Burn Fat Fast: 4-Minute Tabata Workout – Part 4

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Want to be lean, toned, and full of energy? In this 4th  episode of the 4-minute Tabata workout series, I'm going to give you 4 effective exercises.
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Although Tabata is a relatively new concept, it has established itself as one of the most difficult types of training. However, there is a reason why more and more athletes, as well as simple sports enthusiasts, become followers of this high-intensity training interval: Tabata training is incredibly effective, and a training session lasts only 4 minutes!

The Tabata fitness program is ideal for people who are short on time because it takes less than 15 minutes to complete and requires minimal equipment or space.

The best part about Tabata is that it burns more calories than traditional cardio exercises like running or cycling because you’re working at such high-intensity levels that your body doesn’t have time to recover before moving on to the next phase (and thus continues burning calories even after you’re done exercising).

Today, in episode 4 of the Tabata Training, I’m going to bring you to a 4 minute-routine comprise of 4 exercises repeated twice. Each exercise will be performed for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Today’s Tabata exercises are:

1)      Squat Jumps on the aerobic step

2)      Knee Push-up

3)      Side to Side on the Aerobic Step

4)      Jumping Rope

1.  Squat Jumps on the aerobic step

Squat Jumps on the aerobic step
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So, what are squat jumps? Well, you can think of them as a half-squat followed by a jump. The goal is to go as high as possible.

Squat jumps are great for building explosive power and improving your vertical jump (how high you can jump). These benefits make it one of the best exercises for sports like basketball and volleyball.

Squat Jumps on the aerobic step are a great way to strengthen your lower body. This exercise also helps build endurance and improve balance.

This exercise targets the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and the core.

Equipment Needed: Box, aerobic step, sturdy bench, or chair

How to do:

The key is to start with a low box to get accustomed to the movement—select something between 12- to 15-inches in height, depending on your level of confidence and strength.

•      Stand in front of a secured box or bench at an appropriate height for your ability. It’s always better to start lower and work your way up. 

•      The higher the box is, the further away you need to stand.

•      Dip down into a quarter squat position, then quickly explode your hip and legs upward while swinging your arms in the air to propel yourself on top of the box. 

•      Land softly on the box and come to a standing position.

•      Slowly step off the box back into starting position.

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2.  Knee Push-up

Knee Push up
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Knee push-ups are a great exercise to help build strength in your chest, shoulders, and arms. They can also improve your balance and coordination.

Knee push-ups are a variation of the regular push-up, which is an excellent exercise for improving upper body strength and endurance.

Do you want to add push-ups to your fitness repertoire but you aren’t quite ready to rep them out? Try incorporating knee push-ups to your chest or triceps workouts as a way to build up strength.  Do this and you will be well on your way to being able to rep out normal push-ups.

How to do:

•      Place the knees on the floor, the hands below the shoulders and cross your feet

•      Keeping your back straight, start bending the elbows until your chest is almost touching the floor.

•      Pause and push back to the starting position.

•      Repeat

3.  Side to Side on the Aerobic Step

za how to do a side step promo image
Burn Fat Fast: 4-Minute Tabata Workout - Part 4 10

Picture Source: Howcast

The side-to-side box skip is an explosive lower-body exercise that involves jumping laterally over a bench or box, landing with one foot on top of the surface, and then switching positions. It primarily targets the muscles of the lower body but is also a serious cardiovascular challenge.

Equipment Needed: Box, aerobic step, sturdy bench

How to do

•      Start off standing to one side of a box with your left foot resting in the middle of the platform.

•      Quickly jump up and over to the other side, landing with your left foot on the floor and your right foot on top of the box.

•      After landing continue to shuffle back and forth across the box until you have completed the number of reps you wanted to perform.

•      Repeat 

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4.  Jumping Rope 

Jumping Rope
Burn Fat Fast: 4-Minute Tabata Workout - Part 4 11

When you jump the rope, you train your whole body: you will work your legs, you will work your abdomen, your arms, your heart, even your mind. Jump rope training improves endurance, agility, speed, duration, and pace, and average impact increases bone density.

How to do

• Get in the proper positioning so make sure your feet are together, slight knee bend

• Rotate the rope in small, fast circles from the wrist

• Jump only a few centimeters, and be careful not to keep your knees rigid when landing

• Maintain the rhythm of small jumps, not very far from the ground, but enough so that you do not get stuck in the rope

• Always land on the front of the foot

• Keep your spine in a neutral position and look forward

Don’t skip the warm-up, and don’t skip the cool-down, both are important and help you avoid injury and can even help improve your performance.

Repeat twice.


Not a lot of people enjoy exercising. It can be hard to get started and it’s often even harder to stick with a program long-term. However, if you have any desire to have the body you’ve always wanted, you’re going to have to add exercise into your daily routine.

You may need to experiment to find the right level of exercise for you, but something is better than nothing, no matter how small your effort is. A little bit of exercise goes a long way towards helping you achieve your fat loss goals.

If you’ve never tried it before, the idea of doing a Tabata protocol might seem a little daunting. But trust me, the 4-minute Tabata version is one of the easiest ways to get started. If you want to get lean and fit though, don’t just stop at this 4-minute Tabata workout.

Go ahead and try out the longer versions as well. They’re hard, but they also produce results, fast!

Remember to keep your movements small and controlled. Make sure you are breathing properly and exhaling when exerting yourself. This is a high-intensity workout so rest as needed in between sets.

Be sure to have a timer set to the appropriate time intervals or download a Tabata timer from your app store.

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