7 signs you should detoxify your body fast

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Do you have any of these 7 signs? If so, it may be time to detoxify your body fast!
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Every day your body is bombarded with environmental and dietary toxins, which causes your liver to constantly work harder and harder to cleanse your body. But, if you’re like most people, your liver may be working overtime without you even realizing it. Here are 7 signs you should detoxify your body fast.

Detoxification is a process by which you cleanse your body of accumulated toxins. It is important for both, maintaining or improving health and for weight loss. Due to our lifestyle, we expose our body to all kinds of toxins, which once introduced into the body, remain there indefinitely.

However, you should not confuse detoxification with a weight loss treatment, although after a detoxification treatment you will lose a few kilograms. Any detoxification process should be done during periods when the body needs it, such as spring and autumn.

The effects of long-term detoxification include strengthening the immune system, facilitating the loss of extra pounds and improving digestive disorders, as well as preventing dermatological diseases.

The Symptoms of Excessive Accumulation of Toxin

The body has its mechanisms of elimination of toxins, through the liver, kidney, lymphatic and pulmonary function.

Diet, lifestyle and other environmental factors can affect the natural processes of detoxification, with toxic substances being organic, which can cause a whole host of health problems.

Chronic toxicity is manifested by the following symptoms:

• Fatigue

• Muscle pain

• Joint pain

• Migraine

• Bloating

• Constipation

• Very foul-smelling feces

• Sleeping disorders

• Concentration difficulties

Skin problems

Most of the time, chronic toxicity is manifested by certain hidden signs, which is an important alarm signal regarding the need for detoxification of the body.

The most important 7 of these are listed

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1) Unexplained states of exhaustion

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In the conditions when you rest 7-8 hours a night and wake up with inexplicable states of exhaustion, the number of toxins accumulated in the body can be to blame, because of the overload of the adrenal glands. The resulting chronic stress causes dysfunction at this level and contributes to the installation of stressed states. The best example of such a toxin is caffeine, which directly affects the adrenal glands.

2) Insomnia

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The high level of toxins also causes a significant increase in the amount of cortisol secreted in the body(the so-called stress hormone). Normally, cortisol levels are highest in the first part of the day and lowest in the evening.

When hormone production is unbalanced against certain factors, such as chronic toxicity, cortisol secretion remains elevated in the second part of the day, thus affecting resting capacity and causing insomnia to occur.

3) Headaches without apparent causes

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Common headaches, without apparent explanation, can be caused by toxins accumulated excessively in the body. The substances associated with scientists with the onset of headaches are heavy metals, artificial dyes, preservatives, etc.

4) Unpleasant body odor

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Unpleasant breathing or more severe odor of perspiration and fecal matter are possible indicators of the difficulty with which the liver and colon manage to eliminate toxins from the body.

5) Constipation

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People who do not remove fecal matter from the colon daily because of constipation are at increased risk for blood toxicity. Therefore, it is important to supplement the intake of fiber and water in the diet, to prevent and treat this common digestive disorder.

6) Difficult weight loss

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There are situations when diet modification and movement do not result in the elimination of extra kilos. The inefficiency of a weight loss regime can be caused by excess toxins in the body. Many of these harmful substances are stored in body fat, so fat tissues are much more difficult to remove.

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7) Muscle pain

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If you suffer from muscle pain without an apparent cause, the large number of toxins in the body can be the cause. Some harmful substances in the body stimulate pain receptors in the muscles, causing spasms and muscle pain.


The detoxification of the body involves the consumption of a light diet, based on fruits & vegetables whole grains, and intense HYDRATION. In this way, the function of the liver, intestines, kidneys, and skin to eliminate toxins is improved. To find out more about healthy eating habits click HERE or HERE

To prepare your body for a detox cure the first step is to give up the animal protein (meat and dairy) for a week and gradually eat only fruits, vegetables, and seeds for the next 2 weeks.

The last week of detoxification should only be with  SMOOTHIES and FRESH JUICES. After the end of the month of detoxification gradually reintroduce normal foods from your diet, although you may want to give up processed products, sugar, white flour, and even animal protein.

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