The Best Chickpeas Salad with Tomatoes and Tuna Fish

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I hope you will enjoy my Chickpeas Salad with Tomatoes and Tuna Fish recipe. It's quick, easy, and delicious.
The Best Chickpeas Salad with Tomatoes and Tuna Fish 2

This Chickpeas Salad with Tomatoes and Tuna recipe is a good way to use canned tuna and tomatoes. I made it one day when I couldn’t decide what to make for dinner so it is a quick-to-put-together dish but is also tasty enough to be served as a meal.

Fiber is an essential part of the diet. They improve bowel health, lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure, and help control body weight.

Vegetable salads are an excellent and invigorating option for any period of the year. Chickpeas, lentils, and beans are frequently used in the preparation of ideal salads to be consumed both in winter and summer.

Chickpeas are a great source of protein, fiber, and iron. They’re also a good source of magnesium, folate, and zinc.

They have been shown to help lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, prevent constipation, and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Tuna is one of the best sources of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals like selenium, iron, and magnesium. It’s also a great source of vitamin D and vitamin B12.

It is also low in calories, which makes it a great choice for people who are following a weight loss plan or trying to maintain a healthy weight.

I propose a delicious chickpeas salad with tomatoes and tuna

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• 200 g of cherry tomatoes

• A red onion

• A cup and a half of canned fish (270 g)

• A celery

• 10 black olives without seeds

• 4 radishes

• 2 cans of tuna (250 g)

• Half a cup of extra virgin olive oil (125 ml)

• 2 tablespoons mustard (30 g)

• 2 tablespoons vinegar (30 ml)

• Thyme, according to taste

• A teaspoon of honey

• Salt and black pepper, according to taste

Instructions for this chickpeas salad with tuna fish:

1) Drain the liquid from the canned chickpeas, then the tuna canned oil.

2) Wash and cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Cut the red onion into rounds, then cut the celery and radishes into small pieces.

3) Mix all the ingredients well in a bowl, and add the salt and pepper.

4) For the vinaigrette, mix the vinegar, honey, mustard, and oil. Pour the sauce over the salad and sprinkle with thyme.

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Last Thoughts:

This recipe is one of my favorite side dishes ever. It is extremely tasty and you can eat it as a snack or a salad with some other veggies. I love tuna fish, so this recipe makes me very happy! I love the combination of chickpeas and tuna fish together.

Remember that this salad can be eaten all year round (if you use canned tuna fish) so you can make it in the summer too.

It’s great because chickpeas are rich in dietary fiber so it is good for your body. They also contain protein, folate, and many smaller amounts of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, as well as some dietary fats.

The dish is excellent, especially if served immediately. Any leftovers can be frozen. It’s quite cheap to make and is also a very convenient meal when you come home late as you just need a fork to eat.

I believe that every household should have this recipe in their repertoire, it’s so quick, easy, and delicious!

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