The Risks of Fast Weight Loss Diets for Our Health

Achieving a weight close to the ideal one and especially maintaining that weight for a long period, preferably throughout life, is in most cases a complex process.

The difficulties encountered by people with weight problems or obese people who intend to maintain a diet to lose weight is a subject of increasing concern because obesity among all age groups has reached quotas that have not been encountered before.

Achieving a weight close to the ideal one and especially maintaining that weight for a long period, preferably throughout life, is in most cases a complex process.

From the desire to lose weight as soon as possible you are ready to try extreme recipes: either you are starving or you follow the so-called “guaranteed effect” diets that you read in books, magazines, or recommend the people around you. And after two weeks of eating only salads or struggling only with one meal per day taken on the run, you wonder why you have no more energy nor to climb the scale to see how many kilos you have dropped.

All nutrition specialists warn of these diets or cures “by ear”. Their effect is particularly dangerous for the body, leaving behind deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, muscle mass reduction.

Moreover, if we do not provide the body with the number of calories it needs, the body reacts and begins with headaches, fatigue, irritability. Those who go through several such diets enjoy losing weight only for a short time.

The diet appropriate to each body is not sufficient to achieve the goal but must be part of a healthy lifestyle, which includes physical exercise, sufficient water consumption, adequate sleep for each body, moderate and occasional alcohol consumption, and smoking bans.

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Why is it Not Ok to Lose a Lot so Much? 

People who lose weight over a longer period manage to maintain results for longer (I’m such an example, I’ve lost 23 kg in a 6 to 9 months period, not that I couldn’t do it quicker, no I knew what would it have meant for my body, how bad would I have done to it, and for more than 6 years I’m keeping in the same weight category 75-78 kg). Slow weight also leads to fewer health risks.

The Risks We Face When We Lose Weight Quickly 

Miraculous weight loss diets generally mean that you consume very few calories and, implicitly, nutrients. This could lead to many health problems, especially if you keep this diet for several weeks.

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What are The Health Risks?

  • Risk of losing a lot of muscle mass
  • Weight loss does not equate to fat loss!!!!!!
  • Although the fact that you notice how the scales indicate lower values, the chances that those kilos you burn are not from the fat tissue, but from the muscles and water are very high.
  • The risk of slowing down your metabolism

Our metabolism determines how many calories we burn during the day. Naturally, slower metabolism means we will burn fewer calories.

Many studies have already shown that slowing down at a rapid rate through an extreme reduction in calories consumed can cause the body to burn up to 23% fewer calories daily.

Unfortunately, this effect of slowing down your metabolism may have longer-term consequences than your diet.

  • The risk of developing nutritional deficiencies

Another obvious risk would be that when you do not eat enough calories, you can not get the necessary daily nutrients.

This is because it is difficult to consume nutrients such as iron, vitamin B12 on a low-calorie diet.

The Consequences of Nutritional Deficiencies 

  • Hair loss
  • Deep fatigue
  • Lowering of the immune system
  • Bone system problems
  • The risk of developing heart problems

Other side effects of extreme weight loss belts:

  • Hunger
  • State of irascibility
  • Muscular cramps
  • Dizzy
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Dehydration

How to Lose Weight in a Healthy Rhythm? 

If you prefer to choose the healthy weight loss option, then my advice is to incorporate the following techniques daily:

  • Consume more protein to speed up metabolism
  • Lowers sugar and starch products from the diet
  • Eat slowly
  • Consume green tea
  • Rest
  • Performs physical training, either only with bodyweight or with weights
  • Try high intensity-workouts
  • Consumes soluble fiber

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Main Reasons for Which People Give Up Dieting  

  • Expectations are unrealistic and everyone hopes to lose as many pounds in a short time, and when the weight loss does not occur to the level of expectations, the person quickly demoralizes.
  • People fail to respect the principle of the 3 main meals and 2 snacks and usually skip breakfast.
  • The return soon after losing weight to the old lifestyle, which will lead to regaining lost kilos, even with a considerable surplus.
  • Eating emotionally: in states of depression, frustration, anger, lack of hope, stress.
  • Just waiting to be rewarded with prohibited foods as soon as they have managed to lose a few kilos, although they do not usually recognize it.
  • Physical activity, essential to the success of a diet, is a major component of a healthy lifestyle, is regarded as a chore, something that is delayed as much as possible and which, if it starts, is abandoned very quickly.
  • The person who takes care of weight loss should be permanently encouraged in the action taken, informed about the causes and effects of obesity, the prescribed diet regimes, the need to increase the physical effort, and praised on the occasion of each success.

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