6 Health and Fitness Ideas: Healthy Year 2023 for Birdy’s Health Dose Blog Readers

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On Birdy's Health Dose blog, its readers will find inspiration to enjoy a healthy and balanced 2023 year, through awesome health and fitness ideas.
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Happy New Year 2023 to all Birdy’s Health Dose blog readers! I hope that you have had a wonderful holiday season, and are looking forward to an even better year ahead.

It’s no secret that most people make health and fitness resolutions for the new year. Some people will even go as far as hiring personal trainers or joining a gym to lose weight and get fit.

But what happens when these resolutions don’t pan out? People get discouraged, quit, and go back to their old habits. 

It doesn’t have to be this way! There are plenty of ways that anyone can become healthier without relying on gimmicks or expensive programs.

Your body is your home and it deserves your best effort every day because you only get one body in this lifetime! If you treat your body poorly with poor nutrition or exercise habits then it will show up somewhere in your life. 

When we take care of ourselves we feel better physically and emotionally which makes us more productive in everything we do!

I am going to make it my mission to help you be the best version of yourself, by helping you with your health and fitness goals through my blog posts.

The first challenge we are going to tackle this year is getting you fit and healthy. I have done a lot of research on ways that we can improve our overall health in 2023, and I have come up with some great ideas.

I plan to share these health and fitness ideas with you throughout the year so that you can see the results for yourself!

If you are looking to make a positive change in your health and fitness then this article is a must-read. It contains 6 basic ideas to help you improve your health and fitness. 

It can change how you think about your goals. You can make the small changes that will have big results today, or you can wait 12 months to start making these changes. 

This article is for all of you who are ready now!

Why focusing on health and fitness will make your life better

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I realized many years ago that there are some things you can change about yourself. And sometimes, those things are pretty important!

I’m talking about health and fitness here. I’m talking about how our bodies feel and what they do for us every day. I’m talking about our mental health and our emotional well-being as well as our physical health.

It’s time to focus on your health and fitness. You probably know by now that it’s important to look after your body, but it’s also important to make time for yourself. Don’t let these small tasks slip through the cracks or you’ll end up feeling bad about yourself.

If you want to be healthy, it’s important to remember that health is not a destination. You can’t just get “healthy once” and then sit back and relax. 

Your body will always be changing, so you need to stay on top of your health by constantly working toward better fitness and nutrition.

When we focus on health and fitness, our lives improve in ways we never could have imagined. Here are just a few examples:

•      You’ll look better

•      You’ll feel better

•      We have more energy and productivity at work.

•      Our relationships with family members are stronger and more loving.

•      We have more money in our bank accounts because we’re spending less on food, clothing, and other expenses related to poor health habits (like doctor’s visits).

•      We have fewer days sick from colds or flu each year because our immune systems are stronger due to better nutrition and exercise habits (including sleeping more).

•      You’ll live longer.

Set a goal, make a plan, work the plan, track your progress, see results and then tweak the plan

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The New Year is a great time for new beginnings, and that certainly applies to your health. If you’re ready to start a new healthy lifestyle, here are some tips for how to do it:

Set a goal

It’s important to have clear goals in mind when you start your new resolution. Maybe you want to lose weight or maybe you just want to improve your overall health. 

Whatever the case may be, make sure the goal is 

specific so that it can be measured over time.

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Make a plan

Once you’ve established what your goals are, make a plan on how you’ll achieve them. This doesn’t have to be complicated or detailed; just write down some basic steps that will help get you there and work on details from there. 

Don’t forget about other aspects of your life though, if something else comes up in the meantime, don’t let it derail your progress!

Work the plan

You’ve got a plan and now it’s time to do something about it! Follow through on what’s been written down and keep pushing forward until you reach your goal(s). If something happens along the way that throws off your schedule or takes more time than expected (and trust me, it will), don’t give up on yourself just yet!

Track your progress 

Track your progress by using a journal, an app, or an online tracker such as Fitbit. You’ll be more likely to stick with it if you see results.

Ask for help from friends and family members who are active, especially if they’ve succeeded at losing weight or getting fit. They can share their experience and support and maybe even join you on some walks, hikes, or workouts!

Think about what might be holding you back from making fitness goals in the first place. Maybe it’s a lack of time or money for equipment, maybe it’s fear of trying something new, or maybe it’s just not knowing where to start.

Tweak the plan

The human body constantly adapts, and that’s why we have to offer it challenges (or trick it, here I mean in the case of training, because it is well known that it no longer responds to the same training after a certain period.

