Quick Spring Detox: See The 3 Steps to Complete a Healthy Cleanse

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Spring is here! The time of the year when we rejuvenate our body and mind. This detox program helps you cleanse your body system and lose weight.
Quick Spring Detox: See The 3 Steps to Complete a Healthy Cleanse 12

This spring we want to be in maximum shape and for this, our body needs a complete detox program. It is an ideal way to eliminate the toxins accumulated during the winter and to regain our silhouette.

In this article, I will present the ultimate guide to the cleanse process in the spring.

I will try to include as much information as possible about the detoxification process, how we become intoxicated, or our body is intoxicated when it is the right time to start a cleanse treatment, the benefits of detoxification, the organs responsible for eliminating toxins from the body, the 3 stages of the detoxification process, the foods that we must introduce in our diet, as well as those that we must avoid, and last but not least if it is okay or not to play sports during this whole process.

What is detoxification?

Beyond being just a trendy concept, periodic body detoxification is a must. And to understand this, we need to know how we are intoxicating.

Types of body intoxication

The intoxication of the body occurs in two ways: external and internal.

External intoxication— is encouraged by an individual’s living environment: pollution, smoke, exhaust, dust, and noise.

Internal intoxication– is encouraged by the way of life of each of us: wrong eating behavior, chemicals, refined products, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

When do we know it’s time to start a cleanse program?

Ideally, we should follow twice a year (in spring and autumn) a complex detox program, whose benefits are indisputable for the health of our body, for cell regeneration, and why not, for the silhouette.

Symptoms of body intoxication

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Among the alarm signals that the body pulls for you to realize that you need a cleanse cure are:

•    Unjustified fatigue

•    Sleepiness

•    Waking up hard in the morning

•    Bloating

•    Slow transit

•    Irritable colon

•    Constipation

•    Low immunity

•    Headaches

•    Low energy level

•    Irritability

•    Asthenia (both psychic and physical)

•    Anxiety

•    Nervousness

•    Lack of concentration power

•    Insomnia

•    An unhealthy appearance of the skin

6 Amazing benefits for the body

The effects can be found immediately on the health, but also on the silhouette and appearance of the skin, I mention a few below:

•    The immunity and energy levels increase considerably

•    The blood is cleaned

•    Lowers cholesterol

•    Increases cellular oxygenation

•    The regeneration process is accelerated

•    Acidity in the body is replaced by an alkaline environment, which creates a biological soil that is no longer prone to diseases.

Also, as a result of the detox, the water retention in the body is eliminated, the fat around the organs and fat mass are significantly reduced and about 1kg / day can be lost.

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Organs with a role in detoxifying the body

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Our bodies know what to do but I propose to support them and do their job easier and faster through a clean lifestyle.

The Kidneys are those internal organs that filter out all the toxins and chemicals in your body. Occasionally it is good to detoxify them to be healthy.

Your kidneys will be cleaned by themselves if you provide them with all the necessary conditions for proper functioning. First of all, you need to consume enough liquid, which means drinking water (find out more about hydration HERE), eating less salty soups, teas, fruits and vegetables

The Lymph has the role of taking over the waste and removing it, thus maintaining cleanliness in the body and preventing the installation of diseases. 

The lymph is stimulated by drainage, massage, body brushing, walking, exercise, and breathing from the diaphragm.

The Liver knows how to perform more chemical operations and reactions than the most efficient computers can. In just a tenth of a second, he can make several hundred chemical transformations without mistake. From him depends directly on our digestion, blood quality, memory richness, and muscle strength.

If the liver does not function normally, all body cells will not receive enough nutrients, will not eliminate the residual products, the toxins, and will not communicate as well with the nervous system.

The colon plays a role in absorption, storage, and elimination. The total elimination of ingested foods lasts between 5 and 7 days!!

A clean colon is essential to living a long and healthy life because colon detoxification is necessary both for better functioning of oneself and for better functioning of the whole body.

The 3 stages of detoxification

A proper detox program includes 3 stages and can last from 3-4 days up to 3 weeks.


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The first stage starts with a medical check and if necessary with medical analysis, and with the preparation of the body which is done through a specific raw vegan diet.

