The Best and Intense 25-Minute HIIT Home Workout for Shredded Abs

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This is a HIIT abs home workout that will give you results in just 25 minutes a day. Lose weight and build muscle at the same time.
The Best and Intense 25-Minute HIIT Home Workout for Shredded Abs 14

Gym memberships are expensive, and a home workout can keep you motivated to stay fit and save a lot of money in the long run. In this post, I’ll show you an advanced abs home workout that can get your waistline back on track in just 25 minutes.

If you’re looking to lose weight quickly, the best home workout routine for you is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routine. 

What is HIIT?

What is HIIT
The Best and Intense 25-Minute HIIT Home Workout for Shredded Abs 15

If you’re not familiar with HIIT (high-intensity interval training) it’s a great way to burn calories and get fit. HIIT workouts are also an excellent tool for weight loss. 

HIIT exercises are short and intense, and they’re known to be especially effective at burning fat while maintaining muscle. Their small amount of time commitment makes them a perfect choice for busy people who can’t fit a long workout into their schedules. 

And because HIIT workouts challenge your body both physically and mentally, you’ll get a huge rush of endorphins after the fact, so much so that many people feel like they’re high when they finish!

There are dozens of HIIT exercises that work great for weight loss. To find the best for you, you must consider what sort of exercise you enjoy, what equipment you have access to, and how much time you have available. 

You don’t want to try something new if it’s not fun or if it takes too long, just pick something familiar that will still get results!

Can the HIIT workout help you get shredded abs faster than a traditional ab workout?

Can the HIIT workout help you get shredded abs faster
The Best and Intense 25-Minute HIIT Home Workout for Shredded Abs 16

HIIT workouts can be tailored to work for any muscle group in your body, so why aren’t we seeing more HIIT workouts for building up our “six-pack”? The muscles targeted in HIIT abs are located beneath your stomach fat, they’re the ones that give you a six-pack look from the side.     

The short answer is yes, high-intensity interval training can help you get shredded abs, but it’s not a quick fix. HIIT workouts require you to push yourself to the max for a short but very intense period, followed by a recovery period that allows you to recover and build your strength for the next round of intense work.

That said, there’s one HIIT abs routine that I’ve found works well for most people: the 25-minute abs workout that I’m going to share with you now. It’s quick but challenging, it targets all the core areas, and it involves no equipment.

This routine helps me stay on track and focus during my sessions. It’s only 25 minutes long, so you can do it even when you’re pressed for time. 

That’s why I put it on my list of the best 25-minute HIIT abs home workouts for quick weight loss results.

In just 25 minutes you can get an effective core workout from the comfort of your own home. The best part is there’s no equipment necessary. This HIIT abs exercise routine will help you become more efficient with minimal work, therefore saving you time.

If you have only 25-30 minutes to work out, these exercises will give you the best results possible. Don’t be surprised if this workout leaves you shaking and out of breath! 😊))

Today’s 9 abs exercises are:

1. V-Ups (No Weight) – 30 secs

2. Oblique V-Ups – 30 secs (15 secds for each side)

3. Flutter Kicks – 45 secs

4. Toe Touch Crunches – 45 secs

5. Bicycle Crunches – 45 secs

6. Plank with Knee Tuck – 45 secs

7. Reverse Crunches – 30 secs

8. Ski Abs – 30 secs

9. Butterfly Crunches – 45 secs     

Perform each exercise for 30/ 45 seconds at high intensity/ 15 secs rest between exercises/ 90 secs rest between sets/ Repeat twice.   

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1. V-Ups 

V Ups
The Best and Intense 25-Minute HIIT Home Workout for Shredded Abs 17

V-ups are an old-school exercise, but they work every muscle in your body, so they’re great for fat-burning and cardiovascular health.

V-ups are one of the most effective abdominal exercises out there. If you’re looking to improve your core strength and build a better physique, then this exercise is a must-do.

You can do this exercise anywhere because it doesn’t require any equipment. You need a mat and some space but that’s it. You can even do it while watching TV or sitting at the computer.

Here are some of the benefits of the V-ups:

•      Improves balance and coordination

•      Builds muscle: It’s an efficient way to build muscles, especially in your abdominals

•      Helps correct posture and protect against injuries by working all the supporting muscles that keep your back straight while doing everyday activities (like sitting at your desk

•      Improves balance and coordination.

How to do:

•      Lay on the floor face up with your hands near your head. Then, lift yourself off the ground and bring your feet towards your hands so that you are sitting up straight. 

•      As you do this, make sure to keep your body in a straight line from head to toe by contracting your abs. Also, make sure that you don’t rock forward or backward as you move.

•      Hold this position for 2 seconds while drawing in the abdominal muscles and exhaling slowly. Then slowly lower yourself back down until your back touches the floor.

•      Repeat.

The general idea behind a V-up exercise is that when you are in the “V” position, both of your knees should be bent at about 90 degrees, with both feet touching each other, creating a diamond shape with your legs. 

