Hydration: 4 Benefits and 5 Key Times of the Day When You Must Hydrate

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Your body is composed of 66% water, so proper hydration is vital to your survival. Learn about the benefits of hydrating and key times of the day.
Hydration: 4 Benefits and 5 Key Times of the Day When You Must Hydrate 2

Water is essential for the body. Your body depends on the water reserves to survive. Did you know that water is more than half the weight of your body? Each cell, tissue, or organ needs water to function at optimal parameters.

For example, your body uses water to maintain its temperature, remove waste, and lubricate joints. Water in principle is essential for proper health.

One of the reasons why fruits and vegetables are recommended to be part of the diet, in a very high percentage, is also due to their high water content and their hydration power. If we are in the habit of eating snacks between meals, they would be good from now on only from fruits and vegetables.

Being so important, ensuring proper hydration will come immediately and with changes, in good, of course.

Drinking is not equal to hydrating. The idea, in short, is that if you manage to drink the right amount, in the right way, but especially at the right times, already 70% of your silhouette and health issues, related to nutrition, of course, are gone.

How Does the Body Lose Water?

You lose water every day through physiological processes, but also when the weather is very hot, when you play sports or when you have a fever. Vomiting or diarrhea can also lead to massive fluid loss. If you do not replace the water you lose, you can quickly become dehydrated.

Symptoms of Dehydration Include:

• Urination in small quantity or elimination of a dark-colored urine

• Dry mouth

• Tiredness

• Extreme thirst

• Headaches

• Dizziness

• Lack of tears

How Much Water Should You Drink?

30 ml /kg body, in adults. But also the well-established rule of 2-2.5 liters of water per day can be applied. But the needs are different according to each individual, and they grow in conditions of intense physical activity or high temperatures.

Most healthy people maintain their hydration status by consuming water or other fluids whenever they are thirsty. For others, less than 2-2.5l per day may be sufficient and for others, it may be too much.

Some people are at increased risk of dehydration, including those who exercise a lot, have certain medical problems, or do not consume enough fluids throughout the day. If you talk to a doctor, you will be surprised at how many health problems are caused by lack of hydration.

How to Drink Water Properly

When we are thirsty, we tend to drink a glass of water all at once, which is wrong, the water should not be “over the head” but drink with small swallows and walk through the mouth to mix well with saliva.

4 Benefits of Hydration

1) For the Good Functioning of the Brain

Proper hydration is extremely important for the proper functioning of the brain. When we are well hydrated, the neurons are supplied with nutrients and oxygenated blood, and the brain functions normally.

2) Role in the Regulation of Blood Pressure

Fluids are important for the functioning of the heart, and maintaining an adequate volume of fluids is essential for regulating blood pressure.

3) Role in Food Digestion

It also plays an important role in the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract. Insufficient hydration will slow down the digestive process and chronic dehydration can lead to constipation.

4) Benefits in Kidney Function

Proper fluid intake is essential to ensure kidney function by helping to eliminate excess waste and nutrients through the urine.

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The 5 Key Times of the day When the Water is to be Drink 

1) A glass of water in the morning

Immediately after waking up at least half an hour before breakfast. I drink a cup of 400 ml of water at room temperature. It is important because, usually, the body is dehydrated after sleep.

If you slept for 8 hours, that means you didn’t drink liquids for 8 hours, logically. Specialists also say that this habit helps the colon health, regulates digestion, and improves the body’s ability to assimilate nutrients. Then, 20 minutes nothing is consumed.

2) A glass of water half an hour before the meal

First, it aids digestion. Then it helps you figure out if you’re hungry or thirsty because we tend to confuse them, no matter how incredible they may seem.

And, as a last resort, you will eat less because you will already feel fuller. And don’t hinder yourself in quantity. It may be a glass or more.

3) A glass of water one hour after a meal

This is a very important rule: NEVER drink water during the meal! I know, we were used since childhood with the water next to us while we ate, but it affects digestion, in combination with gastric juice, slows it down.

A glass of water one hour after a meal, however, will ease the absorption of nutrients, prevent constipation, and help the fibers get into the digestive system more easily.

4) A glass of water before bathing

It will have the effect of lowering blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels.

5) A glass of water before bedtime

As I said at the first point, during the night dehydration occurs and a glass of water before bed will reduce this effect. Thus, the risk of stroke and heart attack is reduced, the latter occurring very frequently in the morning precisely because of the thickening of the blood as a result of dehydration.

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Last Thoughts:

Hydration is not a new topic of discussion in the fitness world, but staying hydrated is as important today as it always has been. Some days you may be more aware of your hydration levels than others, but it’s crucial to stay fluid and hydrated.

Hydrating is simple, but not always easy. The calories in your drink will add up and you’ll get thirsty or frustrated. See what times of the day you need to be thinking of water: before meals, before exercising and during intense exercise, after exercising, when you feel dehydrated.

Being well-hydrated will make your stomach happy, reduce food cravings, improve your mood and concentration, and more!

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