Running – Benefits

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Many people think running is not for them. That's because, as it happens in any field, it has to gradually evolve. Beautiful weather has come, so we have every reason to enjoy nature and spend as much time outdoors as possible to move.
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Many people think running is not for them. That’s because, as it happens in any field, it has to gradually evolve. Beautiful weather has come, so we have every reason to enjoy nature and spend as much time outdoors as possible to move.

In the early days, if you are not accustomed to the effort, you will be exhausted, you will be stuck in the hours that come from muscle fever, you may want to quit, do not get discouraged if you can only move for a few minutes, Keep in mind that you have no training,

The first runs are getting your body accustomed to this demanding exercise for it, now try to set your pace.


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  • Strengthens the immune system

Running helps keep us healthy by improving breathing and helping your lungs working better. It also improves cardiovascular circulation and strengthens the immune system.

  • Reduces the risk of heart attack

It is beneficial for those who have diabetes, osteoporosis, or high blood pressure. Strengthens the heart and helps the arteries maintain their elasticity, so it is a great way to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

  • Help lose weight

Running is one of the best sports that helps you lose weight and keep your weight constant. We know that when you do sports out, you burn calories. In the case of running, burns take place even after physical activity ceases, so running regularly will make you enjoy your physical shape for a long time.

If you’re going to lose weight, it’s good to know that we’re burning between 600 and 800 calories in an hour of running, depending on weight and speed.

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  • Vitamin D

A large number of people have vitamin D deficiencies in the body, a deficiency that is associated with weight gain and slowing down metabolic processes. We know that this vitamin is synthesized by the body at sun exposure, so if you spend very little time outside, maybe you should check the level of this vitamin in your body and start thinking that jogging can be a good choice for starters.

People who have trouble sleeping will soon notice that the running brings them a deep sleep, and the white nights will disappear from their lives. You need sleep and rest before you put effort, so do not neglect this, otherwise, exhaustion occurs.

  • It helps to strengthen the bones

Your bones will be stronger if you run regularly. Running strengthens the bones much better than aerobics. It seems that runners have higher bone density and are better protected from osteoporosis.

  • Running gives addiction

In the good sense of the word. Endorphins (the happy hormones) released after such training give us a state of well-being that we will seek again and again and again.

 Many runners experienced a sense of calm and euphoria after a long run.

Tips for Beginners

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  • Start with walking and gradually pass to run in the first days.
  • Never start running without having done the usual warming-up for a few minutes.
  • To resist, you have to take it gradually, so that you can find your rhythm, which in time will increase, avoid overloading because there is the danger of accidents!
  • When you run, maintain the essential breathing rate, keep your eyes up, and move your arms correctly around the body.
  • Do not forget about moisturizing.
  • Wear the right footwear that feels comfortable and cushions the movements, preferably a pair of running shoes.
  • After running it is good to do relaxation exercises.

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Try to combine it with a healthy diet to help you with this sporting program such as almonds, eggs, whole grains, dry beans, salads, salmon, whole bread, vegetables, chicken, skimmed yogurt.

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Last Thoughts:

Running is a very effective way to burn calories, and it doesn’t take long for the body to get used to the activity. Most people will see results in just one month as long as they build up their mileage gradually.

It gives you a good endorphin rush for 30 minutes of your time. It encourages weight loss, which in turn prevents heart disease.

Running is free and easy to do, it makes you feel better and more energetic, and you can do it almost anywhere.

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