12 great lies about weight loss which mass media promotes and which a lot believe

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You have to know these 12 lies about weight loss to see the actual case. The media wants you to believe that it is easy to lose weight.
12 great lies about weight loss which mass media promotes and which a lot believe 3

The scale cannot lie. You, on the contrary, yes. And in so many ways! Unfortunately, we lie to ourselves when it comes to the delicate subject of losing weight and maintaining healthy limits. For real progress in a diet we must, first of all, be honest with ourselves.

We live in the fast-food era. And when I say that, I’m not just referring to the popularity of genre restaurants. The man of our century wants miracles, instant solutions. The fast-food, instant coffee, the advertises for the weight loss machines, the “miracle” weight loss products have been enormously successful.

If you ask more people what weight loss advice they can give, you will most likely receive quite different answers, and some will be wrong. And this is mainly due to the numerous myths that have been transmitted in time among amateurs, from various sources.

I have tried to make a list of the outrageous lies about diet and nutrition in which you should never believe. Especially since some have serious consequences on your health and your life.

The 12 Lies about weight loss are:

1) All Calories, Whether They Come from Carbohydrates, Fats or Protein, are Identical.

The idea that we will lose weight as long as we burn more calories than we consume is simply WRONG! The lie that we will lose weight if we simply balance the calories consumed and calories burned is the kind of advice we hear from the food industry.

The truth is, there are good calories and bad calories. When we eat, what we eat interacts with our biology, how we function, is a complex, adaptive system. Everything we eat interacts with hormones, the brain, and metabolism.

Calories from sugar and carbohydrates (glucose) lead to fat storage and exaggerate the feeling of hunger (just not immediately after eating, but some time after eating).

Calories from fats and proteins stimulate fat burning in adipose tissue. Of quantity and quality, judging the same amount of calories (not to exceed a reasonable number of calories), their quality is much more important.

What does quality calories mean? Foods like Grandma did. Protein from grass-fed animals (not in factories!), Bio / organic eggs, chickens, fish, nuts, and seeds. Good carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals from vegetables, which can be consumed in greater quantities than carbohydrates from other sources.

Fruits such as kiwi, berries, as poor in natural sugars. And quality fats: avocado, extra virgin olive oil, nuts and seeds, coconut butter, and omega-3 fish fats. A list of food with good and bad calories can be found  HERE or find foods and rules used in my diet HERE.

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2) ‘Miracle, Weight Loss Cures

Any “MIRACLE” weight loss cure be sure it comes at a cost. Or, at best, it’s just a scam and you stay as you were. Too rarely, however, in this life, stupidity remains unpaid. When we talk about weight loss, the cost you pay is your health. In other words, you risk paying even with life.

As I have said many times before, any weight loss must be complete and balanced. Otherwise, it does more harm than good. And this is a sufficient criterion to be sure that when you choose to try a weight loss cure, you do not at least irreparably affect your body.

3) It Is Enough To Have a Will.

This is one of the most popular lies, promoted by the food industry. Their motto is: “Eat less, do more sports!”. The hidden message is that the real reason we are fat and sick or about to get sick is that we are lazy. If we got off the couch and didn’t eat so much, we would lose weight. It is a problem of apathy, weak character, lack of willpower, which stops people from moderating their diet. This is a false lie.

If you try to control your appetite at will, it won’t work. We have short-term voluntary control, and we can starve ourselves (the most typical diet: I eat nothing for 3 days, and I will lose weight) but then the body will compensate by slowing metabolism and dramatically increasing appetite. It doesn’t work that way, the human body doesn’t work the way we want it to.

When your taste buds, hormones, and brain are affected by sugar and processed foods, just the will, will not help you lose weight. If you are addicted to sugar and refined carbohydrates, you will not be able to survive much. You have to naturally reset your hormones, so the body will adjust itself, the cravings will disappear and the feeling of hunger will not be an exaggerated one.

When your metabolism has been impaired, you have to give up a period of sugar (not completely, but reduce the amount significantly until the addiction disappears — article on the adverse effects of sugar on our body, and how you can stop the cravings HERE :)), and replace it with healthy food.

This allows the body to recover to normal, and to regulate the feeling of hunger alone, without the need for a will. If you want, the will is necessary for the first part of a diet, until it regains its body, but it cannot replace a good diet.

4) Sport Is The Key To Weight Loss.

If you feel like you can lose weight without changing your diet and doing sports, I’m sorry to tell you, but you will be disappointed. Do you enjoy fruit or a smoothie after your workout? If you drink half a liter of juice, you have to walk 7.2 km to burn only those calories! Or do you drink a Cola after a workout that you were thirsty for?

