BIRDY’S HEALTH DOSE Anniversary – The Health and Fitness Blog You Want to Follow

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BIRDY'S HEALTH DOSE 3rd anniversary - Inspiring people to make health changes by providing weight loss tips, meal plans, workouts, and recipes
BIRDY’S HEALTH DOSE Anniversary – The Health and Fitness Blog You Want to Follow 3

Hello hello, It’s the third anniversary of my health blog: BIRDY’S HEALTH DOSE! I’ve been doing this for three years now and it’s been interesting. I’m glad to have had you along for the ride, you guys, and I hope I’ve made a positive impact on your lives.

Along the way, I’ve seen some great comments and discussions, so thanks so much to everyone who has been a part of this community. I appreciate it.

Why did I start blogging!

We all know that a blog is a place where you post stories in your own words, with your own opinions and personal experiences.

But why do people start blogs? It’s not easy to get started writing for an audience, but once you find your voice it can help boost confidence in yourself and your ideas.

I got started blogging because I wanted to share my weight loss experience and help others to achieve this goal. After all, we know there are a lot of people with the same problem.

My goal was to inspire others who might be going through similar experiences by helping them understand that they are not alone in this journey.

I started Birdys in July 2019 intending to share my knowledge and experiences with people all over the world.

Since then I have been posting a lot of interesting information (more than 300 articles), mostly covering nutrition, weight loss, recipes, and exercising (all kinds of bodyweight workouts such as upper and lower body, full-body, cardio, circuits, challenges, isometric, HIIT, Tabata) but also covering other topics such as health tips, foods, fitness tips, running, meal planning, diets, detox, and natural remedies.

The long-term goal of this blog is to help people improve their health, it’s an ambitious goal and one that will take some time to accomplish, but hopefully, we will make some great strides in that direction over these coming months and years.

I hope you’ll join our community to help you make positive changes in your life.

For more info about my transformation, my philosophy, my purpose, and what you can expect to find on my blog you should check my About page.

Why you should start following Birdy’s!

BIRDY’S is a health-oriented blog that aims to provide readers with regular doses of useful information.

Birdy’s is more than just another health blog. I’m here to help you make informed choices about your health, fitness, and well-being. As much as possible, I’m aiming to provide research-backed advice so that you can make better decisions for yourself.

My ultimate goal is to give you the tools that you need to live up to your full potential. I’m not just interested in keeping you well informed, I want to help you achieve your highest level of fitness and wellness!

A healthy lifestyle is a must to live longer. This blog offers advice on how to achieve this goal.

This is a blog that discusses the importance of diet, and exercise. It provides information on different topics. In general, it aims to help people lead a healthy lifestyle.    

Currently having a base of over 300 articles as mentioned above, many of the articles are correlated, so it will be much easier to make connections for example if your goal is to lose weight, you will find articles that will explain the basics of nutrition, which in turn will correlate with fitness tips and a lot of bodyweight workouts that you can do in the privacy of your home without having to go to a gym, you will find recipes for all meals of the day, you will find information about the body’s detoxification and its importance, and many other topics.

This is one of the big differences between this blog and many other blogs in the Health and Fitness niche, namely, my blog covers many topics, not just nutrition, or just workouts, or just recipes, diets, detoxification, or natural remedies, but OFFERS THEM ALL IN THE SAME PLACE! this is also the main reason why you should choose to join our community!

Last Thoughts:

I’m thankful to all readers who have been following my blog for the last 3 years! I want to say guys that I’m overwhelmed and touched by the love and support you all have shown me throughout these years😊!

To celebrate this special day, I thought of offering you a special gift 😊in the form of a sweet treat that I hope will delight both your eyes and your taste buds (of course, if you want to try it) which I will post later on the blog.

Here you will find the link to my first article from 23.07.2019 The correct combination of foods, here is the article from the 1-st anniversary on 23.07.2020: Top 23 Most Popular Vegan Protein Sources for a Healthy Plant-Based Diet, and here is the article from the 2nd  anniversary on 23.07.2021: No-Bake Sugar-Free Creamy Gradient Matcha White Chocolate Mirror Glaze Cheesecake

Happy Birthday to Birdy’s Health Dose blog! 🥳  

This post contains affiliate links. Please read our Disclaimer for more info.  

What do you guys think about my article?

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BIRDY’S HEALTH DOSE Blog is a health blog that spread the concept of a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Find posts about weight loss, workouts, meal plans
BIRDY’S HEALTH DOSE Anniversary – The Health and Fitness Blog You Want to Follow 4

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