30 days challenge for a round and toned booty

I thought we would continue the series of challenges, with a program for the bottom because it is the first one affected by gravity

Hi ladies, this article is addressed to you  Because the RUNNING challenge was very successful, I thought we would continue the series of challenges, with a program for the bottom because it is the first one affected by gravity J))), that is by the passage of time, and by CELLULITE  and, unfortunately, the buttocks muscles, although very large, are quite lazy and only train in certain types of movement.

For example, during WALKING, we don’t use them nearly at all. They are only driven by movements such as lifting from the chair, climbing the stairs, and others as such.

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A very effective exercise for the buttocks is SQUAT.

Whether you are trying to build muscle or lose weight, Squats are not just for the buttocks: they strengthen almost every muscle in the lower area of ​​your body, including your thighs, hips, and abs, but must be performed correctly.

How to do it

• Stand tall, then we spread the legs width-shoulders, and we lower down raising the arms, the back must be straight, not arched, the bottom pushed back and we do not lift the heels off the floor.

• Then we get up and go down. It is important to try to get as low as possible, the lower, the buttocks muscles work.

• When you get up, you should feel your buttocks working, not just your feet.

I propose a challenge of 30 days in the form of a training program.

We start with fewer repetitions for accommodation, and every day we will gradually increase the number. If you are tired, take short breaks, walk while shaking your legs and resume when you feel the pain is gone.

Ideally, you should take a few minutes of  WARMING-UP before you start.

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And now the 30-day program:

  • Day 1 – 30 reps
  • Day 2 – 35
  • Day 3 – 40
  • Day 4 – Break
  • Day 5 – 50
  • Day 6 – 55
  • Day 7 – 60
  • Day 8 – Break
  • Day 9 – 80
  • Day 10 – 85
  • Day 11 – 90
  • Day 12 – Break
  • Day 13 – 110
  • Day 14 – 115
  • Day 15 – 120
  • Day 16 – Break
  • Day 17 – 130
  • Day 18 – 135
  • Day 19 – 140
  • Day 20 – Break
  • Day 21 – 160
  • Day 22 – 165
  • Day 23 – 170
  • Day 24 – Break
  • Day 25 – 200
  • Day 26 – 205
  • Day 27 – 210
  • Day 28 – Break
  • Day 29 – 220
  • Day 30 – 230

If it seems too easy for you, try adding weights, that is, using a kettlebell, or the Rubber Resistance Band.

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