Under 20 Minutes Effective Home Bodyweight Fat-Blasting HIIT Workout to Help you Strengthen your Respiratory System

Today guys I’m going to introduce you to an effective under 20-minute HIIT based routine, to get you nice and sweety, get you breathing heavy, helping you strengthen your respiratory system, blast that nasty fat, and which targets your whole body, and you will be feeling the burn in your arms, chest, shoulders, core, and legs in no time!

Sport is a necessity for each of us. Nowadays everything is accessible, we have a car, public transport, and the internet, so the physical effort is more and more limited, and the effects of this lifestyle can be seen at every step, the degree of obesity increases rapidly, and the only solution is changing daily habits.

You probably know that during cardio training the metabolism works faster, but at the end of the training, it returns to normal limits. But what if your metabolism worked just as fast for 48 hours after training? With the help of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), this is possible.

What is HIIT?

It is a high-intensity interval training and involves performing the exercises in a very intense way, due to the combination of these, small or non-existent breaks and few reps.

A major advantage of HIIT training is efficiency. In other words, the results obtained are high compared to the time invested. A 20-minute HIIT workout burns more fat than a 45-60 classic cardio.

Thus, you do not need to spend hours at the gym to get results. Go to the gym, train quickly and intensely (although you can just as well, train in the privacy of your own home), then enjoy your free time without having to worry about the fattening process.

If you train correctly, with short and intense intervals, taking into account an optimal diet and proper rest, you will enjoy an enviable physical condition and your body will thank you every time you look in the mirror.

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Today guys I’m going to introduce you to an effective under 20-minute HIIT based routine, to get you nice and sweety, get you breathing heavy, helping you strengthen your respiratory system, blast that nasty fat, and which targets your whole body, and you will be feeling the burn in your arms, chest, shoulders, core, and legs in no time! 

Today’s workout consists of 8 bodyweight exercises executed for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest.

Take a 1-minute break, and repeat 2x.

So, let’s get started!

1)  Push-up rotations

2)  Burpees

3)  Triceps Dips

4)  Butterfly Crunches

5)  Pop Squats

6)  Side Plank with Hip Dips

7)  Star Jump Squat 

8)  Jump Rope

1)  Push-up rotations

1 optimized

The Push-Up rotations exercise is a variation of the standard push-up involving lifting one arm off the ground and turning the body. 

This exercise targets the chest, shoulders, triceps, and the abs

How to do it:

•      Get into a pushup position with your hands under your shoulders, abs tight, and heels, hips, and shoulders in a straight line.

•      Do one push-up and then rotate onto your right hand turning until your torso is parallel with the wall and your left fingertips point to the ceiling.

•      Rotate back to the pushup position and do another pushup then rotating on to your left side.

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2)  Burpees

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Burpees are hard, but they work your whole body. The right way to do burpees is by combining four different exercises: a squat, a plank, a push-up, and an explosive jump.

Let’s see the correct way to do burpees.

How to do it:

•      Start in an upright position with your legs close together and your arms close to your body.

•      Go down slightly on a squat, and then place your palms down on the ground

•      Take the plank position and perform one push-up

•      Then with a sudden movement return to the squat position

•      Finish the exercise with an explosive jump from the squat

3)  Triceps Dips

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Triceps dips are a resistance-strengthening exercise that is performed only with body weight. It targets all 3 parts of the triceps. It can be done anywhere, it has many variations, and the only equipment you need is a chair or a fixed bench.

How to do it:

•      Starting position: lean with your palms facing down from the edge of the bench, or a sturdy chair, we keep our legs bent (beginner’s version), our body should be as close as possible to the bench, not far away, the back is straight, the abs is tight

•      Now bending our elbows, we lower the whole body until the arms are parallel to the floor forming an angle of 90 degrees, after which pushing straight-up we return to the initial position, this is a rep.

•      For the more advanced version, stretch your legs and lean on your heels.

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4)  Butterfly Crunches

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Picture Source: PopSugar

Butterfly crunches are an advanced variation of regular crunches whose role is not only to tone but also to strengthen your abdominal muscles. 

How to do it:

•      Put the soles of your feet together, then lie flat on your back 

•      You want to maintain your neck straight, so you’ll going to look up straight to the ceiling

•      Put your hands behind your head, now exhale and crunch straight up, and lower back down and crunch up again 

•      Be sure to keep your lower back flat on the floor and your stomach muscles tight 

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5)  Pop Squats

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Pop Squats are a plyometric exercise that targets your glutes and quads.

Please believe me when I tell you that you will feel the burn! This exercise will tone your lower body in no time and will burn a lot of calories. 

How to do it:

•      Starting position: Position your legs wider than your shoulder-width and maintain the back straight. 

•      From the starting position squat down, and when your butt is parallel with the floor, jump up, and then bring your feet together by tapping them.

•      Then return to your squat position and repeat.

6)  Side Plank with Hip Dips

6 optimized

This exercise is great for your obliques. We are going to start on one side and of course move on the other side after that.

How to do it:

•      Starting position lie down on your side, start with your elbow under your shoulder, use your free hand to boost up your knees bent to start with your feet glued together and toes pointing forward. 

•      Use your free hand to boost yourself, lifting your legs out, straightening your body out, pushing your hips forward, and then as you lower your body control the speed and push right back up. 

•      Maintain the knees straight throughout the exercise touching the ground and not landing and pushing out.

7)  Star Jump Squat 

7 optimized

This is a plyometric exercise (jump training) it improves your vascular endurance and also develops your lower body strength.

How to do it:

•      Starting position Stand with your feet hip-width apart and squat down.

•      Jump up explosively separating the feet, and keeping your knees fully extended, and swing your arms overhead thus forming a star shape.

•      Land softly on a squat touching your ankles and repeat the whole movement. 

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8)  Jump Rope

8 optimized

Jump rope is awesome for cardio, weight loss, and just overall conditioning, working your whole body.

How to do it:

•      Pick the right length of your jump rope

•      Get the basic speed rope, bring the handles of the jump rope together, then step in the middle of the jump rope make sure that the jump rope is in the middle of your foot, and the handles should be reaching afterward your shoulder or even a little bit higher because if you are a beginner, you want to make sure that you have at least 10 to 12 inches clearance above your head when you’re jumping. 

•      Then, as you progress you can shorten the length of your jump rope if you have an adjustable jump rope or you can just buy a new shorter one.

•      Learn the proper form! hold the handle so that your thumbs are always facing up and pull your shoulders back and down, chest up, engage your core, and relax your arms next to your body, and keep your wrists at about a 45-degree angle and all the movement goes from your wrists/

•      Don’t swing your entire arms, it’s a common mistake for beginners and it’s understandable but you can always check yourself in the mirror when you jump, making sure that you’re keeping your elbows close to your body 

•      Now that you have learned the proper form, start practicing! The first thing you’re going to start with is 1 jump. 

•      So, rest the jump rope against the back of your knees, and then do just one jump.

•      Once you’re comfortable with one jump add another rep, do two jumps at a time, and so on. 

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HIIT training is perfectly adapted to the society of our century. Time must be used as efficiently as possible so choosing a short and intense training system is a priority.

The purpose of HIIT training is to make a maximum effort in a limited time. Even if you are a beginner, do not choose to prolong the effort time, decreasing its intensity, but decrease the time of the effort interval, keeping the intensity at the maximum level.

You can do a HIIT workout at any time, with a minimum of equipment (or without) and it should not last more than 20-30 minutes.

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under 20 minutes effective home bodyweight fat blasting hiit workout to help you strengthen your respiratory system

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