Is Rollerblading a Better Fat Burner Workout Than Running?

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If you are wondering, is rollerblading a better fat-burning workout than running then here are some stats to help you get the answer.
Is Rollerblading a Better Fat Burner Workout Than Running? 6

Fat burn is something that’s always been a hot topic in the fitness and weight loss world, and when we start talking about it we always seem to conjure up images of treadmills, elliptical machines, and high-intensity classes. 

But there are countless ways to torch fat that don’t involve this stuff. One such example is rollerblading!

Rollerblading is not just a fat-burning workout, but it also provides some serious stress relief and helps you sleep better at night. 

You might have tried both running and rollerblading. You might not have had much luck with running but when you tried rollerblading, you immediately saw results. 

That’s because one might be a better fat-burning workout than the other, let’s find out below.

What is Rollerblading?

Is Rollerblading a Better Fat Burner Workout Than Running 1
Is Rollerblading a Better Fat Burner Workout Than Running? 7

Rollerblading is a sport that combines roller skating and ice skating. It is similar to ice skating in that skaters use the same equipment, such as blades, boots, and helmets. Rollerbladers also wear special pants or pads to protect their legs from injury.

The biggest difference between rollerblading and ice skating is that rollerbladers do not skate on a frozen surface. Instead, they use wheels attached to their shoes to allow them to glide over asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Rollerblading is a fun activity that can be done by anyone, anywhere. It’s an effective workout that incorporates both cardiovascular exercise and muscle building, making it a great way to get in shape. Rollerblading can also help you improve your balance, coordination, and overall fitness level.

Roller blades can be used on both hard surfaces and skate parks, which are made from concrete or plastic. The most common types of rollerblading include speed skating and artistic rollerblading, both of which are done on flat terrain. 

Rollerblading can also be done in grassy areas as well as on hills or ramps for tricks and jumps.

Rollerblades come in different sizes and colors, which helps determine your ability level.

How Many Calories Does Rollerblading Burns?

Have you ever wondered if rollerblading is better than running? Contrary to popular belief, blading is a tremendous fat burner workout. 

Bladers can burn from 1,000 to 2,000 calories per hour. Do you know what else each blader is capable of doing at this heart-pumping rate? Who knows!? 

The Benefits:

While rollerblading may seem like it’s only for kids or teens, there are many benefits to blading as an adult:

  • Can help you to lose fat.
  • Improved cardiovascular health.
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Will help you build up your core muscles.
  • Is great for improving posture and balance.
  • Improved coordination
  • Is one of the best ways to get outside and enjoy the weather while getting some exercise in
  • It’s a low-impact exercise, so it’s safe for people with joint problems or other health concerns.
  • You can do it almost anywhere, on the street, in an empty parking lot, or even at your local roller skating rink!
  • It’s good for your mental health and self-esteem. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors while moving at a good pace, it just feels good!

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  • They are expensive.
  • They are bulky and heavy.
  • It requires a lot of balance and coordination.
  • It can be dangerous, especially if you’re not wearing the right gear or if you don’t know how to stop on a dime.
  • This activity is not for everyone, especially if you have knee problems or other issues with balance.
  • You need practice to learn how to rollerblade properly, and it takes time before you get good at it.
  • It can cause injuries if you aren’t careful, you could roll your ankle or break your arm if you fall while skating too fast. 
  • You must be careful around cars and people.

What is Running?

Is Rollerblading a Better Fat Burner Workout Than Running 2
Is Rollerblading a Better Fat Burner Workout Than Running? 8

Running is a form of exercise in which the body travels by foot. It is a form of aerobic exercise that improves cardiovascular endurance, burns calories and fat, increases bone density, and strengthens muscles.

There are many different types of running including sprinting, jogging, and long-distance running. Sprinting is the fastest type of run and usually lasts only a few seconds. 

Jogging is slower than sprinting but faster than walking. Long-distance running is when you run for more than 10 minutes at one time without stopping.

It may be done for fitness or recreation, along with some other sports such as swimming, cycling, dancing, and playing football.

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How Many Calories Do Running Burns?

In brief, it burns anywhere from 100-500 calories per hour, depending on the intensity of your run.

The number of calories you burn when doing this activity depends on a few things: the duration of your workout, the intensity of your workout, and your body weight.

If you run for an hour at 5 miles per hour, you’ll burn about 450 calories.

The Benefits:

This sport offers a wide array of benefits, including:

  • It will help you lose weight and fat.
  • Improved mental health.
  • Reduced stress levels.
  • Boosted brain function and memory.
  • Better sleep quality
  • Improving cholesterol levels (reducing the risk of heart disease)
  • Increasing lung capacity and endurance
  • Improving diabetes management
  • It helps lower blood pressure.
  • Better mood and more energy levels.


  • It can be hard on your knees if you don’t have proper footwear and/or proper form.
  • You’ll need to buy new shoes every few months.
  • It can cause shin splints if you don’t stretch before and after your run, or if you are wearing the wrong shoes for your foot type and/or running style.
  • It can lead to muscle tightness in the ankles, calves, hamstrings, and hip flexors if you don’t stretch before and after your runs, or if you’re not properly warmed up before beginning a run (easy walking for 5-10 minutes).
  • It can cause fatigue if you’re not getting enough sleep at night or taking enough time off between workouts each week (the typical recommendation is 48 hours).
  • It could lead to dehydration in hot weather conditions without adequate hydration beforehand and during exercise sessions outdoors in hot weather conditions.

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How can you decide between the two?

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Is Rollerblading a Better Fat Burner Workout Than Running? 9

There are many factors to consider when deciding between rollerblading and running. Both activities are great for your body, but they offer different benefits. 

Here are some of the key factors that can help you decide which activity is best for your lifestyle:

You should choose rollerblading if:

  • You want to be more active and outside.
  • You are looking for a low-impact workout that is good for your knees.
  • You have mobility issues.
  • You want to improve your balance.
  • You want your workout to be social and exciting.
  • You want to burn more calories than running.

You should choose running if:

  • You’re looking for a way to stay in shape on a budget
  • You don’t have money for rollerblades.
  • You want to be able to run without worrying about falling and hurting yourself.
  • You want a workout that can be done indoors or out, regardless of the weather
  • You want to build endurance, strength, and speed.
  • You like to be alone with your thoughts.

Last Thoughts:

The answer to this question is YES, rollerblading burns more calories than running. But not just that, it is also more of an overall workout for your legs

The only reason for the misconception that rollerblading won’t work out your legs is because it looks easier than running, but the trick is to turn and push off with your legs while you’re on skates, not to mention you’re carrying all your body weight, so it’s a great leg workout.

Rollerblading challenges you in ways that are similar to running, without causing damage to your knees, back, hips, or ankles. 

Plus, it’s a fun and exciting way to discover new routes around town; this is especially useful if you’re just moving into a new area of town.

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