A Very Efficient 4 Steps Method to Remove the Unaesthetic Cellulite

The major problem with most people is that, when they lose weight, they still have cellulite and collars around the waist. There are 4 things you need to do to get rid of the unsightly layer of fat in these areas.

The major problem with most people is that, when they lose weight, they still have cellulite and collars around the waist. And that’s because those fat deposits are resistant. Especially women have this problem because genetically they are built to deposit in these areas.

There are 4 things you need to do to get rid of the unsightly layer of fat in these areas.

1) Learn to Eat Correctly

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It is extremely important. First of all, you need to organize the way you eat. In the case of cellulite and fat on the abdomen, this is crucial. So you have to learn to eat in the morning, take 3 main meals and 2 snacks.

It’s over with cakes, pastries, fast food, sweets with lots of refined sugar, animal fats, and excess alcohol.

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2) Lose Weight by Doing Cardio

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This is done through cardio exercises, running, climbing stairs in an alert rhythm, jumping rope, etc. Or, if you don’t want to leave the house, try the ones I will list and explain below.

Any workout must begin with a warm-up. I recommend 4-5 minutes if the training lasts up to 45-60 minutes. Why is WARM-UP important? So we don’t get hurt.

Today I am going to show you 3 exercises that last 50 seconds each, with a 10 seconds break between them.

1) Running on the spot, and hitting the bottom with the heels

You reach your bottom with your palms and start hitting your bottom with your heels. You can increase the pace if you want, as I mentioned above, this exercise lasts 50 seconds.

2) Running on the spot with the knees to the chest

It is simply a run on the spot where we try to bring the knees as high as possible. If you are tired you can lower your knees, but if you want to add a degree of difficulty, add a jump rope to the exercise.

3) Lunges

  • Stand upright, lower one knee and lower elbow, stand up while lifting one elbow, and lower the other.
  • This is the movement, repeat it for 50 seconds, then change your foot.

Yes, initially you will lose weight everywhere and not enough where you want. We solve this last problem in point 3.

However, once you have reached the desired results, increase the amount of fat in your diet, of course, the healthy ones.

3) Specific Exercises

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And finally, we come to our problem: the targeted elimination of fat. This is done with specific exercises that increase muscle mass in those areas. Larger muscle mass will consume more and eliminate the unwanted layer.

Attention, however, does not only go with these exercises. Don’t think that if you only do these exercises, you will lose only in those areas.

No. You will only develop muscle under the fat. It is possible to thin the layer but not significant. For visible results, diet and cardio are required.

A. Exercises for the Bottom

This exercise takes 5 minutes (50 seconds each exercise with 10 seconds break).

The most popular exercise for the butt is the squat. Today I will explain 5 variations of squats and how to execute them correctly.

1) Classic squats

  • Standing, we spread our legs to the level of the shoulders, and we lower our arms, the back must be straight, not arched, the bottom pushed back and we do not lift heels off the floor.
  • Then we rise and descend. It is important to try to get as low as possible, the lower, the buttocks muscles work.

2) Sumo squats

  • The standing position, we spread the legs at the level of the shoulders, maybe even a little farther, and we point the tips outwards, it is the same principle as in the classic squat, we lower and straighten, keeping the back straight and the butt pushed in the back.

3) Classic-Swing squats

  • We return to the initial position, we remove the legs, we start the descent and in the lowest position we swing 3-4 times, we rise, we descend, we swing 3-4 times.
  • As you perform the exercise, it will become increasingly difficult to lower as low as possible,
  • I advise you to try because in this way the exercise becomes very efficient, working the buttocks muscles very well.

4) Sumo-Swing squats

  • The same principle as in exercise 3, the difference being that we point the tips outwards as in exercise 2.

5) Squats with close legs SWING

  • The standing position, we approach the legs, not glued, we lower as low and we swing 3-4 times

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B. Exercises for Thighs and Fins

I present to you 3 exercises that also run for 50 seconds each with a 10 seconds break in between.

1) Side lunge with a jump up

This exercise is a little more complex, being made up of 2 movements.

  • From the standing position, perform a side lunge on one leg, return to the initial position and perform a jump up, then a lunge on the other leg followed by a jump.

2) Side stretch

  • We sit down on the floor on one side, we stand on one elbow and we lean on our knees, we raise our other hand in front and we try with our other foot to touch our fingers.
  • You can perform the movement with the tips of the legs straight up or with them extended.
  • After 50 seconds, take a 10 seconds break and change the side.

3) Stretch on the side and in front

  • We stay on the floor, this time with the thighs glued to the floor, support yourself in the elbow, support ourselves with the other hand for balance and raise your foot straight up, then take it in front and try to bring it back up.
  • We return with the foot, we raise it laterally, in front, up. 50 s for the left foot, 10 seconds pause, and change the side for another 50 seconds.

4) Proper Hydration

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Hydration is essential in weight loss and especially for the elimination of cellulite. For an adult, specialists recommend about 2 liters of water per day. It also goes with tea, preferably not sweetened. No juices, coffee, and alcohol.

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