8 simple things you should do to keep your fitness motivation going

To help you persevere through your fitness journey, I’ve listed 8 tactics that may help you stay motivated to work out to reach your fitness goals.

No one is always 100% able to go to the gym or start training at home! Not only me but also the athletes, fitness instructors, and personal trainers who have days (and not a few) in which they simply barely crawl out of bed to get to the gym. If they can’t, then how can we?

Exercise doesn’t provide us with quick and easy results, and because of this many of us will quit before we’ve made any significant progress. But like anything worth having, our fitness goals take dedication and perseverance to achieve. 

To help you persevere through your fitness journey, I’ve listed 8 tactics that may help you stay motivated to work out to reach your fitness goals. 

1. Motivate yourself to go to the gym reading success stories

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On the internet, you will find a lot of articles with success stories of people who managed to achieve their FIT goals. Get inspired by these people and you can even steal from the routine of those who have succeeded.

2. Fun & Variety

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Don’t feel forced to stick with a workout you don’t like just because it may be trendy. It’s really hard to stay motivated to do something that you don’t like, and you may give up believing that working out in general just isn’t for you.

Try a few different types of exercise to start, and then continue with the ones you like most. For instance, you may find you enjoy dancing and yoga more than running and weight lifting or vice versa.

Doing several activities that you enjoy will add variety and fun to your workout experience. You’ll also work out different muscle groups in your body without even realizing it. As you gain endurance over time, you may find you are better able to do the types of exercises you struggled with at the beginning of your fitness journey.

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3. Use the services of a personal trainer at least from time to time

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One of the best tips to be motivated to go to the gym that I can give you is to turn, at least periodically, to a personal trainer. I tell you this for two reasons.

First of all, these sessions cost quite a lot so after you pay you won’t miss them unless you had a choice.

Secondly, a meeting with a personal trainer means new tips and workouts designed and created in such a way that you have the results you want. Then, you will be able to apply the new tactics when you train on your own and you will feel like a true professional.

4. Set and track your goals

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Setting goals will keep you moving forward during your fitness journey. Setting a clear path from where you’re starting to where you want to go will lower the chances that you veer off course completely. You should set small and frequent short-term goals while also keeping your larger, more long-term goals in mind.

You may want to track your goals in your everyday journal, on your refrigerator calendar, or anywhere you like. 

Placing your goals in a more visible place in your home will also establish more accountability in your workout routine because your friends and family will be able to see the progress you’ve made.

5. Write down how you feel after each workout

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This trick to be motivated to go to the gym is very useful. If you put on paper how you feel after each workout you will see that, in the end, the effort made you feel better. Yes, you sweated. Yes, all your body hurts. But you are certainly proud of yourself and your progress.

6. Schedule a specific time for working out

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The goal here is to make exercise an important habitual part of your life. If you plan to do some exercise daily, try to establish a certain time of day that’s dedicated to you and your workout. If you only plan to work out a few times a week, make these specific days. As the exercise becomes integrated into your routine, like any habit, it will become second nature and will not feel like work after a while.

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7. Turns social networks into a continuous source of inspiration

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If at the moment your Facebook and Instagram feed is, in fact, a collection of videos and pictures with appetizing food, it might be time for a cleanup. 

Remove from the list of appreciated pages those that tempt you to lead an unhealthy life and complete the timeline with pages that will inspire you and that will be a constant reminder that you need to train

8. Be realistic about your workouts

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I give you another piece of advice to go to the gym regularly. We all want to see excellent results with as little effort as possible and in the shortest time.

Unfortunately, this fairy tale version has nothing to do with reality.

If you set out to have a body worthy of a model in a month, I have bad news for you: you are not realistic about your workouts. Moreover, you will become frustrated when you see that you do not have the results you want and most likely you will not step in the gym.

That’s why it’s better to set achievable goals. You will see that you are much more motivated to go to the gym when you don’t put too much pressure on yourself.


Finding the motivation to train is not always easy, even if you have been exercising for some time. Train anyway, even though you don’t feel that and you are not in the mood.

There are chances that your mood will change as you train, and at the end of the workout, you will not regret the effort.

Training with someone and having common goals can increase your motivation, just like scoring goals on paper and repeating them daily. It is important to keep your exercise time as a priority.

Exercise should be enjoyable, so find something you enjoy doing as a workout.

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