At all times during this exercise, make sure that this diamond shape remains intact because it greatly improves balance and prevents injury.

2. Oblique V-Ups 

Oblique V Ups
The Best and Intense 25-Minute HIIT Home Workout for Shredded Abs 18

The V-Up is a classic exercise that targets the abdominal muscles and helps define the waist and abdomen area. 

The Oblique V-Up, however, targets the obliques, which are located on the sides of your torso. These muscles are responsible for providing resistance to trunk rotation and lateral flexion of the spine.

The Oblique V-Up is a great exercise for your abs and back muscles, it targets the obliques right where they meet the line of your torso on either side of your spine, which makes it especially good at tightening up your midsection and helping you get rid of those love handles. 

This move also tones the muscles in your upper back.

It’s very important to do this exercise correctly so that you don’t cause any injury. It’s best to have a partner spot you first before trying it alone.

How to do:

•      Lie down in a supine position with your legs extended forward and arms by your side with palms on the floor.

•      Tighten your abdominal muscles and slowly lift both legs upward (so that they form a straight line from hip to toe) until you’re supporting them only with your ab muscles. Make sure that your head does not move as you do this exercise. 

•      Slowly lower them back down to starting position.

•      Repeat.

3. Flutter Kicks 

Flutter Kicks
The Best and Intense 25-Minute HIIT Home Workout for Shredded Abs 19

A simple kick exercise can help you get the most out of your exercise routine. Performing a series of kick-based movements, such as a flutter kick, will help strengthen your body by using many muscle groups at once. 

Flutter kicks focus on the transverse abdominous, which is a deep abdominal muscle that wraps around your torso and supports the spine. Flutter kicks also strengthen the obliques, which are muscles on your sides that help with balance and support.

By doing this exercise regularly, you will also be increasing blood flow and building endurance in your body.

How to do:

•      Begin lying on your back, with your arms at your sides, palms facing down.

•      Keep your chin tucked into your chest so that you’re looking down at the ground.

•      Start by moving both legs simultaneously up and down like little butterfly wings (hence the name). One leg stays level while the other moves up and then down, then they switch. 

•      The motion should be smooth and continuous, with no sudden movements! without any stopping at the top or bottom of the movement.

It may feel like you’re not doing anything at first but try it for a few minutes and you’ll start feeling those muscles in your lower body getting a good burn.

4. Toe Touch Crunches 

Toe Touch Crunches
The Best and Intense 25-Minute HIIT Home Workout for Shredded Abs 20

Exercises that work your abdominal muscles will improve your balance and posture, help you look better, and reduce your risk of developing back problems. But which exercise is the most efficient? 

Toe-touch crunches are a great exercise for toning your core muscles. They can be performed at home with no equipment at all!

The toe touch crunch is a great exercise for working your abs: it’s an excellent way to get a full ab workout and tone up those muscles. 

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll see results in your stomach if you do this simple move regularly.

How to do:

•      Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and elbows bent. Bring your knees up so that they’re bent at 90 degrees, then extend both legs upwards with your heels towards the ceiling (It’s important to keep your legs straight during this motion).

•      Lift your head and shoulders off the floor by raising your upper back, neck, and shoulders off the ground while touching your toes with your hands.

•      Pause for a moment in this position then return to the starting position.

5. Bicycle Crunches 

Bicycle Crunches
The Best and Intense 25-Minute HIIT Home Workout for Shredded Abs 21

Bicycle crunches are a great way to start working on your abdominals for the first time, or to continue working on them in between more complicated abdominal workouts. 

Bicycle crunches are a great way to work your upper and lower abdominals to help you get the flat tummy you’ve always wanted.

This exercise will begin to strengthen the muscles surrounding your abdominal area and will also help you develop better posture.

How to do:

•      Start by lying flat on your back. Place your hands behind your head for support. 

•      Then, raise your knees to about 45 degrees, forming a “V” shape with your body. Next, slowly raise one shoulder toward your opposite knee as you bring one elbow toward the same knee. 

•      Return to starting position and repeat on the other side.

To ensure that you’re performing bicycle crunches correctly, it’s important to remember that there is no arching of the back and that both knees should remain bent.

6. Plank with Knee Tuck 

Plank with Knee Tuck
The Best and Intense 25-Minute HIIT Home Workout for Shredded Abs 22

The plank exercise is an isometric exercise and a core strengthener. It’s also a good way to add balance training to your routine. The plank works your shoulders, chest, back, arms, abs, and glutes, basically every muscle in your body!

The plank with knee tuck exercise is a terrific way to strengthen your core, improve your posture and balance, and develop muscle tone in your back, especially the lower part of your back, arms, shoulders, and legs.

The plank position itself is a very straightforward move to get down. 

The knee tuck adds an extra element to strengthen your lower back while also working your abs.

