The Most Efficient List: 35 Ideal Foods in Weight Loss

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How to choose, which foods to eat for weight loss? Here are 35 ideal foods, including fruit and vegetables, you should eat for all-around health.
The Most Efficient List: 35 Ideal Foods in Weight Loss 2

No matter what diet you’re following, there’s always an important question to ask yourself before you start: What are the ideal foods for a successful weight loss diet?

To lose weight you should always have at hand: meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fermented dairy products, fruits. I speak here of foods in the form of raw materials, not of the “processed” variants such as sausages, instant soups, fried seeds, margarine, concentrated juices, fruit yogurts, or the like….

So you had the impression that you couldn’t eat anything if you didn’t want to get fat, have a beautiful figure, and possibly a flat tummy? That’s not the case at all. Also, I said it many times, the worst idea, when someone wants to lose weight, is starvation.

Starvation will slow down the metabolic processes because the body will self-regulate, ie it will adapt to the new caloric intake and will start to make reserves, of course in the form of a fat layer.

The healthy and lasting effect is to change the way you eat, ie organizing regular meals, cleaning the food, ie eliminating empty calories and those high in fat, but also using tricks. Such as foods that help to burn fat.

Diversity is the key. For the re-education and control of the appetite, you give your body a wide variety of foods, tastes, colors, textures, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients. From the list below, everyone can choose what they want, depending on their preferences, philosophy of life, budget, season, etc.

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This is the list of the 35 ideal foods:

Last Thoughts:

The diet you consume plays an important role in weight loss. No matter how much exercise you do, if your diet does not help you burn more calories than you eat, chances are that you will not lose any weight.

Being healthy is related to eating a lot of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins. Make small changes in your diet to ultimately achieve your goals. For example, try eating high-fiber foods like brown rice for breakfast instead of refined white bread and pastries.

Thus, you will notice that this will help you feel more full until the end of the day despite having fewer calories in your diet.

This list aims to provide not one ideal food that is guaranteed to help you lose weight, but rather a host of foods with the capacity to help you lose weight if incorporated into an appropriate diet.

This means making deliberate choices about what and how much you eat and planning your meals and snacks with these goals in mind.

The idea is to include them in your menu as often as possible, of course respecting the food mixing rules found HERE.

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