The Natural Fruit Juices and Smoothies, Benefits, or Risks for Our Body?

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Natural fruit juices and smoothies are the best way to get fruits and vegetables. Learn about the benefits, or risks for our body with fruit juices or smoothies.
The Natural Fruit Juices and Smoothies, Benefits, or Risks for Our Body? 3

Do you know what fruit juices do, or don’t? Probably that’s why you’re here, is it? You want to find helpful information about fruit juices, but you don’t know where to look and what to trust.

Lately, freshly squeezed fruit juice seems to have more and more competition from the newer and more promising smoothie. The healthiest is to eat the whole fruit, but we can choose between two other ways to consume it: juice freshly squeezed a few minutes before serving or smoothie.


The most important difference between the two is the number of fibers. While the fruit squeezers have a special container in which the skins of the fruits are stored, where the highest amount of fibers is found, in the case of smoothie, the fruit is simply poured, keeping all the elements, including the peel.

The benefits of fibers

When dealing with digestive problems, for example, with constipation, fibers have an important role in solving them. These have the effect of slowing intestinal transit and, therefore, regulating the digestive phenomena.

The benefits of natural juices

A diet that includes natural juices brings us the same benefits as a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, but sometimes it can be easier to drink a glass of juice than to eat two oranges, a banana or a kiwi. Here are some of the benefits of natural juices:

  • Supports the optimal functioning of the immune system: natural juices contain minerals, antioxidants, and many vitamins that help us have iron health.
  • Stimulates the digestive process: vegetables and fruits contain fibers, which helps the body assimilate nutrients and easily digest all foods.
  • Helps hydration: because juices have a high water content, if we regularly include them in our diet, we will maintain an optimal level of moisture, and the skin will have a healthier look.
  • Provide essential nutrients for the body functioning, because they contain vitamins and minerals essential to our health.

It would be important to drink the juice at the beginning of the day, not in the evening, because it will give us more energy.

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Negative aspects

If we eat a banana or two, will feel full, but if we drink a glass of orange juice, we basically ingest the amount of sugar in four, even six oranges, and we do not feel the feeling of satiety anyway.

There is no evidence that the human body is full of toxins that juices and smoothies cleanse.

The human body contains unhealthy chemicals and metabolites, but the liver, the primary body’s system of self-defense is doing well to eliminate them. This doesn’t mean that fruits are not a source of nutrients. Many of these are full of antioxidants that prevent damage to cells caused by harmful free radicals.

But one thing that most people do not know: antioxidants can turn into oxidants or harmful molecules if we consume it too much.


The Natural Fruit Juices and Smoothies, Benefits, or Risks for Our Body? 4

Natural fruit juices or in the form of smoothies make more harm than good, so it would be more appropriate to eat the fruit in its natural form, with an exception: if juices and smoothies include only vegetables, thus not increasing a lot the number of calories in the diet, then it can be an effective way to get more nutrients from vegetables because vegetables contain little sugar, and there is no significant difference if you eat them normally or in the form of smoothies.

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