Trying to lose weight only through sports, without changing your diet, is the key to failure. You can have good results with diet and sports, but only with sports, you will never succeed. You will be in good shape, but fat.

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5) Miracle’ Weight Loss Powders

My advice is to leave the nonsense. Cleanse your diet and start moving. I know, solid and correct things are never easy. But are those who, in the long run, will do you good.

6) Anti-Cellulite ,Miracle’ Creams or Treatments

By standing on the bottom and eating fast food nobody gets rid of cellulite. Especially after 30 years. But absolutely no one.

Of course, they can help you, but you also have to take care of what you eat, hydrate properly and move your ass. Otherwise, you will end up crawling on the tarmac. Find all the right and sustainable solutions against cellulite HERE 

7) The Juices With Sweeteners Are Better Than The Juices With Sugar.

Specifically, the ‘light’ or ‘zero’ variants would be ‘better’ than the sugar variants. The juice with sweeteners should be called liquid death, now available in the light version!

The truth is that sweetened juice slows down your metabolism, makes you crave sugar and carbohydrates, and helps you put fat on your belly. Stay away from sweeteners, even natural ones. You can put a little sweetener in the coffee.

8) Trade Labels with “Poor in Fat” or “Whole Grains”

It’s a crazy thing with all that ‘low fat’ over the last 30 years. This did not bring more health to the population, but a dramatic increase in the rate of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

When the food industry removed the fat from the food, it replaced it with sugar. And the sugar consumption of the population doubled. Fats are healthy, they control appetite very well.

Lately, there has been an insistence on ‘whole grains’. Food companies (so-called food) add a few whole flakes to a highly processed product and try to convince us that it is healthy. Most industrially processed cereals are 75% sugar, even with some whole grains added. It should not be called breakfast, but dessert.

And we give the children whole grains for breakfast, believing that we are doing them good, when in fact we are destroying their health as a child.

The rule for eating in commerce is as follows: if it’s written “HEALTHY” in large letters, it’s probably not healthy at all

9) The Miracle Exercises

Many people don’t know that the “Miracle” exercises for weight loss are a myth. It’s true! According to a recent study, these exercises have never been proven to work at all. So, why do so many people still believe in them?

The most common explanation is that the exercise program is just too good to be true.

Of course, some exercises are more efficient than others, but be sure: the results are directly proportional to the amount of sweating. So, if you are not willing to work sustained until you faint, expect results after a long time.

Find HERE or HERE effective exercises that work your whole body, and HERE find effective exercises for the abdomen.

10) Devices That Make Muscles While You Sit or help you in your weight loss process

When you think of weight loss, you might imagine a grueling gym routine and a strict diet. But did you know that there are devices that help you lose weight while you sit on your couch? These are just BIG LIES!

It’s a new hysteria. And in general, you see only fit people trying them. Of course, you never see any evolution, not to someone you may have known in the flesh and bones, but man has the cheating in the genes.

11) Muscles Weigh More Than Fat

This is not necessarily completely false information, but a distorted truth. Specifically, a kilogram of muscle is as hard as a kilogram of fat.

But, the muscles are denser than the fat, and here are two advantages: first, if you have more muscle than fat you look lean, more toned, and then a kilogram of muscle burns, approximately, 100 calories a day. , while one kilogram of adipose tissue burns only 4-5 calories per day, so the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolic rate.

Aerobic exercises, such as WALKING, RUNNING or cycling, eliminate fat, while weight lifting helps build muscle tissue. By performing both types of exercises you will have a sure way to speed up your metabolism.

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12) Winter Makes You Gain More Weight

At first glance, it seems quite logical for the body to accumulate some fat in winter, to “isolate” the body, but the truth is that, in winter, metabolism accelerates to keep our body warm at low temperatures, so the calories burned are more stressed.

So, if you gain weight in winter it does not mean that it is to blame, but that you do less exercise and allow more culinary delights.

To maintain your weight also in winter, try to eat balanced, even if you crave more often for carbohydrates, and keep the exercise program – some you can do at home, and others even outside, where you accelerate burns.

Last Thoughts:

Although everybody knows that is important to eat healthily and exercise to lose excess weight still the media, companies, and even family members promote the idea of losing weight by using lies.

Above are 12 misconceptions that are promoted as true by mass media.

There are a few strategies that you can use to lose weight. No matter how you choose to pursue your weight loss goals, I hope you never lie to yourself about what works.

Be honest about weight loss with yourself, and be honest about where you are in the process of losing weight. If your actions don’t match your expectations, don’t lie to yourself as they do – instead, work towards making the changes necessary to align them.

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