health changes by providing weight loss tips, meal plans, workouts, and recipes

complete guide to carbohydrates simple bad vs complex good carbs what are they role benefits sources classification

Complete Guide to Carbohydrates: Simple “Bad” vs Complex “Good” Carbs – What Are They? Role, Benefits, Sources, Classification

In today’s article we will go through the complete guide of carbohydrates: simple “bad” carbohydrates vs “good” complex carbohydrates – what are they? their role in our diet, benefits, food sources from which we can take them, and their classification.

13 holiday eating drinking and fitness tips guaranteed to help you avoid weight gain

13 Holiday Eating, Drinking, and Fitness Tips Guaranteed to Help You Avoid Weight Gain

I will give you 13 guaranteed tips related to food, drinks, and fitness that will help you avoid gaining weight during the holidays and even lose a few pounds by the New Year.

everything about back pain common mistakes that causes them and the solutions to get rid of them 1

Everything about Back Pain: Common Mistakes that Causes Them and the Solutions to Get Rid of Them

Back pain has become common for the modern man and this is due to poor lifestyle. Of course, some people suffer from medical conditions or end up with such conditions, but the big problem lies in daily habits and in the fact that the modern man has stopped moving.

e2809cgoode2809d fats vs e2809cbad fatse2809d 6 things you need to know

“Good” Fats vs “Bad Fats”: 6 things you need to know

In this article, you will find the 6 most important things about the “Good” Fats and the “Bad” Fats, what foods contain “good” and “bad” fats, and also 5 tips about how you can adopt a healthy diet.