All about Iron: Role, Benefits, Deficiency, Sources, Daily Dose, Supplements

Iron is one of the minerals found in the largest amounts in the blood. It is an essential nutrient for living organisms, necessary for production of the hemoglobin. Here is all about iron and what you need to do to recover.

If you feel tired, weak, and cannot rest well at night it is very possible to have a lack of iron in the body.

Iron is one of the minerals found in the largest amounts in the blood, the rest being distributed in the bone marrow, liver, and spleen. It is an essential nutrient for living organisms, necessary for the production of hemoglobin (the substance that gives the blood its red color), as well as some enzymes.

Here is everything about iron and what you need to do to recover.


Iron is essential for transporting oxygen from the lungs to other organs, for transporting substances involved in energy metabolism, for maintaining immunity and growth.

Lack of a sufficient amount of iron affects the body in several ways.


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• Without iron, the healing process cannot begin. Iron, which increases hemoglobin, which provides oxygen to damaged organs and cells, makes the body less damaged in injuries.

• It is a mineral that helps growth. It supports both the physical and mental development of children during the development period.

• Increases the body’s endurance. It strengthens the immune system and increases the function of cells that fight disease.

• Reduces fatigue. Eliminates fatigue and tiredness that can affect your daily routine due to iron deficiency.

• Increases muscular endurance. Muscle weakness and iron deficiency are correlated. An adequate level of iron provides the oxygen needed for muscle contraction. Also, iron reduces muscle pain and muscle inflammation.

• Increases concentration. Research has shown a decrease in cognitive levels due to decreased iron levels in the blood. Adequate iron levels improve cognitive performance.

• Supports good sleep. Research has shown that there is a link between iron deficiency and restless sleep, sleep apnea, and insomnia.

• Protection of healthy cells, iron is also needed to keep skin, hair, and nails strong.

Symptoms of iron deficiency

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Iron deficiency has various symptoms, which can be confused with the manifestations of other diseases. Therefore, medical investigation and treatment of the problem at the first signs is recommended.

The most common symptoms of iron deficiency are:

• Lack of appetite

• Pale skin

• Frequent states of irritability

• The body is also affected by the immune system, whose dysfunction leads to recurrent infections.

• Difficulty breathing

• Inflammation of the tongue

• Irregular heartbeat

• Abundant sweating

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Sources of iron

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Iron is found in both plant and animal food sources. The food best known for its iron content is spinach.

Plants with green leavesspinach, parsley, Broccoli

Legumes – beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas are some of the vegetables rich in iron

Fruits – prunes, figs, or dried apricots

Animal proteinschicken, turkey, beef, chicken and beef liver, egg yolk

Fish – tuna, salmon

Seafood – mussels, mussels, starlings

Pumpkin seeds


Black chocolate

Walnuts – pistachios, almonds, cashews

The recommended daily dose of iron

Once iron deficiency has been identified, your doctor will recommend the most effective method of treatment. This will depend on the type of deficit (whether or not it has evolved into anemia), but also on factors such as the age and sex of the individual.

Find in the table below the recommended daily dose of iron

Infants0 – 6 months0,270,27
Babies7 – 12 months55
Children1 – 3 years77
Children4- – 8 years1010
Children9 – 13 years88
Teenagers14 – 18 years1115
AdultsAbove 19 years1118

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If the diet is not enough to eliminate iron deficiency, we will have to seek supplements, but only on the advice of a doctor. Once the levels reach normal values, we will be able to enjoy more energy and vitality in our daily activities.

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