How to Make a Perfect Green Smoothie – The 5 Rules to Follow

To get a delicious, balanced, nutritious, and easily digestible green smoothie, you need to follow 5 simples but effective rules.

The benefits of green smoothies are increasingly appreciated due to the content of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

The green smoothies can be made from combinations of plants and green vegetables, but also instant nutritional and vitamin supplements, organic powders.

These drinks give the digestive system a kind of relaxation break, and even help it to detoxify (find here 5 green smoothie recipes), repair, or heal where appropriate.

A diet that includes fresh vegetables and fruits helps the body’s health.

Different amounts of organic powders can be added to the preparations. Depending on their content, some drinks can be energizing, others beneficial before or after exercise, for weight loss, etc.

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To get a delicious, balanced, nutritious, and easily digestible green smoothie, you need to follow 5 simples but effective rules.

The 5 rules to follow for preparing a delicious and healthy green smoothie

1. Follow the formula 30/30/40

• 30% green leaves

• 30% liquid and other ingredients

• 40% fruits to mask the taste of greens and to make the smoothie sweet and creamy.

The green leaves can be:

•      Spinach

•      Beet leaves

•      Radish leaves

•      Kale

•      Mangold

•      Parsley

•      Mint

•      Sorrel

•      Sage

•      Arugula

•      Dandelion

•      Lettuce

You can use them fresh or frozen (but without defrosting them before preparing the smoothie).

Spinach, lettuce, and beet leaves have a neutral taste and are the “safest” when building a green smoothie, with the others you have to be careful because the taste can be hot, bitter, sour, and can upset the balance of taste.

The liquid base:

In order not to load the digestive system with a product of animal origin, and to let it draw its nutrients from fruits and green leaves, I chose not to add milk or yogurt to the smoothie.

You can use:

•      Plane, or filtered water

•      Almond milk – here you can find my homemade raw vegan almond milk recipe).

•      Coconut milk (but be aware that commercial coconut milk often contains all kinds of additives)

•      Fresh orange juice

•      Fresh lemon juice

•      Fresh lime juice

•      Fresh grapefruit juice

•      Green tea


Here you can play any way you want – I use:

•      Apples 

•      Peeled pears

•      Kiwi

•      Mango

•      Pomegranate seeds

•      Sea buckthorn from the freezer

•      Fresh or frozen berries

•      Pineapple

•      Banana 

•      Avocado, which will make the smoothie very creamy and will come with an important intake of minerals and healthy fats.

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In summer you can use all the wonderful fresh fruits:

•      Apricot

•      Peaches

•      Cherries

•      Sour Cherries

•      Strawberries

•      Fresh berries

•      Watermelon

•      Plums

In any case, the fruit must be well-ripened, so that the smoothie comes out creamy. The smoothie is a great reason not to throw away the overripe bananas – you can freeze them and add them directly to the smoothie blender.

2. Process the leaves separately with the liquid, then add the fruits and process again to avoid a smoothie with pieces of fruit, vegetables, or leaf strips.

Always start with a smaller amount of water, and if you need more you can add more – the idea of ​​the smoothie is the creaminess, the consistency of foam.

It is good to use a powerful blender, to enjoy this consistency to the fullest.

My recommended appliances for a delicious and healthy green smoothie:

3. Use superfoods and other healthy ingredients to increase the nutritional value of the smoothie

•      Chia seeds

•      Flaxseed

•      Hemp seeds

•      Peanut butter

•      Carob powder

•      Spirulina

•      Almonds

•      Sunflower seeds

•      Raw hazelnuts

•      Ginger

•      Cocoa

•      Cinnamon

•      Turmeric

•      Germs of various seeds.

Some of the vitamins in vegetables and fruits – vitamin A, K, D, E are more easily absorbed with healthy fats, so avocados, raw seeds, and nuts are a perfect addition to the nutritional balance of the smoothie.

The right amount for these ingredients is a tablespoon or two for a smoothie for two people.

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4. Sweeten the smoothie with honey, maple, or agave syrup

If the fruit does not create the taste you want, you can add a teaspoon of:

•      Natural honey

•      Maple syrup

•      Agave syrup

•      Chopped dried fruits

Avoid adding sugar.

5. The smoothie does not have to be green

You can use green leaves, but if you put berries or a lot of yellow fruits, or carob, or turmeric powder, the color will not be green, but it does not mean that your smoothie is not as healthy.

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