5 mistakes which prevent you to get rid of the belly fat

If you've tried all kinds of diets and exercises so far that promise to have the absolute secret of how to get rid of belly fat, but the results weren’t the ones expected, it's time to find out what lifestyle mistakes you've made.

If you are serious about melting fat from the abdomen and bringing out to the light, the squares, for a visible and sexy abdomen, then read this article below!

A flat and beautifully highlighted abdomen is the result of a combination of factors, both nutrition, and movement. If you’ve tried all kinds of diets and exercises so far that promise to have the absolute secret of how to get rid of belly fat, but the results weren’t the ones expected, it’s time to find out what lifestyle mistakes you’ve made.

Here are 5 most common mistakes you have made so far and how you can solve the problem!

1) You Don’t Eat Correctly  

Any nutritionist, trainer, sportsman, or man who moves who is interested in these things will tell you that your flat abdomen depends overwhelmingly on what you eat. 80% I would say.

So, the first thing you need to do is “cleanse” your diet. If you look at diet as a short-term sacrifice, you will most likely return to the old bad habits. All the fat that you’ve put away with so much work will come back for revenge.

This is the main reason why people get fat again – they haven’t figured out how to turn their dietary changes into a permanent lifestyle.

You will find on this blog, in the menu in the “Health” category, a lot of articles, from food combining rules HERE, the list of allowed and forbidden foods HERE or you can start with my list of foods and rules from my diet, which you can find it  HERE

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2) You Must Lose Weight

Even if you are lean, if you have collars around your abdomen it means you have to lower it a little. Be careful, not starving yourself. Then, certainly, you will not lose any cm around the waist.

You clean your diet, as I said in point 1, and do cardio exercises. I recommend climbing the stairs at an alert pace and jumping the rope. If you are lazy and don’t want to leave the house, HERE are some cardio exercises for which you do not need any equipment or much space.

Of course, cardio exercises should be supplemented with specific ones. Find examples of abs workouts in section 3.

3) Have a Routine in Training -Diversify

The abdomen likes challenges. So if you do abdomens and the results are not seen it means not doing enough or doing the same type and the body has already become used to it.

On the other hand, the body must be constantly deceived. And this is even more true in the case of the abdomen. If you do the same classic abs every day, you will get used to it and they become useless. There are plenty of ways to train your abdomen. Here are some examples HERE

Also, the ones from HERE or HERE will help you enormously.

Combine them differently with each workout, change the routine every day, at least the order, increase the intensity, lengthen the interval of exercise, and shorten the break, and then increase the number of series. I guarantee that the results will not be delayed.

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4) You Can’t Manage Stressing Activities

Stress has a great impact on the health of the body. Several studies have shown that it favors the appearance of fat on the belly. Also, in such situations, you feel the need to eat sweets and fast food products.

If you manage to reduce the stress level you face daily, it will be much easier for you to resist the temptation to enjoy a bag of chips or some chocolate candy. Learn to calm down when you feel like you’re exploding, focusing on breathing. Inhale and exhale deeply, until you feel that you have calmed down.

5) You Don’t Take in Account Calories in Alcoholic Beverages

Looking forward to your weekend or evening to go out to the city, to honor the invitations to certain events, but forget completely about the unpleasant effects of alcoholic beverages on your waist. If you have a habit of ordering delicious cocktails, or a bottle of wine or a few beers, it is very possible to wake up with belly fat after a while.

Alcohol not only inhibits the role of the liver in metabolizing fats, but it also contains many calories, depending on the type of drink.

Consume moderately alcoholic beverages and remember that the most important thing is not how often you drink, but the amount you consume, because you can very simply just taste certain drinks.

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5 mistakes which prevent you to get rid of the belly fat 3

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