7 myths about round and firm butt debunked

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Having a beautiful firm butt will make your life easier and better. Today I will debunk 7 of the most common myths about having a round and firm butt
7 myths about round and firm butt debunked 5

In this article, you will discover 7 myths that stand in your way to get a firm and round butt.

The round and the firm bottom are one of the feminine qualities that attract like a magnet to men.

I assure you that you can have a strong and bulky butt, even if Mother Nature has not endowed you with good heirs! You just have to expect a lot of work, patience, and exercise to shape it.

The gluts are composed of 3 group muscles:

•      Large gluteal muscle (Gluteus Maximus muscle)

•      Gluteal middle muscle (Gluteus Medius muscle)

•      Small gluteal muscle (Gluteus Minimus muscle)

In addition to the aesthetic aspect of having firm buttocks, there are several other reasons to strengthen your buttocks.

The gluteal muscles are involved in a lot of movements, they are used to run, crouch, or jump.

Many people attribute their inability to perform various physical exercises to knee problems while the problem is often that their gluteal muscles would deserve a little more attention.

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The real problem comes from the information you relied on. Let’s see 7 myths and misconceptions, rolled around in social media for far too long.

Myth 1 – If you lose fat, your butt will look good automatically

Imagine how you would look if any transformation were possible. How would your abs look like? How would your feet look like? How would your butt look like? And now imagine what your body would look like without the extra pounds of fat.

The truth is that without excessive fat, the vast majority of women (even those who have many pounds to lose), would look like the model in the first image, certainly not like the athlete in the picture no 2.

What you see in the picture no 2 is not fat. Muscles are the ones that give you a round and attractive shape. Muscles that the vast majority of women have not developed, but which you can create through proper training.

Myth 2 — One or two exercises are enough to strengthen your buttocks

The gluteal muscles consist of several muscles. What does this mean in practice? That you must perform different exercises to solicit all your gluteal muscles.

Exercises like squats and lunges are good for the lower buttocks but do not use the upper buttocks. If you want to have well-rounded and firm buttocks, it is important to perform several exercises for the glutes.

Myth 3 – If you do the same exercises as A, B, C, your butt will look like hers

Many celebrities were lucky and were born with attractive buttocks and they don’t have to work very hard to maintain them.

These, and other lucky women, are normally round in shape and therefore do not have to build more muscles to get there. All they have to do is move a bit and pay attention to the Diet and their butts will look amazing also in the future.

But for the vast majority of women, things are not so simple, that appealing aspect must be achieved through work. And not all work, but intelligent work.

Certainly, genetics plays an important role – some people can drastically change the appearance of buttocks in 8 weeks, and for others, it may take a year or more. However, the bottom of anyone can look like the models in magazines with the help of Intelligent training.

Myth 4 — The only way for a firm, round bottom is to do Squats

Squats are a great way to strengthen and tone your butt, but they are not the only way (no matter what your fitness coach says).

Sometimes you get injured or sometimes you just want variety in your workout. Other ways to get a firm bottom are:

• Lunges

• Pelvic curls

• Climbing the stairs

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Myth 5 – You have to do a lot of reps to tone your butt

This myth is probably the biggest and most common mistake.

It’s quite sad to see different people recommending you aim for a hundred reps in a series to model your bottom.

Dozens of reps of low intensity (that otherwise, you could not do so much) and without interruption (in a single series) they don’t bring you any result that worth the effort. Whether it is a push-up, abs, squats, or any other exercise.

When you progressed from 30 to 40 reps and even less from 90 to 100 (in the same series), all the results you got were reaching a new number and a fraction of extra muscle endurance. That’s it!. NOT strength. NOT muscle mass. NO additional fat burning. NO attractive shapes.

Myth 6 – If you lift weight your butt will become too big

This is a very common fear among women, totally false! First of all, it is impossible to wake up the next day with too big muscles, whatever you do. I mean really??? Come on ladies)))

Secondly, weight training (not only done correctly) will not only develop the muscles you need to achieve attractive and feminine forms, but it will lower your fat much faster and more efficiently than running on the treadmill, or other popular forms of cardio exercises.

Thus, not only will you have the round bottom of the magazine models instead of the flat and saggy bottom, but you will burn fat and highlight these enviable forms.

Myth 7 – Running, cardio or fitness classes will create your round shapes

This myth should be quite clear already, but I wanted to emphasize this idea.

Cardio does not activate the bottom muscles enough for significant muscle development. Not even the fitness class that lets you believe this is not enough.

If the emphasis is on a fast pace and many, many reps with little or no weight, then it is not enough. Similarly, if there is no clear progress from session to session, it is still not enough.

I hope all this information will help you.

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Last Thoughts:

All of these myths about a round and firm butt are just that. The butt is a muscle, it needs to be trained to look the way you want. You can’t just expect it to start lifting itself with squats and lunges, you need to work your butt out and that takes effort, time, and consistency.

Well, there you have it. The bottom line of our article: the most important is that to build a round and firm butt you should implement your butt workout properly, give your body enough time to rest in between the sessions, and make sure you are eating a healthy diet.

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7 myths about round and firm butt debunked
7 myths about round and firm butt debunked 8

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