birdys health dose blog 2 nd anniversary e28093 23.07.2021


Hi everyone, for all the followers of this blog (old, and new), I just want to announce to you that today is the Birdy’s Health Dose 2-nd anniversary!

whole week 1200 calorie diet meal plan for rapid weight loss menu for 4 meals a day

Whole Week 1200-Calorie Diet Meal Plan for Rapid Weight Loss: Menu for 4 Meals a Day

If you want to follow a strict diet meal plan that allows you to lose weight fast, you can use the following menus that contain 1,200 calories for each day of the week.

complete guide to carbohydrates simple bad vs complex good carbs what are they role benefits sources classification

Complete Guide to Carbohydrates: Simple “Bad” vs Complex “Good” Carbs – What Are They? Role, Benefits, Sources, Classification

In today’s article we will go through the complete guide of carbohydrates: simple “bad” carbohydrates vs “good” complex carbohydrates – what are they? their role in our diet, benefits, food sources from which we can take them, and their classification.