2020 full-body 8 weeks summer shredding challenge schedule

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Summer is coming, Time to get shredded and ripped! This full-body challenge will take you from being a skinny beginner to being shredded by the summer :)
2020 full-body 8 weeks summer shredding challenge schedule 3

We can improve our level of health and fitness, but these improvements do not happen overnight and require a lot of effort, motivation, dedication, and self-discipline for us to succeed.

Summer comes for many of us, which means we will wear less clothing than we did in the colder winter months, which means that more parts of the body will be “presented”.

If you are worried that your body does not live up to your expectations, do not be afraid, because there are some simple and very effective workouts you can do, which will help to tone your muscles and burn off your unsightly body fat. 

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Hello Internet! Welcome to my 8 weeks full-body summer shredding challenge.

My mission is to help as many people as possible get in shape, lose weight and build muscle.

This is why I created this workout program: To help you reach your fitness goals in the shortest amount of time possible so that you can enjoy the beach with your family and friends this summer!

Hi guys! I’ve been working hard on this new challenge and I’m very excited to share it with you. The goal of my new challenge is to help you get the body you want by doing a workout that can be done at home in as little as 20-25 minutes.

This challenge is perfect for all levels. If you are a beginner you can do the workouts twice and intermediate/advanced levels can do the workouts 3 times each week.

I realized people still struggle with sticking to a routine or knowing what exactly they should be doing to achieve their goals. So I created this workout so anyone can get results no matter where they are in their fitness journey.

The schedule includes some of my favorite ab workouts, arms and legs workouts, booty shaping moves, and cardio routines that will not only burn calories but also tone and shred your entire body.

This workout routine is meant to be done at home with no equipment.

You can use this challenge as an additional workout routine to supplement your other workouts or just use it as your main source of exercise!

All you need is yourself and some determination.

The difference between a full-body workout and a conventional training?

At the beginning of my fitness journey, I used to think that weight training is superior to a bodyweight workout. After all, you can do many more exercises with weights than with your own body, so it should be better, right?


Over the years of training and experimenting with different workouts and routines I’ve concluded that not only is a bodyweight workout as effective in building muscle mass and strength but it is also superior to weight lifting when it comes to burning fat.

Full-body bodyweight workouts are more efficient than conventional split training. You can complete a workout in 10 minutes and still hit every muscle group.

Split training requires you to perform exercises for each muscle group on different days. Traditional full-body workouts required you to perform compound exercises for each muscle group, which took more time and energy.

The ideal workout should challenge every major muscle group in your body using compound movements with little to no rest between sets. This maximizes your time in the gym while increasing your metabolism and providing other health benefits that other types of exercise can’t provide.

8 reasons why a full-body bodyweight workout is more efficient than a conventional training:

  1. Easier to plan a full-body bodyweight workout than a weight-lifting routine
  2. A bodyweight workout is easier on joints
  3. Bodyweight exercises are hard to overtrain
  4. You can do your bodyweight workout anywhere
  5. It’s easier to progress with a bodyweight exercise than with a weight-lifting exercise
  6. A bodyweight workout saves more time than weight lifting
  7. There are more fat-burning benefits from a bodyweight workout
  8. Bodyweight workouts are more fun.

Guys, I present to you below an 8 weeks summer preparation full-body schedule suitable for beginners and intermediates. 

The first week or 2 might seem a little tough but don’t overstress and rely on the low impact exercises within each workout to keep yourself going. Aim to complete the workouts until the very end. 

No matter what you do, do not give up. Give yourself time and you’ll find yourself getting stronger as weeks go by and bring you one step closer to your goals! 

1Full BodyRest20 Mins Walk#Arms/Upper Body20 Mins Walk
2Full Body30 Mins Walk#Legs/ Butt #Abs30 Mins Walk#Arms/ Upper Body
3Full Body30 Mins Walk#Legs/ Butt (Do Twice) #Abs30 Mins Walk#Arms/ Upper Body #Abs
4Full Body#Arms/ Upper Body #Abs#Legs/ Butt#Arms/ Upper Body (Do Twice) #Abs#Legs/ Butt
5Full Body #Abs#Arms/ Upper Body (Do Twice)#Legs/ Butt #Abs#Arms/ Upper Body (Do Twice)#Legs/ Butt #Abs
6Full Body #Abs#Legs/ Butt (Do Twice)#Arms/ Upper Body #Abs#Legs/ Butt (Do Twice)#Arms/ Upper Body #Abs (Do Twice)
7Full Body #Abs#Legs/ Butt (Do Twice) #Abs (Do Twice)#Arms/ Upper Body #Cardio#Legs/ Butt (Do Twice) #Abs (Do Twice)#Arms/ Upper Body #Cardio
8Full Body #Cardio#Arms/ Upper Body (Do Twice) #Abs (Do Twice)#Legs/ Butt (Do Twice) #Cardio#Arms/ Upper Body (Do Twice) #Abs (Do Twice)#Legs/ Butt (Do Twice) #Cardio

Remember to eat well HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE, learn  how to combine correctly the foods, and which are the healthy foods you should include in your diet, so you have strength for these workouts, and always remember to do a warm-up before doing any of these workouts and finish with some stretching exercises

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Final Thoughts:

One of the reasons people use weight training is because it helps them build muscle mass.

Bodyweight workouts are a bit unconventional and they are not widely used by bodybuilders. The idea behind the full-body workout is simple: you train all your muscles in one session, instead of splitting up your workout into different body parts.

Full-body workouts are ideal for beginners who want to get an overall toning and gaining of strength, or for people who want to lose weight or improve their condition.

One of the greatest things about bodyweight exercises is that you can do them anywhere, at any time. You need nothing more than your own body and a little bit of space. There’s no need for a gym membership or even a set of dumbbells.

Once you’ve completed the entire workout, you’ll no doubt be sore. It’s important to continue to work out, but you can alternate with different exercises. If your legs are sore, for example, do some core or upper body workouts instead.

Exercises involving squats and lunges will also help work your glutes (aka butt!). You won’t need to do any special booty-toning exercises because these summer workout moves will have you covered.

If you want to see results from this workout and build muscle fast, make sure to do it about 3 days per week on alternating days (i.e., Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).

Don’t forget to let your body rest on the other days and eat plenty of protein after every workout!

This 8-week workout and nutrition plan will help you get shredded for this year’s summer vacation.

Enjoy the workouts guys! 🙂

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2020 full body 8 weeks summer shredding challenge schedule
2020 full-body 8 weeks summer shredding challenge schedule 4

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