So, at this point, we have to make some changes like increasing the resistance, increasing the number of reps, doing compound exercises, replacing the current training with new ones every 3-4 weeks, and so on, the body is sending us signals, so we have to constantly tweak the plan.

We must proceed in the same way on the nutrition side, we must experiment, and see what suits us (because here it also depends on everyone’s taste), and as I have mentioned in numerous articles, nutrition is perhaps the most important element when it comes to our health!

Start small, and be consistent. If you want a healthier year in 2023, start now

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For the past 10 years, I’ve been doing my best to live a healthier life. I’m always looking for new ways to improve my health and fitness, and I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned with you.

I know that small changes can make a big difference over time, so these are just some examples of how you can make some simple changes in your life right now.

•      If you want to lose weight, set a goal of losing five pounds this month (and choose a reward if you reach this goal).

•      If you want to start exercising more often, set a goal of walking around the block or in the park for at least half an hour once per day (and make it fun by playing music or taking your dog), or do some easy home bodyweight workouts at least 3 days/ week.

•      Find a workout buddy. Working out with someone else can be a great way to encourage each other and keep each other on track. Plus, it makes time go by faster!

•      If you want to eat healthier foods more often, set a goal of eating one vegetable at every meal this week (and choose ones that are easy to prepare and are also to your liking).

•      Don’t skip meals or snacks  (Learn more HERE)

•      Be consistent. Pick a time every day when you’ll work out or eat right, even if it’s just 15 minutes, and stick with it no matter what happens in your life (stress at work, family emergencies). It may seem impossible at first, but once you do it consistently for several weeks in a row, it becomes easier and more satisfying than skipping workouts or eating poorly because of stress or exhaustion

•      Don’t give up!

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6 Ideas on how to keep yourself healthy and fit in 2023

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Our body is amazing. It has amazing abilities to heal itself when we give it proper nutrition, rest, and exercise. We are all different and what works for one person may not work for someone else and vice versa. 

That’s why we need to find our way to health through trial and error, research, and experience.

Here are 6 basic health and fitness ideas that you can follow during 2023 that can help you improve the quality of your life:

1) Good hydration! 

It helps with digestion, flushes toxins out of your body, keeps your skin healthy, and boosts metabolism. Water is essential!

Recommended read:

2) Eat more fruits and vegetables! 

They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are good for our bodies.

Recommended reads:

3) Cut back on sugar and processed foods 

Sugar is a known culprit when it comes to inflammation and weight gain. It can also cause your body to produce excess insulin, which can lead to diabetes and other health problems.

Processed foods are another problem. They often contain unhealthy fats and added sugars, but they’re also devoid of healthy nutrients like vitamins and minerals that you get from whole foods.

What you eat is just as important as how much you eat. If you’re having trouble sticking with healthy habits, it may be time for a change in perspective.

4) Get enough sleep! 

It is very important to get a good night’s sleep so that your body has time to repair itself from all the things it does during the day.

5) Exercise regularly! 

Exercise helps reduce stress levels which can lead to an increase in energy levels as well as improving blood circulation which means better oxygen flow throughout your body helping it function properly throughout the day.

You don’t have to work out for hours every day; even 10 minutes can make a difference! Try walking each morning or evening, taking the stairs instead of an elevator, or parking farther away so you have to walk farther than usual. 

And if you have time after work but before dinner, take a brisk walk around your neighborhood or local park rather than sitting in front of the TV or computer screen at home,  it’ll do wonders for your health!

Or, you can try these workouts created by me if you want to get more serious about exercising!

• Full Body Workouts: HERE, HERE, and HERE

• Cardio Workouts: HERE, and HERE 

• Circuits Workouts: HERE, HERE, and HERE

• H.I.I.T Workout: HERE

• 10 Tabata Workouts: HERE

• Abs Workouts: HERE, HERE

6) Have fun! 

Do something that makes you happy such as going out with friends, going to the movies, or even just sitting outside enjoying nature and playing with your pet.

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At the end of the day, whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle; whether you want to get more toned or have more stamina, as long as you take action and commit yourself to improve your physical health, you won’t be disappointed by the results!

The health and fitness ideas that I’ve mentioned above should inspire you to plan for healthier eating and exercise routines- and motivate you enough!

I hope you’ll be able to use these ideas to accomplish your goals all around this year. 

Protecting your health and wellness is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and those around you, so do your best to stay healthy and strong into the future. Best wishes to you!

What articles would you like to see on Birdy’s Health Dose blog in 2023? 

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Guys, please leave your post ideas in the comment section below, and I will try to provide you 2023 with articles of interest to you😊

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