The Secret of Getting the 6-Pack Abs

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Learn the real secret to getting the 6-pack abs. Here are those simple secrets and facts about this popular topic.
The Secret of Getting the 6-Pack Abs 11

Do you want a defined 6-Pack abs? You want this for too long, you do everything you think you need, and you still can’t.

The good news is that what you want can be achieved relatively easily; the bad news is that you are probably wasting your time doing unnecessary exercises for your abs in the hope of losing weight and defining yourself.

In this article, I will focus on the essential information about the muscles and the abdominal fat layer as well as the Correct Nutrition that will sculpt your abdominal area.

First of all, we will review 5 myths that are still perpetuated in various circles, sources of misinformation that can put obstacles in obtaining the long-awaited abdomen.

5 Myths about Abs

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The Secret of Getting the 6-Pack Abs 12

Myth 1. The abs burns fat from the abdomen

You can do 1000 abdomens a day as they will not burn your localized abdominal fat. It’s a good word that says you can’t do overtraining to make up for the wrong diet.

The abs are created in the kitchen and not in the gym. Your diet is responsible for 90% of your results.

To burn fat from the abdomen you need Proper Nutrition and strength training to help.

Myth 2. You must work the abdomen daily to develop a 6-Pack and a flat abdomen

The abdomen is like any other muscle. Do you train your feet daily? Not. Then why would you train your abdomen every day?

Rather than training daily, you better reduce to two abdominal workouts per week, in which you also include more unconventional and demanding exercises such as fitness ball runs, or Isometric Exercises

Myth 3. If you do a few different exercises for your abs and do a lot of repetitions until you feel “the burn”, the goal is as if it were achieved

Crunches are some of the most inefficient exercises for developing a 6-Pack abdomen.

Not only is it an exercise in which you can do tens or hundreds of repetitions, but short and normal abdomen can also cause back pain.

My recommendation is to focus on quality repetitions and not on the number of repetitions. Maintain the correct position and choose exercises that allow you to perform sets of 15-20 reps. Find HERE and HERE efficient exercises.

Myth 4. The “Wonder” pill that burns fat will help me to make 6-PACK

Your squares are not hidden behind a miraculous potion or well-marketed pill.

Even worse, many of these pills that claim to burn fat will give you a more unpleasant appearance in the abdomen given that they eat more muscle than fat.

Better consume a Diet That Burns Fat and develops muscle throughout the year and you will see faster results than with any beautiful presentation pill.

Myth 5. You can’t get a flat abdomen or 6-Pack because you don’t have the right genetics

If you haven’t heard before, you’re sure to hear people say you can’t lose fat on your abdomen and can’t make a six-pack because you don’t have good genes.

If you ever come across a person who can tell you something, run away! The idea is that no matter what genetic baggage you have been “blessed with”, as long as you make the right Food Choices and train intelligently, you will achieve the expected results!

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10 Methods of Eliminating Fat from Abdomen

I’m sure you knew them, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate them.

1. Eat at 2-4 hours, 5-6 small meals a day

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The Secret of Getting the 6-Pack Abs 13

Eating several small meals is a way of accelerating metabolism and creating a thermogenic effect inside the body.

Take a look here to see THE IMPORTANCE OF THE 3 MAIN MEALS A DAY. By combining lean proteins with the right types and amounts of green vegetables, adequate carbohydrates, and fats at the right times, you will load your metabolism and turn into a machine that will burn fat 24 out of 24 helping to get your dream 6-pack abs.

Of course, macronutrients must vary from person to person. Take a pick here for THE CORRECT COMBINATION OF FOODS.

2. Try to eat before you are hungry

This rule is related to the first. If you wait and wait until you are hungry, you will eat again, eat more than you need, and most likely will regret it.

3. Have breakfast

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The Secret of Getting the 6-Pack Abs 14

It is the most important meal of the day, the one with which your metabolism will be started and which will control your weight loss efforts. You’ll find here 6 Ideas for A Tasty Non Fat Breakfast.

4. Don’t buy tempting foods

Keep away from your cakes, sweets, frozen pizza and all other foods you know are forbidden. The chances of giving up are greatly reduced.

