10 healthy food habits for a healthy lifestyle

We are in a perpetual run, we eat on the run, we eat what we find, we barely have time to breathe. You want a healthy lifestyle and you want to change something in the way you feed yourself.

We are in a perpetual run, we eat on the run, we eat what we find, we barely have time to breathe. You want a healthy lifestyle and you want to change something in the way you feed yourself. It’s easier than you think to do that.

The great challenge is to learn to keep these habits. Every age is suitable for small changes that will improve your life.

Fat is not just an aesthetic problem. It does not just deposit under the skin. A fat man has layers of fat also around the organs, which affects their functioning.

The 10 principles of a healthy diet that I have been following for the last 7 years:

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I will present to you a set of basic principles on which you can build the diet, with the mention that: I am not a nutritionist! and what you will see is based on many years of documenting and personal experience.

  1. Sit at the table in the chair, in the right position.

2. Eat more often and less quantitatively, optimally 3 main meals (at fixed hours!) and 2 snacks between meals, try fruits: an apple, a banana or a few peanuts or uncooked almonds, nuts, peanuts, cajun, Brazil nuts – attention to quantity, they contain a lot of calories.

3. Eat slowly and chew much and well! Digestion will be favored and the feeling of satiety will appear more quickly.

4. Learn to listen to your body if it tells you that you have eaten enough, or that food is too heavy. If you do not listen to it, in time, it will avoid sending you signals and you will eat excessively.

5. Do not eat while you do something else – read, watch TV, or work on the computer – the risk is to forget that you eat and to continue eating!

6. Even if you’re not used to it, try eating at breakfast (It’s the most important meal of the day!). At first, you can choose fruits or fruit juice, yogurt with flakes, then you can try light meat and light cheeses with vegetables. It starts with small amounts, then you get used to it and you can eat some more.

7. At lunchtime, try to give yourself time to eat at least a salad, in order not to be hungry at the evening meal.

8. At dinner, opt for light meals. Do not eat in the evening, later than 20:00!!! because you have to prepare the body for rest.

9. Properly hydrate by drinking water and liquids throughout the day. The water should not be consumed at least half an hour before and after a meal, and less during the meal as it slows down digestion.

10. Great attention to alcohol! Avoid it, especially during meals, it slows down digestion.

Foods used in my diet

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Try to eat foods prepared by boiling, steam, grill, oven, avoid fried foods in fats (oil, butter), fat sauces, mayonnaise.

  • Meat: chicken (preferably chicken breast, without skin), turkey, boiled beef, roasted on the grill, even pig, but only muscles.
  • Fish: the possibilities can be unlimited, eating oceanic fish, rich in Omega 3 and 6 (salmon, cod, tuna, mackerel.), If preserved, under no circumstances in tomato sauce.
  • Dietary milk (less than 3% fat): ricotta, cheese, yogurt, milk, sour cream … avoid melted cheese, cheese.
  • Eggs of any kind.
  • Potatoes, just sweet, brown rice, chickpeas.
  • Vegetables and salads: lettuce, broccoli, peas, beans, spinach, red and white cabbage, Brussels, Kalle, cucumber, cauliflower, carrots, eggplants, onions, garlic, avocados, mushrooms, leeks, peppers.
  • Fruits: of any kind, bananas (source of potassium and magnesium, very savory), apples, peaches, kiwi, berries, now is the season of cherries and strawberries, oranges, lemons, with the mention: to be consumed all with moderation due to the high sugar content.
  • No bread and no pasta. Only from whole grains (wholemeal), never in the evening, and with a measure.
  • Avoid sodas (I dropped them 98% in the summer of 2008). Try as much as possible to prepare your fruit juices (less often) and vegetable juices (more often). Consider them as food.
  • Try as much as possible to quench the need for sweets, with fruits, but eat them in the first part of the day without mixing them with other foods. That means breakfast or snack, 2 hours away from the meal.
  • No refined sugar. Replace it with natural sweeteners.
  • Salt with measure, maximum 5g / day (about one teaspoon)

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