3 fast, delicious, low carbs recipes for lunch

I want to present you 3 ideas for healthy, low carbs, and tasty fast recipes, recommended for lunch.

Lunch is the second most important meal of the day and often the richest calorie, providing between 400 and 700 kilocalories.

What is recommended to consume?

 High-value proteins such as

• Fish

• Seafood

• Turkey or chicken meat

• Beef

• Pork (but not more than 3-4 times a month).


• Broccoli

• Cauliflower

• Potatoes

• Carrots

• Beans

• Green peas

• Spinach

• Cabbage

• Pumpkin, in the form of salads, soups, or vegetable creams.


• Lentils

• Beans

• Dry peas

• Soy

• Brown rice

• Wholemeal pasta without egg

• Rice pasta

• Wholemeal bread

Today I want to present you 3 ideas for healthy, low carbs , and tasty fast recipes, recommended for lunch.

1) Chicken Breast with Spinach, Onion, Garlic, and Turmeric

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Here’s a great tip for a tasty and healthy lunch, a chicken and spinach meal that you can prepare in 30 minutes.

High protein content, low carb, and low-calorie content make this recipe ideal for weight loss. Chicken breast with spinach can be served as such, with rice, potatoes, couscous, or vegetables. Try this tasty low-carb recipe of chicken with spinach.

Besides the fact that this chicken with spinach is high in protein, it has a high content of vitamins and minerals, and the amount of fiber is also appreciable.

Preparation time

30 minutes




229 kcal


• 500 g chicken breast

• 500 g frozen spinach

• 1 onion

• 3 tablespoons of soy sauce

• 3 cloves of garlic

• 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

• 1 teaspoon of salt

• 1 teaspoon of turmeric

• 1 teaspoon parsley leaves

• Mozzarella on the grater

• Corn

Method of preparation

• Put the spinach to defrost.

• In a large saucepan, melt the coconut oil over medium heat, add the finely chopped onion and sauté until it becomes transparent.

• Add the chicken breast cut into cubes, mix, season with salt and pepper, add 150 ml of water and boil for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

• When the meat begins to soften, add the soy sauce, crushed garlic cloves, and thawed spinach.

• Mix everything well until the excess water evaporates.

• Then add the Mozzarella given on the grater and the corn.

• Serve the food, hot, with rice, couscous, potatoes, or as such.

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2) Healthy Tuna Salad with Red Beets and Nuts

I especially like simple and nutritious salads, and this delicious salad with tuna, red beets, and nuts is one of them, being a delicious and low-calorie lunch. This healthy and tasty salad will also delight you with its high content of protein and omega 3 fatty acids.

Beetroot foods are perfect in a healthy diet. Because red beet is rich in vitamins, minerals and has a high folic acid content, it is incredibly beneficial for our body and health and strengthens our immune system, improving digestion.

This healthy tuna salad is highly recommended as a light lunch. You can serve it plain or with a slice of whole-wheat bread.

Preparation time

 8 minutes




390 kcal


• 2 hands of lettuce or baby spinach

• 200 g baked red beets and cut into pieces (or pickled)

• 100 g of cow or goat cheese

• 150 g tuna in olive oil

• 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

• 40 g nuts

• Ground black pepper

Method of preparation

• Mix the tuna, lemon juice, ground black pepper, and chopped spinach/lettuce in a bowl.

• Add the shredded red beet, cow cheese, and nuts, then serve.

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3) Tomatoes Stuffed with Tuna and Egg Salad

If you like tuna salads, you will appreciate this diet salad with tuna and egg. The tuna and eggs go well together, but in combination with avocado and crunchy walnuts, this salad is something else entirely.

Tuna salad is full of protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and other important nutrients. It is nutritionally valuable, full of protein and a portion contains only 7g of carbohydrates. It is perfect for a light lunch or as a healthy snack between the main tables.

Preparation time

 15 minutes




312 kcal


• 2 big tomatoes

• 150 g tuna 

• ½ avocado

• 3 eggs

• 3 tablespoons of yogurt

• Lettuce

• Radishes

• 20 g peanut/cashew

• Some ground black pepper

• ¼ teaspoon of garlic powder

• Little sea salt

Method of preparation

• Boil the eggs until they harden, peel, and cut into pieces.

• Mix the eggs with the tuna, the avocado, the yogurt, the finely chopped radishes, the salad, the nuts, and the spices.

• Cut the top of the tomatoes and remove the seeds so that you get a “bowl”.

• Place each tomato over a salad leaf and fill it with the salad mixture.

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