The body cannot process more than 6 grams of sugar, the rest will transform it into fat. Think of sugar as a form of poison to the body. More info about Sugar’s Side Effects

5. Prepare your food early

By planning your meals and preparing them ahead of time you will be less tempted to buy who knows what prohibited products that will satisfy your cravings.

If you have the opportunity, choose a day a week to think about all your meals and prepare them, when we are not talking about something alterable.

6. Hydrate yourself properly

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The Secret of Getting the 6-Pack Abs 15

Since our body is made up of 70% water, it is essential to drink water for optimal health.

Water prepares the body for fat reduction and will help eliminate harmful toxins. If you do not drink enough water, an imbalance will be created inside the body, which will increase the risk of developing some diseases. Check more about The Importance of Hydration

7. Avoid processed foods

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The Secret of Getting the 6-Pack Abs 16

Avoid white flour, white bread, white sugar, and white rice as much as possible. These products have no nutritional value and have no beneficial effect on the body.

Carefully read the list of ingredients on the packaging. If the content has an ingredient that you cannot read, do not buy the product.

8. Train smart

To burn fat and get 6-Pack you have to work efficiently, so be careful to keep everything at high intensity and focus on the training session. HERE is A H.I.IT Workout 

9. When doing cardio, perform high-intensity intervals, not moderate long distances

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The Secret of Getting the 6-Pack Abs 17

Eliminate boring 60-minute sessions of cardio at the treadmill and reduce them to 15-20 minutes of high-intensity interval training. HERE and HERE.

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10. Consume a lot of fiber

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If you want to stay healthy, you cannot underestimate the importance of dietary fiber. Fibers improve digestion, bring cholesterol to adequate levels, induce satiety.

Ideal sources of fiber are apples, pears, raspberries, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, beans, and almonds. Take a look to 10 Fruits That Helps You To Lose Weight

Eat around 20-25 grams of fiber daily. Remember, however, that fruits are also sources of sugar!


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The Secret of Getting the 6-Pack Abs 19

I know how frustrating it is to have to take care of everything you consume daily, but you have to balance that with how much you want to develop a 6-Pack.

The six-pack abdomen requires a very low body fat level (between 5 – 12%, depending on the person), which requires time, dedication, and commitment to reach the goal.

Below I will detail a diet that works for most of us, but you can change it according to some personal preferences.

Calorie consumption

The first essential step when it comes to measurements for a god abdomen is to calculate your daily calories.

There are quite a lot of calculators for a quite elaborate metabolic rate that will allow you to calculate your caloric requirement.

But the rule for calculating the caloric requirement is 20 calories/kg of body weight.

Protein consumption

The ideal protein intake is about 1 gram – 1.5 grams/kg of body mass to ensure that you will not lose muscle mass.

The lower your fat layer, the greater the risk that your body will turn to muscle for energy. This is why the consumption of protein may be higher.

The proteins are very satiated, so it should make you don’t want to eat a lot.

It is ideal to divide the consumption into 3 meals.

Carbohydrate consumption

He is the one who will suffer the most changes in a diet to get a 6-Pack.

The amount of carbohydrate that is allowed will be around the figure of your body mass. 

Half of this amount will be consumed before training, and the second half after. So if you have 80 kg, 40 grams you will consume before training and 40 after training.

Consumption of healthy fats

Finally, we talk about fat consumption … and this will be limited, of course. Small quantities will ensure the proper functioning and will prevent you from getting hungry in front of the plate.

Turn your body mass from kilograms to pounds and multiply it by 0.2. This is how you get the amount of fat allowed, which will have to be distributed in all the meals that you will consume throughout the day.

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Last Thoughts:

The secret of obtaining the elusive 6-pack is that it isn’t necessarily a secret at all. It’s not a big mystery. Our diets and our lifestyles have simply become so bad that we’re inflating our bellies with extra fat and making them look bigger than they were meant to be.

There are better eating habits that you can use to lose weight, of course, to get your 6-pack abs to show through. You can also try adding some belly exercises while you are losing weight to firm up all of your abdominal muscles.

Achieving a six-pack is hard, no doubt about it. But it’s not impossible, and it isn’t unattainable. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can rock them just as much as your favorite athlete or actor.

Taking that first step and starting your journey is what’s most important, so if you’ve got your eye on six-pack abs, then start today!

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the secret of getting the 6 pack abs
The Secret of Getting the 6-Pack Abs 20

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