5 Ways to Maintain Your Body Weight After a Weight Loss Cure

It is not easy to lose weight but to maintain optimal weight and avoid getting fat again after a diet, it is even more difficult, but not impossible if we adopt healthy habits.

It is not easy to lose weight but to maintain optimal weight and avoid getting fat again after a diet, it is even more difficult, but not impossible if we adopt healthy habits.

It is very important to find personal motivation to keep our silhouette, which we have worked out hard to achieve, this aspect helping us to avoid unhealthy habits that can lead us to get fat again.

Ways to maintain weight

1. Do not skip over meals

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To avoid fattening after a slimming process, it is important to renounce the habit of skipping meals, jumping over meals, is slowing down metabolism and causing excess eating later when hunger returns.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and must be respected with holiness, so do not skip over it whatever would happen. It has to be rich and healthy. Eating breakfast is a common element to those who are successful after weight loss and could be an important factor in their success.

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2. Transform your diet into a healthy lifestyle

After completing a diet, we are tempted to eat from forbidden foods. We do not have to starve or give up even the smallest culinary delights, but we have to pay attention to the calories we eat.

We can transform the diet into a healthy lifestyle in the long run. So we have to eat carefully. Do not avoid proteins. You need to develop your muscles plus they will speed up your metabolism. Give him body fats and carbohydrates but with the measure.

A correct and effective diet contains 3 main meals and possibly 2 intermediate snacks at fixed hourly intervals, they give you energy and fullness throughout the day and contains high-quality fibers, vitamins, and minerals at every meal.

3. Respect how your body is programmed to burn calories

Your body is scheduled to burn calories like this: in the first part of the day, burns are 100%, in the afternoon 50%, and after 18:00 below 25%.

For this purpose, an effective slimming diet means at least 1000 calories / day to prevent blockage of metabolic burns by severe restriction, and are as follows: breakfast + morning snack = 40%; lunch + afternoon snack = 40%; dinner = 20%. Everything we eat after 20.00 is deposited because our body is too tired to digest.

Correct distribution of calories will make us look like a reversible pyramid, with wide shoulders and a thin waist. Reverse distribution (without breakfast, with excesses in the evening) will make us look exactly the opposite.

4. Do not give up on physical exercise


The movement will undoubtedly help us maintain our shape and tone our body after any diet. Even if you have reached the weight you are dreaming of, do not give up on physical training. If you do not want to go anymore to the gym, go out in the evening for long walks or go cycling or rollerblading.

Hydration also plays an essential role in the process of slimming, so hydrate properly, but not with sweet and hypercaloric beverages, but with fruit smoothies in the early part of the day and before training, water, and unsweetened teas for the rest of day.

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5. Planning and monitoring


The success of your weight management program depends on rigorous and careful planning of details.

Here is a minimum of planning activities that will lead to ideal weight maintenance:

  • Plan the next day’s meals, one day before.
  • Make a complete shopping list and make sure you always have the right food at your fingertips.
  • Keep a diary, because people who are daily recording everything they eat, do better than those who do not.

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