Insomnia 5 Methods by Which You Can Improve the Quality of Sleep

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It has been established that one in three adults suffers from insomnia, and women are most prone to this traumatic experience. Insomnia opens the doors to diseases, infections, and accidents.
Insomnia 5 Methods by Which You Can Improve the Quality of Sleep 7

Sleep is essential for the health of the body. It is as unpleasant as possible to lie in bed for hours at night, without being able to fall asleep. It has been established that one in three adults suffers from insomnia, and women are most prone to this traumatic experience.

Insomnia opens the doors to diseases, infections, and accidents.


Pay attention to stress and lifestyle!

The most common causes of insomnia are:

• Stress

• Anxiety

• Some physical and mental problems such as diseases, the pain of any kind, inability to breathe from the lying position, and, last but not least, depression.

• The environment and lifestyle can also be causes of insomnia

• The noise

• Uncomfortable bed

• Excess alcohol, coffee

• The habit of eating late

• Time zone change

• Retirement and program changes that appear

Benefits of a quality sleep

Why is sleep quality so important?

Sleep quality plays a huge role in the brain’s ability to think creatively, solve problems, and make the right decisions. At the same time, poor-quality sleep makes us sleep longer than normal, over 10-11 hours.

Unfortunately, prolonged sleep is associated with some heart diseases and even cancer. In addition to these benefits, quality sleep has the following beneficial effects:

• Improves memory and mental clarity

• Improves athletic performance

• Stimulates the mood and general energy level

• Improves immune function

• Increases stress tolerance

Negative Effects

The negative effects on the other hand, are also quite numerous.

• Lack of sleep will induce long-term unpleasant effects both on the health of the physical body, as well as emotionally, without taking into account the effects that the fatigue, the state of irritation, the lack of concentration, power and decision have, and which are felt immediately. 

You will thus become more prone to accidents of all kinds, and your immune system will be weakened, unable to fight infections of any kind.

• The body cannot function properly without sufficient sleep.

• Lack of sleep affects the ability to think and increases the level of stress.

• It is associated with some heart diseases, high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes, and a wide range of mental disorders, including depression and anxiety.

Let’s look at 5 ways by which we can improve our sleep quality

1) Change your lifestyle

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Insomnia 5 Methods by Which You Can Improve the Quality of Sleep 8

Before taking a handful of medications try to change your lifestyle.

Most doctors are inclined to prescribe medications to help insomnia sufferers to sleep, but, most of the time, it is enough to try changing lifestyles and FOOD. All this can work wonders when your sleep is causing problems, especially if stress is the main cause.

Consider relaxation techniques and light physical exercises

You can try various relaxation techniques, meditation, visualizations, physical exercises, such as stretches, yoga, which can help you reduce stress and reduce the stress hormones I have mentioned.

Physical exercises have the gift of increasing body temperature, thus lowering the level of adrenaline.

These exercises should be done in the afternoon or early evening, given that the hormone level drops after 5-6 hours, bringing a deep sleep.

Avoid exercises done just before bedtime, they will prevent the occurrence of healthy and restful sleep.

2) Food, by its quality and quantity, influences sleep

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What you eat can affect your sleep in many ways: it can cause insomnia or disrupt your circadian rhythm (the body’s internal clock), which regulates sleep patterns. In addition, eating too much or too little can lead to weight gain or loss, which also affects sleep patterns.

The food we eat can also affect the quality of our sleep. Protein-rich foods such as milk, tuna, nuts, whole grain bread, dates, and potatoes contain amino acids, which cause a brain reaction after about an hour, releasing serotonin, another hormone that helps relaxation. Check out HERE an article about 10 Healthy Food Habits for A Healthy Lifestyle and also the foods I use in my diet)

Four hours before bedtime avoid the rich meals, coffee, and nicotine (find  HERE an interesting article about the 3 main meals of the day)

Before going to bed, don’t be too tired or hungry. If you consume the food before bed, digesting it will make you sleep more restless. It is advisable to avoid consuming any food at least 4 hours before bedtime.

