Top 8 Tips to Avoid the Winter Holidays Weight Gain

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Every year around the holidays, many people find their weight creeping up. So I prepared some tips to avoid the dreaded winter holidays weight gain.
Top 8 Tips to Avoid the Winter Holidays Weight Gain 2

Hi, in this article I want to address a topic that concerns most of us: How can we prevent winter holidays weight gain? We can prevent fattening during the winter holidays if we know how to manage our daily meals and how to eat at festive meals.

The winter holidays are propitious to the accumulation of kilos. Many of us find in January that the scale needle shows more than it showed in November, for example. We become reluctant, convincing ourselves that even now – on holidays – we should feel good too, right? But this thinking is as wrong as possible!

If we have seven days when the caloric consumption is high, then we can fatten up to 3-4 kilograms. And all of us have these occasions during the holidays when we get used to eating more. But to lose weight by only half a kilogram, we should run for 2 hours! So, you better prevent fattening than to struggle to lose weight afterward.

A plate of homemade sausages, toba, schnitzels, meatballs, eggplant salad, beef salad, Perisoare soup, piftie, sarmale, pork steak, Nut Sweet Bread, chocolate cake ……Ok, let me stop you right there. Get up and walk away from the daydream :)))

It all sounds pretty relaxing, but this article is about avoiding the winter weight gain, not getting Fat for Christmas! 

If you are already overweight, you may be more prone to gaining even more weight during the winter Holidays.

To avoid getting fat during the winter holidays, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, we can resort to a few simple but effective strategies regarding the way we eat during this period. Let’s see 8 of these.

1) Avoid Overindulging on Comfort Foods to avoid weight gain

Cooler temps mean we love feeling all warm and fuzzy. Inside and out. We usually ditch the summer salads and crave more filling foods like mac and cheese, stews, and foods that require gravy. 

Practice mindful eating during this time of year. 

•      Smaller portion sizes

•      Eat slower and savor smaller bites. 

•      Become aware of fullness cues and signals from your body. 

•      Avoid eating and multitasking.

•      Eat only when you are hungry.

•      Eat before you get too hungry.

•      Eat more of the whole foods that are plant-based and unprocessed. 

Mindful eating or eating intuitively helps you better control how much you eat. 

2) Carefully Choose the “Culinary Pamperings”

• It is natural to indulge in holidays with delicacies. But not with all the delicacies! What this means?! For example, when you go to a family dinner party, or you organize one at home, don’t taste everything on the table.

• Just because you have seven kinds of appetizers and food does not mean you should eat all. Moreover, it does not mean that you have to serve four dishes at the festive meal.

• Do not taste all the cakes on the table but choose one from which to take a single piece. In this way, you will not end the meal suffering from bloating and tummy aches, but you will be full, without giving your body an exaggerated amount of calories at the table.

3) Have a “Safe” Preparation

• Whether you organize the meal or go on a visit, you can always take a “safety preparation” on the go. For example, a salad with everything, or a platter with many vegetables sprinkled with a little olive oil.

• You can serve this at home, but also during the visit, as we rarely go on holidays with a bare hand. There is no point in bringing a beef salad or a plate of sausages because these foods are most enjoyed by everyone at home.

• But a platter of peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, red onion, asparagus and herbs infused with extra virgin olive oil doesn’t put everyone on the table.

• Even if the big meat lovers will bite your nose in the first instance, this dish emits a fresh, invigorating odor and helps with good digestion if served as a side dish near pork roast.

• Exactly for such moments, a “safety preparation” is good, with the help of which you reduce your caloric intake significantly because you eat vegetables instead of other “heavy” dishes.

4) Renouncing the Sodas

• Ideally, you should not drink sodas at all (I gave up in the summer of 2008), but even those who do not use such liquids tend to drink more during the winter holidays simply because they are there, handy, on the table. But the calories from the sodas are a great enemy of the figure.

• Better to limit yourself to two glasses of wine, a coffee, and as much water as you can to consume other drinks.

• A glass of 300 milliliters of juice can contain up to nine teaspoons of sugar which, in order not to deposit on the tummy and hips, you should run on the treadmill at least an additional 20 minutes, around an hour of classic workout in the hall.

So, you better avoid, than to “treat” the extra pounds.

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5) Drink Alcohol Moderately!

And if you can, stop at 2 glasses of red wine or champagne. Many creamy alcoholic drinks have hundreds of calories and do nothing but increase your appetite.

6) Don’t “Keep Yourself” For Festive Meals

• Many people are accustomed to not eating before the festive meals so they can eat there. But it is a wrong practice! The more hungry you are, the more heavy foods you will eat at the festive meal.

• If you are hungry between meals, do not wait for the next feast without consuming anything, but have a snack one hour before the main meal. But opt ​​for a handful of oily fruits (nuts, almonds), a few slices of raw vegetables, small fruit, or yogurt with cereal to the detriment of hyper-caloric sweets.

• They are ideal snacks to trick your stomach and you no longer need to eat a lot at the main table.

7) Necessarily Make Room for Fruits and Vegetables.

They improve digestion and help you have a normal intestinal transit. See HERE a List of 10 Fruits that Help you In WEIGHT LOSS

8) Avoid Lying On the Couch and Avoiding your Workout Routine Altogether

I get it: it’s cold outside. It’s hard to walk in the snow, and unsafe to run on ice. You also have only a few days off from work, and you don’t want to spend it fighting over the last two working ellipticals in the gym. 

Those are all excuses because where there is a will, there is a way! Spending at least 30 mins a day most days of the week working out at home (Check Out a 10 Minutes CARDIO Workout HERE and HERE a 10 exercises workout for home) will get you much closer to your weight loss goals than snacking on the couch under a fleece blanket. 

Use these 8 strategies above and you will be satisfied as before, without too many consequences.

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Last Thoughts:

The holiday season is filled with a lot of unhealthy temptations, but you don’t have to give in just because you are celebrating the holidays. With these tips, you will be able to enjoy your favorite dishes and not gain a single pound.

Take these 8 tips into consideration during this holiday season, and your new years’ resolution might come sooner than expected! The trick to success is using these tactics throughout the entire year, not just during the holidays!

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