how to make the perfect smoothie my complete guide 16 recipes

How to Make the Perfect Smoothie – My Complete Guide + 16 Recipes

Want to learn about making a smoothie? I have created this guide with 16 recipes to get you started. Each recipe contains a photo and basic instructions.

13 holiday eating drinking and fitness tips guaranteed to help you avoid weight gain

13 Holiday Eating, Drinking, and Fitness Tips Guaranteed to Help You Avoid Weight Gain

I will give you 13 guaranteed tips related to food, drinks, and fitness that will help you avoid gaining weight during the holidays and even lose a few pounds by the New Year.

top 23 most popular vegan protein sources

Top 23 Most Popular Vegan Protein Sources for a Healthy Plant-Based Diet

Proteins are an essential part of the nutrients needed by our body for a balanced lifestyle. The key is to know what are the sources of plant protein that can give you the required daily dose. That is why I made a list of top 23 most popular vegan sources of protein for you, which I divided into 7 major categories.