Top 6 Steps to An Enviable Physique All Year Round

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There are 6 steps you can take to ensure that your physique goals are always in sight, even when they're not top of mind.
Top 6 Steps to An Enviable Physique All Year Round 9

We all want to look and feel good, and this happens when we start taking care of ourselves and our health. When we approach a balanced lifestyle and give up a sedentary lifestyle, not only will we feel better, but our physique will also improve considerably.

We are already in the middle of summer and the temperatures have started to rise to the point where dresses and shorts become the only option to withstand the heat outside. 

You don’t have to cover your body with baggy clothes, eat healthily, train consistently, and be proud of your body every step of the way, and in time, you will manage to transform it beautifully.

For some people, summer is the perfect time to start an exercise routine. Maybe you see this season as an opportunity to address the perennial “I want to lose weight” problem, or maybe you just feel the need to tone certain parts of your body. 

Whatever your motivation, now is the time to give your body the attention it needs so you can be more confident and healthier!

Here are 6 steps that will help you stick to a sports routine so that you get an enviable physique all year round, not just during the summer.

STEP 1 FOR AN ENVIABLE PHYSIQUE – Goals/ Motivation/ Attitude

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Top 6 Steps to An Enviable Physique All Year Round 10

You always have to start with your attitude, if you want to improve the way you feel and look you will need a strong and determined mind. 

The surest and most successful way to achieve this is by committing to eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly from now on.

Don’t set a timeline, make it a lifestyle that doesn’t end at the end of a season, or once you’ve shed a few pounds. It is not easy to change the habits formed over the years. 

You need a lot of motivation and determination to be successful, but once you set a strong enough WHY, which you make sure you remind yourself of every day, you’re on the right track.

Therefore, before you experience physical improvement, give your mind a makeover. Take the time to figure out why you want to make a change and what you need to do to achieve your goals. 

Write all these things down on a piece of paper or find an image that best represents your WHY. Then make sure you put all of this in a place that is accessible to you every day. You will manage to become more motivated this way.

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The next step is to start moving! If you subject your body to regular exercise, it will quickly adapt to the new lifestyle and demand exercise. Aim for an activity you enjoy and don’t try to do too much at first. 15-20 minutes of exercise, 3-4 times a week is more than enough to make a habit out of it.

It also doesn’t set any barriers for you; the gym is not the only place where you can exercise! Make sure you get some exercise outside of your regular exercise routine by going for long walks with loved ones, running, biking, swimming, or any other activity you enjoy. 

When you move your body, you improve your oxygen circulation and become more energetic.

If you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk during the day, take a movement break whenever you feel like it. Get up from your chair, stretch, and do some squats or exercises that energize you.

STEP 3 FOR AN ENVIABLE PHYSIQUE– Toning the Muscles Through Physical Training (Cardio + Strength)

Top 6 Steps to An Enviable Physique All Year Round 3
Top 6 Steps to An Enviable Physique All Year Round 12

Strengthen and tone your muscles. Strong, healthy muscles burn calories, so don’t just do cardio, strength training is just as important. A firm physique with well-defined muscles not only looks good in a bathing suit but also helps you in the long run.

Your physique will look much more harmonious over time, and in old age, you will be able to avoid the sagging skin effect that occurs with aging. Do 8-12 repetitions each time you train your muscles if you want to get visible and lasting results.

If you don’t have time to go to the gym and don’t want to invest in sports equipment at home right now, work out with your body weight. It’s the perfect way to get started, and it’s perfect for getting your results early on.


Top 6 Steps to An Enviable Physique All Year Round 4
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Perhaps the most important step (FROM MY POINT OF VIEW!) that you need to take if you want to have an enviable physique is nutrition.

Although it may sound difficult at first, calculate your calories so that you have an idea of ​​how much you are eating and what changes you need to make to fit into the caloric ratio calculated according to your goal.

But calories aren’t everything. Monitor how you feel after you’ve had a balanced meal and what you’ve eaten then. Include quality products in your diet and don’t follow diets from the Internet, they will give you results for the moment, nothing more.

As you probably know from other articles on the blog if you’ve been following me for a while, I’m not a fan of diets, I understand their meaning, but I only recommend them in the short term, I NEVER recommend them in the medium or long term because their effect on the body it can be devastating, infinitely more important is to learn to eat correctly!

Instead, if you eat quality, protein-rich foods that include vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and other vitamin-rich ingredients, you’re on the right track.

Also, if you eat more protein and less bad carbs (bread, pasta, sweets, sugary cereals, etc.) you’ll eat fewer meals because protein gives you longer-term satiety than carbs, so you don’t he will be so hungry until the next meal.

Conversely, if you reduce your caloric ratio because you want to lose weight and you don’t consume enough protein, you will lose not only fat but also muscle.

STEP 5 FOR AN ENVIABLE PHYSIQUE – Motivation and Perseverance

Top 6 Steps to An Enviable Physique All Year Round 5
Top 6 Steps to An Enviable Physique All Year Round 14

Lastly, stay focused on what you set out to do, and don’t put pressure on yourself to get a million-dollar physique in a short amount of time.

Lasting results are built over time through motivation and persistence, without giving up halfway. Squatting doesn’t help you burn more fat, on the contrary, it can be quite a destructive element in your routine.

Breathe consciously, meditate, and keep your focus on the task at hand. Choose exercises and types of training that are not a burden but a great time that you enjoy from start to finish. Remember that it’s not just the result that matters, the whole process is just as important.

It takes discipline and determination to stay and look your best every day, but the result is WORTH IT!

To help you reach your goals even faster, I have designed for you a full body fitness program for 8 weeks through which I help you not only to train effectively but also to change your already formed habits by adopting some new ones.

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The recovery part helps the body tremendously, and a fit physique in a bathing suit can be a dream come true, but for that, we must also bring sauna, relaxation swimming, or massage into our activities.

Let’s not forget about rest, we sleep seven hours a night, and this remains the best recovery method of all that exists.

Last Thoughts:

A harmonious body is the eternal concern of people all over the world. Most people want to miraculously lose weight, eating uncontrollably, at any time, and without doing sports. But it is known that without help, this is practically impossible.

This article, however, I hope will help any person who wants to learn the secrets of obtaining an enviable physique.

To lose weight, especially when it comes to many kilos above the normal limits, then to tone it, and most importantly to maintain it, a lot of patience and perseverance is needed.

This list of 6 diet and fitness tips will help you achieve a physique you’ll be proud to show off when you ditch the t-shirt. in addition, as in many other articles on the blog, I tell you that it is necessary to transform all these steps into a daily routine, so into a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Good luck!

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