My recommendation would be to stop eating after 7 pm. At the same time, do not consume too much liquid before bed, because you will wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

The habit of drinking alcohol before bedtime can also create problems because it can interrupt your deepest sleep.

Calcium, magnesium, and zinc, as well as vitamins B6 and C, can help calm the nervous system and, by default, help treat insomnia.

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3) Help yourself with medicinal herbs

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Here are some of the most efficient such plants that can help you with your insomnia:


Its root is the cure for insomnia. It is recommended to use it as a tincture. Take a teaspoon dissolved in a glass of water, a quarter of an hour before bedtime. The sleeping effect is rapid.

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It is a slightly weaker sleeping pill than Valerian, not slowing down the thinking processes and can be taken in easier cases of insomnia.

It is given as a powder. It is taken a teaspoon on an empty stomach, At 7 pm, and possibly another one at 10 pm. It is a very useful plant also in the treatment of insomnia of menopausal women who have blisters, palpitations, nervousness that prevents them from falling asleep.


Insomnia is a common problem, and it can be difficult to find a natural remedy that works. Luckily, there’s one: wormwood. If you suffer from insomnia and want to try something natural, wormwood is a great option. It has been used for centuries to treat insomnia and other sleep-related issues.

It is a plant that has not an asleep effect but is very useful for people with heavy sleep and who have problems waking up. It is taken as a tincture – 50 drops three times a day, of which once immediately after waking.

The treatment with wormwood tincture will not be longer than two weeks, with another two weeks break, as it may cause addiction

4) Arrange the bedroom very carefully, it’s essential for a good sleep

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The actual arrangement of your room can also influence your sleeping habits. Avoid the shrill colors and shrill patterns on the walls of the rooms, and the radios and alarm clocks should be kept as far away as possible.

Try to paint in pastel colors, and the differences between the colors of the walls, carpet, and curtains will be as small as possible.

Place the bed near a wall and it would be good for you to open the door from this position – for many it gives them a sense of peace and security.

Your room should be as clean and tidy as possible before bed. Use low-intensity lights or light fixtures and provide ventilation and a comfortable temperature in the room.

The most important aspect of the room, for a good night’s sleep, is the bed. The quality of the mattress and pillow is essential.

5) Reduce eye exposure to artificial light with at least 30 minutes before sleeping

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Artificial light disrupts sleep. The blue light emitted by mobile phones, tablets, and TVs suppresses the production of melatonin, the hormone needed for optimal sleep.

If artificial light persists until you fall asleep, melatonin production will start too late and no deep sleep will be achieved until the melatonin level rises, which can take a few hours.

So what to do?

• My first recommendation is to not use your computer or any other digital device that emits any kind of light for an hour before going to bed. I know it seems impossible, but believe me, it helps a lot.

• However, if you want to watch a movie before bed, it is advisable to set the brightness of the device you are using at a relatively low level.

• Another recommendation is, if your bedroom is not dark enough, use a sleeping mask. It can help you surprisingly much to get the desired sleep.

In conclusion, the fact that insomnia is harmful is as true as it can be, but it is also true that “what is too much, hurts” when it comes to sleep.

So, if you can, sleep as much as your body demands, and if you notice that you sleep longer than 10 hours, then you wake up tired, set an alarm that will wake you up after sleeping for about 8 hours.

I wish you sleep as easy and relaxing as possible !! 🙂

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Last Thoughts:

Better sleep can have a positive effect on your everyday health, as it helps regulate your cortisol levels. It’s also important to create habits that will help you get better sleep in your later years.

This means sleeping in complete darkness, keeping the same sleeping schedule at all times, and avoiding alcoholic and caffeinated drinks too close to bedtime.

If you want to do something about your insomnia, you have to take it seriously. You have to talk with a doctor. You have to consider any underlying issues that could cause this problem in the first place.

You have to treat your body well, rest, and engage in relaxation techniques such as meditation if necessary.

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