7 tips to get in shape again after holidays

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Wondering how you'll get in shape back again after the holidays? Read my tips to help you start moving again.
7 tips to get in shape again after holidays 10

Hi, in today’s article I will address a topic that affects most of us, namely: the food excesses we make in the holidays and how we can get in shape back again.

The holidays season is often synonymous with excesses and neglect. Appetizers, heavy meals, sweets, endless meals, plus alcohol. The pounds are deposited quickly and the energy decreases proportionally.

The temptations were great, the appetite was great. And the results are seen, you feel your body heavy, your legs are swollen, there is a bloated state, maybe even little nausea, you feel without energy and with the mind occupied by the feeling of guilt and most serious: the waist: it has increased by a number.

Do not panic! You do not have to start any drastic regimen to shed the accumulated pounds. It just needs to change something in the way of life.

The first 7 steps you should take after a few days of food and alcohol excess to get in shape after holidays:

1) Stay away from the scale!

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7 tips to get in shape again after holidays 11

If you weigh yourself immediately after a period in which you overdo it with food and alcohol, you will find with anger and guilt an excess of 2-4 kilograms. 

Fortunately, this excess means intestinal content, fluid, and glycogen retention, and to a lesser extent a significant increase in fat.

In order not to feel guilty after the 2-3 days of holiday excesses, I recommend that you wait about 3 days to climb the scales.

Then you will have a clearer and more realistic picture of the actual weight gain. Otherwise, obsessive weighing after each slice of sweet bread only keeps you in a negative emotional state and increases your chances of giving up to any self-control because “you’ve already made excesses and it doesn’t matter anymore.”

Cultivate, in the days following the periods of food excess, a balanced mindset, of the type of “damage control”, which will help you to implement efficient and healthy measures.

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2) Don’t starve yourself after holidays

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7 tips to get in shape again after holidays 12

Do you know those days when you swear in your beard that you no longer put your mouth on the food, only to end up gobbling on sweet bread at 4 in the afternoon? They are normal!

After a period of a few days when you have eaten ruthlessly, your body has difficulty regulating insulin secretion, and your blood sugar changes rapidly throughout the day, which contributes to the increased hunger you are likely to experience.

The solution, in this case, is to opt for light meals, at regular intervals of time, (find HERE more information about the importance of the 3 daily meals), to balance your body.

3) Diversified nutrition to get in shape back again

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7 tips to get in shape again after holidays 13

Seek to include all categories of food, every day. Choose light and balanced food, Vitamin C, fiber, and protein. This is what you should eat in the days following culinary debauchery if you want to get to a normal weight after the Holidays.

Consume small quantities of lean meat and green vegetables at regular intervals. I recommend you drink water with lemon juice or grapefruit in it, to hydrate your body and ensure the right intake of vitamin C.

In the first days after the holidays, it is also advisable to avoid dairy products. Instead, fresh fruits and vegetable purees are recommended.

What do we eat at lunch? Red meat is to be avoided. Fish (find HERE a delicious Sea bream recipe), chicken, white meat, or vegetarian dishes are preferred. As a side dish, many vegetables, salads rich in vitamin C, and whole rice.

If you feel the need for a snack between meals, we recommend the oleaginous fruits and SMOOTHIES (find HERE 5 Detox smoothie recipes for weight loss). But no more than 15 such fruits per day (nuts, hazelnuts, cashews, etc.), and smoothies must be prepared from 60% fruit and 40% vegetables. See HERE information about foods used in my diet.

4) If you want to get in shape again say goodbye, at least for a while, to sugar!

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7 tips to get in shape again after holidays 14

Sugar is the biggest enemy of the figure. And as for the holidays, we were tempted by the sweet in all its forms, a break from sweets, snacks, and other processed carbohydrate foods is just fine. If you still crave sweets, eat raw fruits!

5) Leave extra pounds on the fiber hand! You will not regret it!

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7 tips to get in shape again after holidays 15

Fibers from fruits, vegetables, seeds, whole grains help you to get rid of the hassle of heavy digestion, toxins, but also extra pounds.

After a few days of food excesses, the body becomes accustomed to an increased caloric level, and if you suddenly halve your portions cut in half, you will be constantly hungry.

Do you feel tired of the weight loss cures where you are constantly hungry? This time it will be different! The fibers have zero caloric intake and an extraordinary effect: they reduce the appetite and keep the feeling of satiety longer.

Food fibers are a category of carbohydrates found in foods of plant origin: fruits, vegetables, whole grains. Most of the fiber quantity is concentrated in the peel of fruits and vegetables.

They also prevent constipation or bloating, the enemies of the figure. (healthy fruit diet HERE)

6) Hydrate yourself!

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7 tips to get in shape again after holidays 16

Water will regulate your digestive tract, reduce fluid retention, and help your body rebalance. The excess of sweets and alcohol dehydrates the body, so the response to how you get back in shape after the holidays starts with proper water intake.

To begin with, drink 2.5 liters of water a day, then regularly use 2 liters of water daily. Confidently add slices of cucumber, lemon, and ginger into the water. They will help you to have healthy digestion, besides regulating the water intake. More about Hydration.

7) Do easy workout

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7 tips to get in shape again after holidays 17

Getting back to proper nutrition is the basis for eliminating extra pounds and toxins from the holidays. But for the process to be efficient and accelerated, regular physical activity is also needed. Sometimes it is difficult, due to lack of time or simply because of the laziness that settles after the holidays.

But the movement is necessary. The effort must be metered. It is more important to start with a little regular movement than to make too much effort from the beginning.

If we walk 30 minutes, three times a week, it is more beneficial than a tiring one-and-a-half-hour session in the gym (more about the health benefits of walking  HERE).

Or we can choose a moderate intensity CARDIO workout. It will help you activate your lymphatic system and help you get rid of the feeling of “full belly” and lack of energy.

The role of the workout after periods of excess holiday eating is to promote proper digestion, to energize you, to balance your blood sugar levels, and to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system.

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A few tricks

• Use herbs and spices for cooking

• Do not drink alcohol

• Avoid fried foods

• Cook the meat and fish on the grill, steam, or oven

• Stay away from pastry-like desserts or cakes that have cream

• Eat, as far as you can, organic fruits and vegetables, which have no chemicals or hormones, with unpleasant side effects on silhouette and health

• Drink green tea, which is rich in antioxidants, facilitates the elimination of fats and facilitates digestion.

Last Thoughts:

Let’s be realistic, after the holidays we all need to recharge and clean the body from toxic substances. You built a lot of calories during this time, so try and get in shape again before you gain weight. It’s a good start to your new year!

Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not where you wanted to be at this time last month. All that matters is that you take it one step at a time and set new goals as you progress. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and the most important thing is that you enjoy the road trip along the way!

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7 tips to get in shape again after holidays 18

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