List of the Permitted & Prohibited Foods in the Weight Loss Diet

I will present to you what types of foods a diet should be formed for weight loss and what you should completely avoid for quick results.

Keeping in mind only a few rules, you will reach the desired weight without much effort and without realizing it, and in time such a diet for weight loss will help you to lead a healthier life.

I recommend a formula with five meals a day, of which three main and two snacks.

So below. I will present to you what types of foods a diet should be formed for weight loss and what you should completely avoid for quick results.

List of Recommended Foods in A Weight Loss Diet

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• Lean meat (chicken, turkey, beef)

• Ocean fish, especially salmon, tuna, sardines, etc and seafood

• Eggs

• Bread, pasta, etc. made from whole wheat flour

• Chickpeas

• Whole grains

• Goat cheese, skimmed cheeses

• Skimmed milk or almond milk

• Plain skimmed yogurt

• Low-fat butter

• Berries, apples, avocados, fresh lemons

• New red potatoes

• Brown, black rice,

• Almonds, hazelnuts, raw, with measure, nuts are hyper-caloric.

• Peanut or almond butter, with a measure

• Pumpkin seeds, sesame, flax, pine, etc.

• Extra virgin olive oil

• Vegetables, especially green ones, and legumes

• Brown sugar, natural honey

• Black chocolate

• Water, teas, especially green tea, preferably unsweetened

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List of Foods Not Recommended in a Weight Loss Diet 

  • Saturated fats: fatty meat, butter, cheese, or other dairy products with high-fat content, coconut, palm oil. These fats can increase cholesterol levels, blockage of the arteries, at the onset of cardiovascular disease, or various types of cancer.
  • Trans-fats: margarine, cakes, pies (bakery products), creams, semi-prepared and fried foods. Be careful when reading the label of the products, on the content of hydrogenated vegetable oil – a term used for trans fats
  • Foods with a very high sodium content: processed products such as canned foods, sausages, pasta, and other frozen products, increase blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.
  • “Fat-free” foods: the label of many sweets or chips specifies that the product is “fat-free”, but it also contains a large amount of sugar and other substitute ingredients that decrease the absorption rate of fat-soluble vitamins in the body, such as be A, D, E or K.

• Fat meat

• Fast food

• Chips, donuts, biscuits

• Pastry

• White bread, white flour, pasta, etc

• Cheese and fatty dairy products

• Yogurt with fruits from trade. Add fruit in plain skimmed yogurt

• Margarine

• Mayonnaise and all kinds of sauces

• White rice

• White potatoes

• Bottled beverages

• Sweet fruits or beverages

• Dried fruits

• White sugar and sweets as white sugar and white flour

• Artificial sweeteners

• Alcohol

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Therefore, a diet for weight loss should not be a pain, and satisfactory results can be obtained only by paying a little more attention to what you eat daily and avoiding the great dangers to the figure. Once you remove the threats from your diet, you will see how you will begin to look and feel much better.

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