How to do:

•      Start in the plank position with your palms on the floor directly below your shoulders and your elbows tucked at your sides. Now pull your abs in and tuck your hips under so that your body is in a straight line from head to heels.

•      Keeping your back straight, tuck your right knee into your chest as you exhale.

•      Inhale as you return to the start position,

•      Repeat with the other knees.

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7. Reverse Crunches 

Reverse Crunches
The Best and Intense 25-Minute HIIT Home Workout for Shredded Abs 23

Reverse crunches are an abdominal exercise, which targets your lower abs and, to a lesser extent, your upper abs. It also tones your obliques, the muscles on the sides of your abdomen. 

It’s important to include exercises for this area of your core because it’s responsible for keeping your spine in proper alignment when you’re sitting or standing.

This exercise can be done at home without any equipment at all.

The best part about reverse crunches is that they mimic acrobatic moves you’d find in yoga, so it’s an easy way to enjoy the benefits of yoga without doing yoga.

This works your core and builds muscle in your lower back and abdomen. Because of this, it’s also a good exercise for back pain.

Many people don’t do reverse crunches because they think it will hurt their neck if they arch too far or their head will hit the floor. These are both understandable concerns, but they’re easily remedied by making sure that you’re doing the exercise correctly

How to do:

•      Lie on your back on the floor or on an exercise mat. Place your hands behind your head or to the side of your head. Your legs should be bent, with both feet flat on the floor. 

•      Keep your arms by your sides or place them behind your head. Slowly lift them off the ground, bringing them towards your chest, then lift them so they are perpendicular to the ground (your pelvis should be at a 45-degree angle to the floor). 

•      Hold for one second at that position, then slowly lower them back to the starting position. Be sure to keep your head in line with your neck and spine during this movement.

Exhale as you’re lifting your hips off the ground; when you’re coming back down, inhale again.

8. Ski Abs 

The Best and Intense 25-Minute HIIT Home Workout for Shredded Abs 24

Picture Source: Pinterest

Ski Abs is an exercise routine that focuses on the muscles in your core, the ones that are crucial for stabilizing you as you ski, but often neglected in favor of strength training that targets the muscles that move your body rather than holding it in place. 

Done correctly, Ski Abs can not only help improve your skiing, but it can also strengthen your core enough to make everyday life easier.

Ski Abs is deceptively challenging but provides good results without requiring a high level of fitness. This exercise burns fat faster than any other exercise you’ve tried, and it even improves your overall body strength.

How to do:

•      Start in the full, straight-arm plank position. Make sure your wrists are positioned directly under your shoulders and your back is flat.

•      Lightly contract your core to engage the muscles. Don’t hold your breath.

•      To start the ski abs exercise, hop both of your feet over to the right side of your body. Bend your knees and aim to have your knees just outside your right elbow. Keep your torso flat and parallel to the floor.

•      As soon as you complete the jump to the right, you want to jump your feet back to the full plank position where you started. Again, focus on keeping your torso parallel to the floor.

•      From the plank, immediately jump to the other side. 

•      After you jump on the other side, don’t forget to jump back to the plank before continuing the exercise. 

Between each side, return to the center plank position

Keep your core tight and don’t let your body sag.

9. Butterfly Crunches 

Butterfly Crunches
The Best and Intense 25-Minute HIIT Home Workout for Shredded Abs 25

Photo Source: POPSUAGR.COM

The butterfly crunch is an advanced abdominal exercise that can be done in a variety of different ways, including on the floor, the bench, and even the stability ball. It can work your entire midsection, your abs, hips, and obliques, and it’s also a fun way to shake up your workout routine with new moves!

This variation of the crunches will help you get a more well-rounded set of abs. Best part? You don’t need any extra equipment, just enough space for your hands, head, and knees.

How to do:

•      Lie on your back with your hands at your sides, arms straight, and legs pointing straight up in the air. Keeping your spine in contact with the ground, bring your knees toward your chest, and then slowly push them back out at about a 45-degree angle from where they started.

•      Lay face up on a mat with your legs bent, feet flat on the floor, and hands lightly behind your head. 

•      Without moving your upper body, raise your legs to form a 90-degree angle while simultaneously raising your shoulders off the floor so that only your neck and legs are in contact with the ground. 

•      Touch your elbows together as you contract your abs.

•      Slowly lower back down to starting position

Last Thoughts:

You won’t believe how effective this workout is, and how quickly it helps you lose weight around your middle. The abdominal muscles are used in almost all other exercises as well, so it makes sense to work them out directly as well.

This workout is intense and efficient, so you’ll be done in just 25 minutes. It’s not only great for weight loss results, but it’s also good for those who are short on time or even beginners who want to ease into challenging their bodies.

This quick routine can be done from the comfort of your own home. No more excuses that you don’t have time to work out! This super-efficient workout will help you burn fat and build muscle, with no equipment required.    

I’d recommend doing this work out 3 times per week on non-consecutive days (e.g., Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). 

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