the complete beginners guide to trail running benefits equipment safety breathing accessories

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Trail Running – Benefits, Equipment, Safety, Breathing, Accessories

Trail running requires body and mind training. The trails lead beyond the beaten paths, on country roads, over hills and valleys. Today I thought of compiling for you the complete beginner’s guide for trail running: benefits, equipment, safety, breathing, accessories.

6 tips for running in the snow and cold weather

6 Tips for Running in The Snow and Cold Weather

If you are determined to exercise even in the cold season, when the temperature drops well below zero, I offer below 6 tips for running in cold weather and through the snow that you must follow to keep fit.

8 weeks running challenge program for beginners

8 weeks running challenge program for beginners

I thought of launching you a challenge, which I hope you will accept :), if I told you I could offer you a program through which to suffer a beautiful and healthy transformation, namely: even from total sedentary to get to run 5 km, in just 8 weeks.?! Would you accept it? Don’t say it’s impossible until you try! 🙂

swimming vs running which is more efficient for burning calories 2

Swimming vs Running – Which is More Efficient for Burning Calories?

You don’t like going to the gym or you just can’t afford it, and yet you like to keep fit? Swimming and running will always be the 2 alternatives available to anyone. But have you ever wondered which of the two will help you burn most calories?

running e28093 benefits

Running – Benefits

Many people think running is not for them. That’s because, as it happens in any field, it has to gradually evolve. Beautiful weather has come, so we have every reason to enjoy nature and spend as much time outdoors as possible to move.