Homemade Quince Jam: Fast, Natural Autumn Recipe, without Preservatives

The best quince jam has a lively color and natural aroma. Quinces are strong fruits (low water content) and with lots of pectins - the natural gelling agent.

The best quince jam has a lively color and natural aroma. Quinces are strong fruits (low water content) and with lots of pectins – the natural gelling agent. All the preserves prepared from the quince “bind” well, do not remain aqueous.

Nature is spectacular in this period and I don’t know how she managed to match his fruits to the colors as if they are painted. Quinces, apples (baked apples dessert recipe  HERE), pumpkin (pumpkin cream soup recipe HERE), pears (pear dessert recipe HERE), have beautiful colors, flavors, and unique scent.

And in this case, too, I got a grated quince jam with beautiful color and the perfect consistency. The preparation technique is that of jam: make a sugar syrup with lemon that is boiled until it binds and then add the fruit – in this case, the quinces grated on a large grater.

Preparation Time

45 min

Cooking Time

1:15 h


• 3.8 kg quinces – 3.2 kg after the fruits have been grated

• 700 g of sugar to all the quince quantity (I don’t like it very sweet, I prefer it a little more sour)

• 1.5 l of water

• The juice from a large lemon

• 3 vanilla sugar sachets

• 2 teaspoons cinnamon

If you want to get a delicious, fragrant jam with a beautiful color, follow the preparation method indicated below.

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Method of Preparation

• The jam is delicious. To prepare this jam recipe the quinces are washed well to remove the puff from them, they are thoroughly grated together with the peel. Their peel is tasty, healthy and contains much of the natural gelling agent – ie pectin. and immediately sprinkle with lemon juice.

• Mix the water with the sugar and bring it to a boil until syrup is obtained. Add the vanilla sugar sachets and the cinnamon, and continue to boil.

• The jam is first boiled over high heat, then when it starts to subside, it reduces the heat and mixes more often, as it tends to catch on the bottom of the pot.

• The boiling time can be from 1h to 1h: 15 minutes.

• The jam is ready when it reaches the desired consistency. You can test it by placing a few drops of jam on a cold plate. If it’s not too liquid and you like how it looks, it’s ready. you have to keep in mind that it will get thicker after it cools down.

• When the jam is well tied and becomes reddish, it pours hot in the sterilized jars before, we close with the lid, turn the jars upside down for 15 minutes and cover with a towel to cool slowly, then we cool in the pantry.

• We serve at breakfast with a cup of milk, bread with butter, or grease on pancakes.

See the final result below


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homemade quince jam fast natural autumn recipe without preservatives

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