If you eat everything, your detoxification must necessarily start with giving up any kind of animal protein, so not only meat but also dairy products. After a week of a vegan diet, the energy level increases, and the pounds fall.

Here is a list of the foods you need to include in your diet

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•    Fruits: apples, pears, kiwi, avocado, lemon, berries (frozen), grapefruit, fresh pineapple, grapes.

•    Many Greens, especially the seasonal ones – dill, parsley, spinach, any type of lettuce (whatever is on the market, or – baby spinach, valerian, arugula), green onions and garlic, peppermint.

•    Vegetables: onions, radishes, kohlrabi, carrots, cucumbers, celery, beets, parsley root

•    Olive Oil / Hemp Oil (stored in the fridge)

•    In place of vinegar for salads we will use half of a squeezed lemon

•    Legumes: chickpeas, beans, lentils

•    Grains: brown rice (especially long-grain rice – whole basmati), quinoa, buckwheat

•    Plant Teas: nettle tea, celandine, dandelions, or mixtures

•    Flaxseed — (which you will grind in one place in a coffee grinder or mortar)

•    Hemp, Chia, Pumpkin Seeds

•    Spice: Sea salt, pepper, or a mixture of spices (turmeric, chili, ginger – excellent for digestion).

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Step two is to give up processed and refined foods, and top of the list are white flour and sugar, which leaves whole foods and foods cooked with healthy ingredients, no additives, and no excesses of vegetable fats.

What foods to avoid during this period:

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•    Sugar – The highs and lows from sugar cause the body to hold onto weight! Not to mention that sugar also depresses the immune system.

•    Alcohol – Alcohol offers unnecessary ingredients, so if the focus is to lose weight, alcohol should be avoided. Alcohol puts a lot of extra stress on the liver, which makes it harder to cleanse.

•    Cofee – Avoid caffeine to give the liver a break. If you need it, have one cup a day max, and opt for black.

•    Dairy and Gluten – Gluten and dairy are common triggers of inflammation and when cleansing it is best to take them out of the diet to give the body a chance to reset. If it feels good, keep them out.

•    Processed Foods – Always avoid these!

•    Stress


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The second stage represents the detox period itself. At this stage, we begin the process of rapid and efficient elimination of toxins from the colon, liver, kidney, skin, lymphatic system, sweat glands.

Only liquid food is consumed, ie juices from vegetables obtained by cold pressing. The consumption of these juices during the detoxification period is meant to bring into the body an explosion of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that support the healing and regeneration of the cell.

Given that most diseases stem from the accumulation of excess toxins in the colon, adipose tissue, liver, kidneys, etc. from there the body’s cleansing must begin.

Cold-pressed juices:

Detox combinations:

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•    Apples, pineapples, pies

•    Apples, kiwi, parsley

•    Carrot, beet, lemon or grapefruit

•    Carrot, lemon, ginger

•    Apples, celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger, mint

•    Apple, pineapple, carrot, ginger

•    2 lemons, 4 apples, 2 medium cucumbers, a glass of water

It is important to have the right ingredients, but without a suitable blender, the whole preparation process can be easily compromised.

A smoothie can be easily prepared with a blender or a food processor. These appliances are easy to use and ideal for preparing smoothies.

Also, you can use them for cream soups, milkshakes, grinding food, preparing garnishes or baby purees.


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The process of ending the detoxification is done gradually and represents the return to normal nutrition. On the first day, you eat only a few raw fruits and see how you feel. If the body gives you a green wave, the next day eats a salad of vegetables with very little vinaigrette sauce (olive oil + balsamic vinegar + lemon).

Continue to eat only raw foods for a week, to maximize the benefits of the period, then reintroduce very easy cooked dishes.

It is important to consume light foods and pay attention to how we combine them, in order not to shock the body.

Should we combine such a program with sports?

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Light physical activity is beneficial because it supports the acceleration of metabolism and implicitly of burning. During the detox, however, it is not advisable to overload your body through sports. The shock produced by the sudden change of the feeding should not be amplified by sports overload.

That’s why the activities I recommend are swimming, Pilates, walking.

Hope all this information will help you 🙂

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