Birdy’s Health Dose Blog 4th Anniversary – The Health and Fitness Blog that Inspires

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Celebrate the 4th Anniversary of Birdy’s Health Dose Blog, the health and fitness blog that inspires people to eat clean, exercise, and live a life of health!
Birdy’s Health Dose Blog 4th Anniversary – The Health and Fitness Blog that Inspires 3

Hi everyone! I’m Raoul, the creator of Birdy’s Health Dose blog. I just wanted to say a couple of things about the blog and how it has progressed over the past 4 years.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve made it to my 4th  anniversary of blogging!

I know, I know, it’s not as exciting as some other bloggers who have been around for 10 years or more. But for me, this is a big deal.

I’m not going to lie! blogging is hard work. It takes up time and energy. But if you love doing something, you don’t mind putting in a little extra effort to make it happen.

Birdy’s Health Dose progress in the last 4 years

I started this blog in July 2019 as a way to share my knowledge and experience with health and fitness-related topics. My goal was to provide accurate information on health issues that people could trust and use to improve their lives.

At first, my readership was very small. I had written a few articles and shared them on social media but nobody seemed interested in what I had to say. It was discouraging at first but eventually, I realized that being popular wasn’t as important as providing useful information to people who needed it.

So, I kept writing articles and sharing them with anyone who would listen (or at least read). Over time, my readership grew enough that I was able to make money from advertising on my site which gave me enough incentive to keep going full speed ahead!

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A Healthy Lifestyle Doesn’t Come Overnight: You Have to Build It!

You got to ask yourself the following 3 questions:

1. How are your health and wellness?

2. Are you taking care of your body as well as you should be?

3. Do you know what it takes to be healthy?

I’m here to tell you that there are a lot of things in our daily lives that can make us sick or unhealthy. The sooner we start making changes in our lives, the sooner we will see results.

What are those changes? Well, they’re not going to happen overnight! But with time and dedication, I promise that your health will improve dramatically.

At this point, there are 367 articles published on this blog covering many different topics from tips, nutrition, weight loss, and advice on how to build muscle mass quickly without steroids or other harmful substances! meal plans, and all kinds of healthy recipes (breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, to desserts ( a lot of yummy desserts), to fitness tips, all kinds of home bodyweight workouts, running tips, detox, natural remedies, and many more.  

Believe me, you have a varied range of topics that you can choose from, and that covers a large part of the health and fitness niche, so I encourage you to check out my blog.

If you are thirsty for knowledge, what I can guarantee is that you will find many answers to many problems related to these topics, which you will not find as detailed and well-structured on other somehow similar sites. 

My message for the new readers:

For new readers: Give it a try guys! you will see that, I tried to make this site a cluster, most of the articles are interconnected.

This blog is already 4 years old, having hundreds of articles, you will see how easily you can make links between articles on nutrition principles, weight loss,  with meal plans articles, and healthy recipes, which will, of course, be correlated with home bodyweight workouts, detox, and home remedies, all being well structured and integrated in such a way that it is very easy to understand even for beginners and who will help you build a harmonious body and a long-term healthy lifestyle.

You will find all of the above at a single click away, so, it’s up to you!

With all the lack of modesty, please allow me to tell you why I think my blog is quite a unique site: there are not many sites similar to mine in this huge niche, because most of those in this niche write either only about fitness and training, or only about nutrition, or only weight loss, or only healthy recipes, I try to cover as much of this huge niche as possible, and please believe me that it is not easy at all!

It requires a lot of time, a lot of research, and a lot of resources, but I do it with a lot of dedication, in the hope that all this information will reach as many people as possible in this world and will help many people! so if you think that the information on my blog can help people, please share it! Thank you! 😊

So many topics that I try to cover, only big sites with many employees can do, that’s why I’m proud that for 4 years, I was able to run this blog alone, without any help, but for one thing I am sure, namely: without your help, the readers of this blog, old and new, it would not have existed! that’s why I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I promise you only one thing: I will try my best to offer you the same quality articles in the future! 😊

My request for you: please leave your ideas in the comments about what topics you would like me to write about! Or maybe I would create a pool

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Last Thoughts:

So more than 4 years have passed, and I’m still writing about all things related to health and fitness. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for readers like you who support this blog’s endeavors and make the effort to check out my new posts every week. 

4 years is a long time for a blogging platform. During those years I’ve grown with the community I would like to thank all of you for your support over these past 4 years and I hope we’ll be able to celebrate many more blog anniversaries together! 😊

Now let’s celebrate this special occasion together!

Starting with the 2nd anniversary of the blog in 2021, I thought that I should celebrate with you, and what better way to celebrate an anniversary than with a cake, so I said that I will turn this into a tradition, and I did it!

Later, you will receive your gift, the birthday cake, in the form of another article, and I say it will be worth the wait, I have prepared something spectacular for you (at least from my point of view, a cake that I worked on for more than 2 days), I hope you will consider it the same!

As usual, I am attaching the articles from each anniversary, including the first article published on the blog!

This post contains affiliate links. Please read our Disclaimer for more info.  

What do you guys think about my article?

Leave your thoughts below in the comment section! And if you like it don’t forget to share it, and follow me on social media. Thank you!

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Happy Birthday to Birdy’s Health Dose blog! 🥳  


Birdys Health Dose Blog 4th Anniversary – The Health and Fitness Blog that Inspires
Birdy’s Health Dose Blog 4th Anniversary – The Health and Fitness Blog that Inspires 4

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