Immune and Digestion Boosting Tangerine, Carrot, and Turmeric Winter Smoothie

Here is a delicious and healthy recipe for delicious and healthy tangerines, carrots, and turmeric smoothie, easy to prepare, which will help you increase immunity and digestion, perfect for winter.

Even if we do not have so many fresh fruits and vegetables in winter, it is not at all impossible to continue to prepare the healthiest and most delicious smoothies.

Focus on citrus fruits, exotic fruits, and winter spices, and combine them into smoothies that will provide you with the energy and warmth you need on cold days!

Here is a delicious and healthy recipe for delicious and healthy tangerines, carrots, and turmeric smoothie, easy to prepare, which will help you increase immunity and digestion, perfect for winter.

Not only is it full of nutrients, but turmeric, with its intense yellow hue, also brings a splash of color to the winter menu.

A smoothie with tangerines, carrots, and turmeric looks delicious to color, and the benefits it offers are many and important.

For example, carrots are full of vitamin A, excellent for the eyes and skin, tangerines are good for the immune system and digestion, and turmeric is said to keep cancer and dementia at bay!

Before presenting the recipe, let’s see some information about 3 of the main ingredienta of this delicious and immune-boosting winter smoothiem nameky: carrots, tangerines, and turmeric, and all the sources of nutrients it offers.


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Tasty tangerines should be part of our daily diet at least during the winter.

Tangerines contain a large amount of beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A, so they are orange (like carrots). They also contain many other vitamins, such as vitamin C, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, vitamin K, etc., but also minerals: calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.

Tangerines also contain fiber and protein, thus being particularly useful for digestion.

The benefits of tangerines:

• Fight against anemia through iron and vitamin C content

• They are useful in diets, the fiber content creating the feeling of satiety, and having few calories; it also mobilizes fat from stores and intensifies burning

• Decreases the concentration of cholesterol in the blood

• Tangerines intervene in constipation due to the high fiber content they have. It is recommended to combine them with yogurt and honey to combat chronic constipation

• The vitamin A content improves vision functions

• Beta-carotene protects against sunburn

• Tangerines are indicated for growing children, strengthening their immune system, and increasing appetite

• Tangerines increase resistance to infections and improve the immune system

• They have antioxidant and detoxifying properties

• They have anti-cancer properties

• Improve digestive functions


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Nowadays, the carrot is considered a tasty vegetable with multiple but well-defined healing properties. It has a high level of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

In addition to vitamin C, vegetables also contain B vitamins with calming and regenerating properties. 

Carrot is known for its nutritional properties, but also for being a good curative, diuretic, and remineralizing.

The benefits of carrots:

• Improve eyesight

• Prevent cancer

• Lower cholesterol

• Healthy skin – helps cure acne

• Helps detoxify the liver

• Prevent dehydration

• Cleans teeth

• For low-calorie content, carrots are ideal in diets

• A moderate laxative

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A close relative of ginger, turmeric is a perennial plant native to India.

Turmeric powder is a spice with an intense aroma, specifically Indian, but also with a lot of health benefits. 

The specific color of turmeric is given by curcumin (considered by some specialists to be the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory compound).

In addition to curcumin, turmeric also contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins B2, B3, B6, C, and E, minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc), essential oils, and fiber.

The benefits of turmeric:

• Anti-inflammatory

• Anti-coagulant

• Antioxidant

• Anti-depressant

• Anti-carcinogenic

• Blood sugar control – lowering blood sugar

• Cholesterol regulation

• Gastrointestinal treatment

• Anti-bacterial

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

Total Time: 15 Minutes

Servings: 2

Ingredients for This Immune and Digestion Boosting Tangerine, Carrot, and Turmeric Winter Smoothie:

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• 1 cup of almond or coconut milk

• 1 cup of Greek yogurt

• 2 tangerines, peeled and seeded

• 3 carrots, cut into pieces

• ¼ teaspoon of turmeric

• 1 tbsp of maple syrup, or honey

• A pinch of freshly grated ginger.

Instructions for This Immune and Digestion Boosting Tangerine, Carrot, and Turmeric Winter Smoothie:

1. Peel the carrots and slice them.

2. Peel the tangerines.

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3. Add the coconut milk into the blender first and then the sliced carrots, the seeded tangerines, and mix them until the carrots are well blended.

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4. Add the other ingredients and mix at high speed until smooth. Mixing time depends on the power of your blender (use a quality one like THIS ONE)

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5. A fine, colorful, and creamy mixture came out. Put in a tall glass and garnish with pieces of tangerines, freshly grated ginger strands, grated carrot, and turmeric powder.

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Good to know:

• Do not add sugar. The recipes contain fruit, which is sweet.

• Keep in mind that you have included fruit in your drink and adjust your diet for the rest of the day so that you do not overdo it.

• Slowly chew each mouthful of smoothie before swallowing.

To take full advantage of the nutritional and healing properties of smoothies, consume them immediately after preparation, within 15 minutes.

It is important to have the right ingredients, but without a suitable blender, the whole preparation process can be easily compromised.

A smoothie can be easily prepared with a blender or a food processor. These appliances are easy to use and ideal for preparing smoothies.

Also, you can use them for cream soups, milkshakes, grinding food, preparing garnishes or baby purees.


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