8 Incredible Benefits of Morning Workout + a few eating tips

Let's take a closer look at 8 of the most incredible benefits of morning workouts, and also a few nutrition tips.

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If you are not a morning person, please just read this article with an open mind. It may seem impossible to enjoy a workout at the beginning of the day, but a morning workout offers many benefits, both for your health and for your daily schedule, which you cannot offer to do in other hours of the day.

Yes, you will be disciplined to wake up early. And yes, you need to focus on getting an effective workout. It takes a little time and practice before morning exercise becomes a habit.

Let’s take a closer look at 8 of the most incredible benefits of morning workouts, and also a few nutrition tips.

1. Increases brain activity


You have probably already noticed that you feel more alert and full of energy after doing sports. Movement increases mental activity for 4 to 10 hours! All this for the simple fact that it increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain.

2. Less stress


What could be more enjoyable than the feeling of getting to the office or a meeting without being stressed or tense because of various problems? The level of cortisol (stress hormones) will decrease considerably if you choose to train before starting daily activities.

No matter what type of workout you choose to practice (HIIT, Tabata, running, cardio, isometric, circuits, full-body, cycling, weights), the various exercises will help you improve tension and relax muscles, which helps combat the negative effects that stress has. has on the body.

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3. Promotes discipline

Exercises which are done in the morning make you feel good due to a beneficial thing done right from the first hour. It’s quite complicated to get out of bed, so self-discipline is one of the key points. Before you know it, your quality of life will improve, and the satisfaction of following a strict and healthy schedule will not be long before it appears.

4. Improves sleep quality

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Regular exercise regulates sleep and its quality! Besides the fact that you will feel tired in the evening, the thought that you have to wake up early to go to the gym will make you fall asleep at a reasonable time. It is difficult to train properly and have visible results if you do not get enough rest!

5. Optimize the diet


Training on an empty stomach will put your body in a state of shock, which will result in burning fat for energy! Serve a low-calorie snack, such as an apple or yogurt, about 30 minutes before going to the gym.

You will conclude that you want to have a healthier diet when you see the influence that food has on your training and results!

6. Helps to lose weight

If your goal is to lose weight, it is recommended to do sports in the morning, on an empty stomach, after drinking water. This way you will be able to burn fat from the beginning of the workout. Under these conditions, it is good not to exceed 30-45 minutes of effort.

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7. Gives energy

The exercises done in the morning will fill you with energy for the whole day! So if you have accumulated fatigue, or feel that you are not as active lately, try to go to the gym in the early hours of the day – this will release endorphins and other hormones that will give you an energy boost!

8. Lowering blood pressure

Frequent workouts are fantastic and help prevent high blood pressure. After conducting various specialized studies, it turned out that the exercises practiced in the first part of the day seem to be more appropriate than those in the evening.

The researchers found that those who regularly practiced morning workouts reduced their blood pressure by 10%, and it continued to fall throughout the day.

Some tips on nutrition related to morning training

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What do we eat if we train in the morning?

A common complaint about morning exercise is the lack of clarity about nutrition. Do we eat before training? Do we eat after? What to eat?

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Eat a little before training

Before training, eat a small number of foods high in carbohydrates, moderate in protein, and low in fat. An apple, a banana, a cup of dried fruit, a glass of 100% natural juice, or even yogurt, should suffice.

Hydrate yourself


Your body is dehydrated after sleeping through the night. Drink 1 glass of water before starting training. Sports drinks are only needed if your training lasts a long time or is very intense (ie 2 hours), which we have already established is not the goal for most morning workouts.

Eat immediately after training

Eat immediately after training to nourish your body and prepare for the whole day.

Many people complain of a lack of appetite until mid-morning. If post-workout breakfast doesn’t satisfy you, you don’t eat the right foods.

A proper post-workout meal provides plenty of calories, carbs, protein, and healthy fats, such as 2 boiled eggs, half an avocado, 2 slices of bread, and spinach. You can even try a smoothie, a protein shake, or a bowl of whole-grain with fruits.

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