8 Ways to Recover your Silhouette

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You've been through a more stressful period? You've gained more pounds than you usually can? You can take them down very easily, and go back to the silhouette of the past, without trying dieting or exhausting workouts in the gym
8 Ways to Recover your Silhouette 2

Modern lifestyle makes us increasingly appealing to convenience, chaotic food, little sleep, and of course: lack of movement. All of this not only affects our health but also the image, increasing the risk of obesity.

You’ve been through a more stressful period? you’ve gained more pounds than you usually can? You can take them down very easily, and go back to the silhouette of the past, without trying dieting or exhausting workouts in the gym. How? Here are 8 ways you can do this:

1.  Set your priorities

Empty your mind of preconceived ideas: I cannot, don’t know how I will not succeed.

Do you think it’s the case to lose weight or just the opinion of others makes you think about it? Before you start on the road to weight loss, think well if you are happy with the way you are or not.

If you find that only those around you think you should lose weight, let them talk and love your body as it is, obviously if you are not overweight or obese. And then you should love your body, but you should still lose weight, for health reasons.

2. Set your goals.

Start by identifying and establishing the actual goals you want to achieve and the ways you can achieve them, the correct ways being: getting correct informed, changing the diet with a healthy one, and, of course, sports.

Set your goals for the short, medium, and long term, and put them on paper.

3. Educate your taste.

In the hurry of everyday life, work, family, children, we just eat junk food, so you will probably consider a burden your attempt to eat healthily. It is important to start gradually, try to rediscover the taste of real food. Once you get to this point you will not feel the need to eat from fast food and you will not even feel being deprived of the tasty food.

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4. The psychic factor.

In the weight loss process, the most important is the psychic factor. To get results, you need to analyze and determine what makes you eat even when you are not hungry and stop this type of behavior. In time, you will learn to eat only when the stomach asks, not the brain.

5. No radical decisions.

If you eat only food from fast food today, it will be extremely difficult for you tomorrow to eat only salads and cooked food in your home. It will not go too long and you will fall prey to temptation, being the risk of thinking that you have failed to do so and forever to give up trying to change your eating style. Try not to be too harsh with yourself and take things to step by step. It is important to be consistent and not to give up the proposed goal.

6. More often, than rarely and much.

In return for rare but rich meals, it is advisable to eat a little and often. Big meals will dilate the stomach and this will increase the hunger and also cause you to eat more to the feeling of satiety. Thus, small meals, even if they are frequent, will diminish the stomach.

7. To move

Whether you prefer walking, running, cycling, weight-training, it is important to move. This will not only help you lose weight but also feel more energetic. And having a good psychic state, you will be able to fight more to achieve your goals.

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8. Motivate yourself

People who believe they will lose weight are more likely to succeed. How do you manage to be confident? Congratulate yourself each time you touch a short term, these small successes, which are very easy to implement, will help you get rid of many pounds in time.

A visual example that can help you would be to print an internet photo with a well-crafted body that you can stick to in a spot to jump in your eyes every day, believe me: it will make you ambitious.

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